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11/14/07 Ubisoft
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10/12/07 Ubisoft

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Petz Dogz 2 - Summary

Dogz 2 on Nintendo DS will depart from all previous version of Dogz on handheld. For the first time, it will be in full 3D. You’ll see your dog run around rooms, play and interact with random objects and other dogs. Just like Dogz 1, you will be able to care for your dog, play with him and train him. However, now you will be able to give commands using the microphone and be able to furnish your home with over 250 different fun decorations such as sofas, pianos, and statues - all of which your dog can play with. Take part in fun mini-games such as a card games and air-hockey by yourself or over wireless to unlock fun, new items.

Key Features

  • A full 3D game! Let your dog run around the house and outdoors environments as well as meet other dogs & watch their reactions
  • 20 different breeds of puppies available: Dalmatian, lab, French bulldog, Maltese, dachshund, Papillon, Chihuahua…
  • Challenge in breeding. Create a new puppy by mixing two dogs of the same breed that you can trade with your friends
  • Care for your dogs like real pets. Within the “discipline” & “tricks” actions, teach him new things that you can save. If you choose “tag”, your puppy will chase after you. If you choose “fetch”, your puppy will chase after something you throw.
  • New items & actions! New “food” items to enhance the enjoyment of caring for your puppy. Different kinds of meals: meat, “healthy-food”, cake, & doggy chocolate.
    13 different voice commands for your dog to learn.
  • New reactions corresponding to the new items: More than 250 items to decorate your house, all of which your dog will play with. The puppy might be startled when the alarm clock goes off, Become allured when playing a musical instrument…
  • Many different gimmicks in town. There are many gimmicks placed throughout the map that your puppy can react to: you can make your puppy go down the slide in the park; make it being surprised from the fountain.
  • See the world through various events. Become friend with NPC by doing them favours, talk to families, and do other events to see the world outside.
  • Check out your puppy from another room! What puppies do when they are alone? Check out what your puppy is doing when it is in a different room from yours..
  • More than 18 mini-games! Such as card games, air-hockey, swimming, darts, jump-rope to play by yourself or over wireless with your friends

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