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I Love Donald Duck: Georgia Ou no Hihou


Sega (AM7)



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12/19/91 Sega
12/20/91 Sega
12/01/91 Sega

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QuackShot starring Donald Duck - Summary

Donald unearths an ancient scroll that reveals a long-lost treasure. Off he dashes on a dangerous expedition! He leaps over cacti, sidesteps scorpions, and slides down slopes to claim the loot before Big Bad Pete can get it. Donald's temperamental tantrums keep the bad guys runnin'! He thonks 'em with his plunger and bounces on the handle to hop over their heads. Then he blasts 'em with gooey bubblegum! Yuck-a-duck! Donald creeps through the evil Count's castle, and plumbs the depths of Aztec ruins. With Huey, Dewey, and Louie's help, he'll find the key to unlock the secret of the most fabulous treasure on earth!

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Burning Typhoon posted 17/06/2009, 07:24
One of my top 10 favorite genesis games.. No, I'm not a disney fan, the game was just awesome.. It's actually a part of my first round of genesis games back in '91.

Still works.

I thought I beat this game (last year), but, looking at one of the screen shots, I guess I'll have to run through the game yet again...
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