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Are You Smarter than a 10 Year Old?





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11/12/07 THQ
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11/07/08 Mindscape

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Class is in session—how much have you forgotten since grammar school? Step up to the podium and put your smarts on the line to see if you’re smarter than a 5th grader! Go ahead and play…we won’t tell!


  • Jump right into the game show action with Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?™ Enjoy game show excitement—just like the show, from the classmates’ peer pressure, to Jeff Foxworthy’s wisecracks.
  • Test your knowledge with 28 tough grade school subjects with over 3,000 challenging questions, which you can answer with help from your 5 classmates.
  • Fast forward to the next round with the help from your classmate! -Peek: You can see what your classmate wrote down as the answer, and choose whether to go along with it or not. If you choose to use this cheat, you must answer the question and may not drop out. -Copy: You are locked into whatever answer your classmate wrote down, without being able to see it first. -Save: If you get an answer incorrect but your classmate does not, you are credited with a correct answer.
  • The pressure is rising! Reach the Million Dollar Question and realize that you are on your own. See only the subject of the question before deciding to proceed or drop out of school.
  • Drop out of the game and admit defeat by saying: “I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader.” This is the only time when dropping out of school is cool!


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1 n/a 5,292 n/a 934 6,226
2 n/a 8,733 n/a 1,541 10,274
3 n/a 7,291 n/a 1,287 8,578
4 n/a 12,660 n/a 2,234 14,894
5 n/a 16,681 n/a 2,944 19,625
6 n/a 22,976 n/a 4,055 27,031
7 n/a 10,431 n/a 1,841 12,272
8 n/a 4,920 n/a 868 5,788
9 n/a 3,041 n/a 537 3,578
10 n/a 2,786 n/a 492 3,278

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pokemonfan_2611 posted 27/12/2008, 01:33
i bought this game, it's horrible!!!!!!!!!!!
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MontanaHatchet posted 21/11/2007, 09:33
If you buy this, you certainly aren't.
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