God of War III

Global Total as of 07th Oct 2017 (units): 4.81m
Platform: PlayStation 3Also on: PlayStation 4
Developer: Genre: Action

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thewastedyouth (on 23 December 2013)
look at the Japan sales, man what the heck do people play there
TrevDaRev (on 03 October 2013)
Damn! This still hasn't been adjusted?
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 15 August 2013)
@ frozone: the story isn't great but is sure better than average, the game itself is EXCELLENT (best hack n' slash of this generation), the graphics r unbelievably gorgeous (nothing else comes close), GOW3 is ridiculously undertracked, and u're very much full of it. >=)
Frozone (on 03 August 2012)
The storys awful and the game is average.
jayman1 (on 20 July 2012)
Just picked this up. GOW3 is killa,killa story with stellar graphics! GOW 3,uncharted, gran turismo and killzone have the best graphics for ps3 exclusives .Story is incredible like uncharted and resistance series.This game alone is just a work of art probably one of ps3's best games this gen.
dsage01 (on 27 June 2012)
It is also undertracked in the USA for the first 3 weeks by over 200k. NPD has first 3 weeks at 1.1 million in the U.S.A. and VGC only has it at 900k. VGC sales are never accurate
dsage01 (on 27 June 2012)
undertracked like crazy. It sold 5.2 million
The_Murray (on 21 June 2012)
LOL you got happy for nothing. You should never take Vgchartz numbers seriously they are rarely accurate.
Heavenly_King (on 18 June 2012)
It is even less than before Sony announced the sales numbers!!!
Turkish (on 18 June 2012)
What.The.Hell? What happened to these sales? Why don't they fix the error? It has sold more then 5 million copies.
tontus (on 17 June 2012)
When will Vgchartz fix the pre-adjustment error? It should now be at 4.97m when Vgchartz fixes the error. That's a total of 5.09m for God of War III with the Trilogy Edition. This is the most critically acclaimed, most beloved and best selling game in the genre of all time, hopefully GoW: Ascension will top it! If not nothing else can until God of War IV arrives on the PS4.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 13 June 2012)
Actually, Chains of Olympus and Gow Collection recieved downward adjustments after the shipped data came in. They've been adjusted up now. This is NOT a downward adjustment, just a small error. Stop over-reacting.
thehusbo (on 12 June 2012)
How the F... Can this be adjusted down?? Sony have said its over 5million!!!! Why do they keep putting down this game??
Heavenly_King (on 12 June 2012)
The total sales are still 19.88M which means that GOW3 got adjusted down in order to increase sales of other games in the franchise.

Heavenly_King (on 12 June 2012)
WTF VGChartz!! Adjusted down again?? IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AT ALL!!!

GodOfWar_3ever (on 12 June 2012)
People do have their opinions, and The_Murray was kind of exaggerating I guess... Personally, I loved God of War III.
At it appears all of the adjustments have disappeared and the numbers are back to the pre-adjustment figures. Not adjusted down...simply an error that should be fixed
sub-zero-TM (on 12 June 2012)
Adjusted down??? What the f...!!! VGChartz!?!?
A203D (on 11 June 2012)
@The_Murray. Tell me about it. But Ghost of Sparta was also very good, and Chains was awesome. This is what happens when you let an art director who is not qualified to direct, turn this into some happy go lucky 'quest for hope'. If you've played Castlevania, LOS, you'll see how well that template can be taken and transformed into something completely mesmerising.
IEATBABIES (on 11 June 2012)
The series is frustrating, but worth the purchase.
IEATBABIES (on 11 June 2012)
Almost at 5 million!
Heavenly_King (on 09 June 2012)
sub-zero-TM (on 07 June 2012)
@The_Murray = TROLL
The_Murray (on 07 June 2012)
Compared to the other two this game was shitty.
sub-zero-TM (on 05 June 2012)
Yesss finally VGChartz took you long enough! and now adjust Uncharted!!! NOW!!!
killerzX (on 05 June 2012)
just saw a source!
Cumulative Worldwide Sell-In Numbers of the God of War Series

God of War
God of War II
God of War III
God of War Collection
God of War: Chains of Olympus
God of War: Ghost of Sparta
God of War: Origins


Source: PR Newswire (http://s.tt/1dmPR)
killerzX (on 05 June 2012)
@just that gamer do you have a source for that claim? also with vgchartz showing the God of War trilogy at 120,000, it means GOWIII isnt undertrackedd at all anymore because there is going to be some on shelves.
pezus (on 05 June 2012)
Sony gets another 5m+ franchise!
JustThatGamer (on 05 June 2012)
They adjusted it up massively but it's still significantly undertracked by 250,000. Although it's probably because Vgchartz tracks the Trilogy edition separately, even then the game is still undertracked by 130,000 which is massive. Sony announced God of War III has sold 5,197,632 (5.20m) units as of the 30th May, 2012.
AndrewWK (on 05 June 2012)
thehusbo (on 05 June 2012)
Massive adjustment up! Undertracked as we all knew :D
killerzX (on 05 June 2012)
at the e3 conference they announced that the god of war series has sold more than 21 million. VGchartz has it at 18.79, that means the series as a whole is undertracked by about 1.5 million. where it is undertracked is impossible to know for certain, but it is likely that it is at least a little undertracked for GOW3.
Heavenly_King (on 09 May 2012)
@shanbcn: That is because in this generation, on the PS3, only 1 GOW game has been released. Talking about the whole franchise numbers would be as dumb as if Capcom, when was about to announce SFIV, showed SF numbers for the nintendo, supernintendo, PS1 and PS2 consoles.

At least that is what I think.
AndrewWK (on 08 May 2012)
Japanese Bastards!
The new God of War should boost this one a bit.
shanbcn (on 01 May 2012)
Sony is quick to release Uncharted series shipped figures but not Gow.
killerzX (on 30 April 2012)
ask politely. :)
JustThatGamer (on 26 April 2012)
I asked Sony Santa Monica on twitter for some sales info but they haven't replied... I'll keep asking some of the developers at SSM to see if anyone will answer me. Anyway this game is still blatantly heavily under-tracked, since God of War: Ascension's announcement it's been in the top 50 best selling games on all platforms in Amazon, Gamestop, BestBuy and other places. This game is under-tracked as evidenced alone from the 'rest of world sales' by at least 200K, how the hell has Chains of Olympus done more in the rest of the world than God of War III? Bollocks. This game hasn't been tracked properly since Nov 2011, this game is 89th on Amazons list of the best-selling video games on all platforms in 2012 so far but Vgchartz doesn't reflect that AT ALL. This game is 100% heavily under-tacked, I would bet this game is under-tracked by at least 400k meaning it's actually around 4.86+ million (including the trilogy edition). I wouldn't be surprised at all if someone from Sony Santa Monica/Sony told me it has already passed 5 million, someone really needs to adjust this game up.
Heavenly_King (on 24 April 2012)

I bet 5M already if not more.
shanbcn (on 16 April 2012)
We may get shipped figure when they announce GOW4.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 08 April 2012)
Fanboys or not, I wouldn't be surprised if these numbers are incredibly low. Its 150k short in the first 3 weeks alone in the USA according to NPD.
And I've been monitoring God of War III sales for a long time and it surprised me that there was no noticeable boost during the holiday season last year in the USA or from the Platinum Hits release in Europe which strikes me as odd.
And I think the reducing sales each week might be due to an error in the VGC algorithm or something ?
NotStan (on 06 April 2012)
Lol fanboys
HelloMotto (on 01 April 2012)
holy crap vgchartz ADJUST THE GAME UP ALREADY. obviously its undertracked. this is one of the most recognizable PS3 exclusives and u telling me its only selling 5 - 10k a week? BULLSHIT. fix your crap already.
JustThatGamer (on 31 March 2012)
lol @Heavenly_King they must be, the sales are so blatantly considerably under-tracked, I wouldn't be surprised at all If Sony announced tomorrow that it has reached close to/passed 5 million! Right now according to Vgchartz it's at 4.44m (Inc the Trilogy edition) & it's apparently only doing about 3k a week, during the whole of last year it was doing on average 10K a week then when it went down to $19.99 in Gamestop alone for 4 weeks it did 120K during those 4 weeks, apparently when it was in the top 3-5 in Gamestop for 5 weeks over the xmas holidays it couldn't even do 80K and this time it was on sale everywhere and it was at least in the top 15 in Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Kmart because I checked everyday... I call bullshit. And recently it's been doing amazingly on Amazon, Gamestop etc., on the online charts, last 2 weeks it was above Uncharted 3, Gears 3, Batman AC and a lot of other fairly recent games, yet according to Vgchartz that means nothing and it's actually selling like shit. I don't trust Vgchartz numbers at all any more, I made a Twitter account just so I can ask Sony Santa Monica about how well this game has sold, when or if I get a reply I'll be back here to share details. For now though I'm 100% sure this is under-tracked by a lot , I can't be bothered to keep complaining here as if whoever adjusts the games sales will take notice even if I got an answer directly from the folks at Sony... Blah.
Heavenly_King (on 25 March 2012)
I think VGC is just trolling god of war fans lol
Heavenly_King (on 24 March 2012)
As weeks go by, VGC continues to lower GOW3 numbers. Why, is it that they don't understand that in the US the game is heavily undertracked??? I bet this game is already 5M
ManciuD (on 18 March 2012)
it deserves better sales
4.32 may seem good but for Kratos is not
JustThatGamer (on 17 March 2012)
So undertracked! This game is 87th on Amazons (US) list of bestselling videogames in 2012 and that includes accessories and consoles. This game is also 90th in Gamestops (US) bestselling game list for any platform and has been in that ballpark for many weeks, yet Vgchartz hasn’t adjusted US sales up at all for 4 or 5 weeks now! WTF?! They just adjusted up Europe which apparently isn’t even this games strongest region so what’s going on with US tracking? How can a game that’s doing so well in the online charts where the vast majority of people buy games from now do so little Vgchartz? This game hasn’t been tracked properly since Vgchartz changed the way its regions are broken down, I’d bet this game is undertracked by at least 200-250k.
Dahum (on 11 March 2012)
i remember this game getting a significant increase every now and then but now it suddenly stopped!! WTF
SunofKratos (on 11 March 2012)
When God of War 4 release this game will get a nice boost. 5 mil confirmed.
VGKing (on 10 March 2012)
Will definitely reach 5mil before GoW4 is out even though it is undertracked here.
JustThatGamer (on 09 March 2012)
I have screen-shots of when Vgchartz displayed the first 10 weeks sales, they estimated that it sold 1,125,086 in the USA for the first 3 weeks. It sold 1,261,149 + Trilogy edition sold 21,473 for a first week total of 1,282,622. I'm convinced this game is massively under-tracked, In the USA Amazon have it at 90 in the top 100 best-selling games on all platforms for 2012, also from the start of 2012 it's been in the top 40-50 on the charts at GameStop too, yet according to Vgchartz it's hardly shifting anything? Bollocks. It's also doing well on Amazon UK, France, Germany etc., too in the top 80-100 best-selling PS3 games, and the weird thing is if you go on the largest GOW Facebook fan-page with 2.3 million fans, most of the people commenting there are European so I have a feeling that it's more popular in Europe than Vgchartz would lead us to believe. I really want Sony to officially announce the sales figures for this game, I bet it's actually really close to 5m. And how the hell has Chains of Olympus sold more in 'others' than this...
GodOfWar_3ever (on 05 March 2012)
1.1 M was for the first 3 weeks. Even so, yes... it is undertracked by 150k in those 3 weeks.
And the European sales are obviously wrong.
Wish sony would state how much they shipped.
chickenmoshpit (on 04 March 2012)
wtf vgchartz. i bet this is undertracked by alot in the USA. 860k in the first 2 weeks? you shitting me? according to NPD, God of War 3 sold 1.10M units in the first 2 weeks. correct this FFS
Iveyboi (on 01 March 2012)
AndrewWK (on 17 February 2012)
VXIII (on 11 February 2012)
I need another game as "epic" as this. Come on Santa Monica, you have been dead quite lately :/
JustThatGamer (on 10 February 2012)
For the sake of Vgchartz integrity, this game is so blatantly heavily undertracked. How is it selling so badly when in its strongest region America for e.g. it’s been in the 10 top best selling PS3 games on Amazon, top 40 in Gamestop, top 30 in Walmart etc, for the past 2 weeks. Not to mention this game was severely undertracked during the black Friday/holidays period as it was in the top 5 best selling PS3 games in Gamestop/Amazon for 2 weeks then in the top 10 for another 2 weeks, and it was always in the top 30 in Walmart and BestBuy yet it only did 40-50k during that entire period which wasn’t much more than it normally did throughout the year, should’ve been 120-150k from black Friday until the end of 2011.

And the ‘other ‘sales are REALLY off. Come on, is Vgchartz really trying to imply that God of War: Chains of Olympus sold 100K more in ‘others’ than God of War III which destroyed GOW:COO in every other territory considerably, how can it possibly do 100k less in ‘others’, that’s completely impossible so that’s at least 100k+ of sales that’s 100000% confirmed undertracked. Obviously it’s going to be much more than just 100k because then that’d only just be matching GOW:COO, so an additional 50-100k must be added on top.

This game is undertracked by a minimum of 200-250k going by all this; I wouldn't be surprised if it was as high as 300-350k because the tracking of this game has been useless, up and down all over the place. I’d say this game is actually around 4.6-4.8m (including the Trilogy Edition), I’d love for Sony to officially share this games sales numbers, hopefully one of the many people at Sony I’ve emailed will have some useful information for me, doubt they’ll bother reply though, nevertheless this game undeniably needs to be adjusted up considerably.
Heavenly_King (on 09 February 2012)
This doesnt make sense at all!!!!!, the GAME WAS BEING UNDERTRACKED and NOT OVERTRACKED!!!! WTF!?!?!?!?!
coolbeans (on 04 February 2012)
Seems like it was yesterday when this game was released :P.
dsage01 (on 24 January 2012)
Edit: First 3 weeks are off in the U.S.A it sold 1.1. million and VGC has it at less than 900k. And those European numbers look unbelievably low for 2011. I'll see if I can find information
dsage01 (on 21 January 2012)
Did they adjust it down? They only should have adjusted it up as the 3-3 of weeks in the U.S.A. are off by 300k.
Heavenly_King (on 17 January 2012)
mmm I thought the game was 4.33M before :(
Ham_Burgular (on 10 January 2012)
Very overated game. I'll give it a 0.1 to lower the score a little bit and make it fair.
jester2358 (on 09 January 2012)
5 million is definitely happening but I wonder about the future of the franchise. Will it continue with kratos or branch off to another mythology ? i just hope they let santa monica start a new ip this gen, and return to gow on next gen hardware. just like i think they are doing with naughty dog.
JustThatGamer (on 09 January 2012)
Correct GodOfWar_3ever! Must not forget the Trilogy edition guys! Current lifetime total = 4,426,496 (4.43m). This will probably hit 5 million by the end of this year, if not 100% by 2013. lol at people who doubted it reaching 5m. I have a feeling it's under-tracked because Vgchartz doesn't track Brazil and that seems to be where God of War is most popular. Check out the statistics on this video (Or pretty much any God of War video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm88Blmlwjk. I know that Brazil may not have a particularly huge video-game market share at around 7% but it is a key emerging market along with Russia, South East Asia and India, so if a lot of those people who are interested enough to watch the trailers enough to make them most popular in Brazil, surely it sold f**k loads there. I know Vgchartz doesn't claim to be 100% accurate, I just feel this games doing even better than it appears, which is bloody great! Oh yeah, BEST GAME EVER! Can't wait for the next one! :D God that was a long post, sorry :$
GodOfWar_3ever (on 07 January 2012)
573504 with GoW Trilogy sales :D
SnakeDrake (on 06 January 2012)
672092 to go for 5mil
GodOfWar_3ever (on 05 January 2012)
Sorry for spamming but osamanobama's sales figure was actually for 2 weeks :)
GodOfWar_3ever (on 05 January 2012)
Thats 11k in USA, 4.5k Extrapolated, 7.5k Europe and 0 in Japan :D
GodOfWar_3ever (on 05 January 2012)
Yes I am
GodOfWar_3ever (on 05 January 2012)
Yes I am
CGI-Quality (on 01 January 2012)
CGI-Quality (on 01 January 2012)
@ God of War_3ever: Are you including the extrpolated?
GodOfWar_3ever (on 31 December 2011)
osamanobama stop spreading lies. It only sold 23k this week.
CGI-Quality (on 30 December 2011)
Continues to impress me! May actually pass my 4.7-4.8mill lifetime prediction!
Heavenly_King (on 30 December 2011)
GO KRATOS!!!!!!!!
osamanobama (on 30 December 2011)
4,313,828. week: 40,684
Mr Puggsly (on 27 December 2011)
Just finished. Did not enjoy it. For some reason I enjoyed the PSP games more than the console games.
IEATBABIES (on 21 December 2011)
Ignore previous comment: : / . By next year GOW 3 should be at 6-7 mill
IEATBABIES (on 21 December 2011)
Mordred11 (on 20 December 2011)
The best selling hack n slash game,and it will stay like that for a long time.(If GOW4 doesn't release)
osamanobama (on 16 December 2011)
dsage01 (on 11 December 2011)
According to VGC first month = just over 850k. NPD first month = 1.1. million. Needs to be adjusted up
osamanobama (on 09 December 2011)
5 million lifetime. 4,245,755 right now
dsage01 (on 06 December 2011)
Now first couple of weeks + BF looks under tracked
A203D (on 06 December 2011)
It will get to 5 mil eventually! its should get a nice boost over the holiday.
LupinIII (on 05 December 2011)
LOL at one of the fanboys below me.
MrMofongo624 (on 03 December 2011)
it hasnt been updated yet so chill. do u see new numbers????? and why would u expext big sales 4 this game, its old, and people prob bought new titles
JustThatGamer (on 01 December 2011)
So Vgchartz is saying that God of War III only did almost 10,000 during black Friday weekend in the USA? I don't believe that at all. Online alone It was in the top 10 best selling PS3 games in Gamestop, Walmart, Amazon, Kmart and top 25 in Best buy, and it must have sold just as well or better in stores. Hell, it's still the 4th best-selling PS3 game in Gamestop right now even though it's gone back up to $29.99! It must have done at least 50k during black Friday weekend. Since black Friday to now the Facebook fan page for GOW3 had about 100,000 likes, are you telling me that sudden surge of fans clicking like were existing fans and not mostly people who bought the game during the sales?... Don't know why I bother, my argument will just fall on deaf ears.
dsage01 (on 01 December 2011)
*when looking at NPD
dsage01 (on 01 December 2011)
First couple of weeks look under tracked when comparing to the U.S.A.
leatherhat (on 01 December 2011)
420. Smoke weed. Bust the heads of the divine.
A203D (on 20 November 2011)
I thought Chains OO was awesome. great story, fleshs out Kratos's backstory and his first meeting with Atlas. the Zeua Gautlet was awesome. you can actully charge it with every single hit making it more devestating than the Cestus. the level design was excellent, loads of secret paths and hidden chests. the part in Tartarus was epic, with the Titans chained to the walls.
Colocho (on 19 November 2011)
Great numbers!!.. Am I the only one who can see this reaching 5m LTD.
Vueguy (on 17 November 2011)
GoW3 was definitely awesome, i consider it the 2nd best of the series. GoW1 just have so much memorable to me, i didn't really get into GoW2 story since i didn't like the way the story was told. i freaking love beating Hercules to death so brutality hehehehe.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 17 November 2011)
A203D, I understand why some wouldn't like GoW III as much as GoW 1 & II... Even Ghost of Sparta...But theres no way in hell Chains of Olympus was better. I thought GoW III was the best in the series though, but hey thats just my opinion.
The_Joker_Product (on 11 November 2011)
Im glad its selling too, PS3 needs it, GOW1 and 2 were definitley better, it was mainly the story that let me down. That guys always been an idiot like that, even before i signed up and visited this page, if anyone ever said something that wasagaisnt the game he'd go on a tantrum. I mean look at him, going on about someone being a fat, ugly, loner who lives in a flat just because i said we can see the numbers lol.
A203D (on 11 November 2011)
@The_Joker_Product. hes said the same thing to me. i'm glad GOW3 is selling so many copies, but personally i think GOW1,2, COO, and GOS are much better because of the story, script, etc. can a mod look at this guys previous posts and sort this out?
The_Joker_Product (on 10 November 2011)
Well you see most people would have the math skills to subtract 4.2 mil away from 5 mil, people can work this out with out your weekly updates. Did you tell these guys how youve followed me around the site saying the same thing because you were really upset that i put your favourite game down? lol look how upset youve gotten over it, nobody likes obsessed fanboys.
cars298 (on 10 November 2011)
best game on ps3
JustThatGamer (on 09 November 2011)
You can? Where exactly does it say accurately how much it sold this week and how much until it'll hit 5m then, Mr. Genius? You truly deserve a medal for being such a relentless troll. Seriously, is your life so pathetic and unfulfilled that you feel the need to constantly troll on here? I can just picture you as a fat, unsightly, lonely, depressed little man sitting in your cluttered filthy little council flat spending all your time trolling on various sites in the desperate hope for some attention. I pity people like you, you're the epitome of a worthless detestable human being.
The_Joker_Product (on 09 November 2011)
We can see that for ourselves actually, the numbers are right there.
JustThatGamer (on 09 November 2011)
It did over 16k this week. It's now at 4.20m including the trilogy edition. Only 797,796 until it'll hit 5 million.
MonkeyMan2211 (on 03 November 2011)
Damn right! It's the reason I bought the PS3, worth every penny. Kratos
yo_john117 (on 03 November 2011)
Best game on the PS3.
KratosGodKiller (on 02 November 2011)
Should sell another 300,000 by then end of this year, then it'll reach 5m by the end of 2012. Hopefully GOW4 will come out in March 2013 on the PS3 (Not interested in the Vita at all). Sony Santa Monica, thank you for this masterpiece.
JustThatGamer (on 01 November 2011)
Did over 15k this week :D It's now at 4.19m including the trilogy edition. Only 813,907 until it'll hit 5 million.
tontus (on 27 October 2011)
One of the best games of all time! Next stop 5m+ :D
Thebrain (on 27 October 2011)
This game is amazing in so many ways!! Really wish we could have gotten the other ending as DLC
Mordred11 (on 26 October 2011)
awesome sales in japan.
jester2358 (on 26 October 2011)
no beef here. just having a conversation. This will def be a 5 million seller and that will secure another ps3/ps4 gow, and no doubt a vita game is in the making.
A203D (on 21 October 2011)
Yeah well theres no reason to fight about it anymore. its important we respect each others opinions. the sales are good, hopefully it can do 5 mil. the PSP remasters are excellent, so i hope to see a VIta game as some point.
jester2358 (on 20 October 2011)
I agree with the complaints on the writing but the locations and art design were well done and very memorable imo they were limited with the location(it all had to take place on Olympus.).
A203D (on 20 October 2011)
It could be nostalgia, but what The_Joker_Product has said about art design is true. and if we compare this to Castlevania Lords of Shadow there is no comparasion. Castlevania was 3 times longer (great DLC content), AMAZING ending. well written story. excellent level design. and whats up with the dialogue; "Hope is what makes us strong, it is what we fight with when all else is lost". this sounds like its written by a kid, this isnt an after school special, its God of War, why is it written this way!!
The_Joker_Product (on 19 October 2011)
The games arent that old how much nostalgia could their be, the graphics are great and the gameplay is...well pretty much exactly the same but its the rest. The story was pretty bad, after seeing that ending for GOW2 i was really excited for the war between the gods and titans but there wasnt one except for the first 10 minutes then for some reason the titans are now also agaisnt you. The level designs werent particulary interesting, nothing like what GOW2s was which had levels in Athens and the whole place with the Sisters of fate. This game had way too much backtracking and too many dark caves from the place you fight Hades to the place with those Three Kings and the swords to the place with all the boxes etc there were hardly any outdoor areas at all.
jester2358 (on 18 October 2011)
I respect your guys opinions but for me this was BY FAR the best designed and directed GOW game. I played the collection before this release(never played them b4). I am inclined to think nostalgia is clouding your vision a bit.
A203D (on 18 October 2011)
I dont care, people can hate us. but the reason we say this is because we love this series and arnt happy with the way Stigg directed the finale. i believe had Jaffe (or maybe Cory) continued until the end, it wouldve won game of the year everywhere, wouldve been the biggest PS3 game, like God of War 2 is considered the best PS2 game. and ultimately it wouldve sold more copies.
The_Joker_Product (on 18 October 2011)
Person below me is JustGamers and Heavenly Kings Alt account?. Everything A203D says is absolutley true, i liked GOW3 but its story was awful especially compared to GOW2, and the settings really were boring, it was mostly in a cave, what happened the first two had beautiful locations but GOW3s was just so boring to look at. The Titans amounted to barely anything in the game. Good game but like GTAIV a huge let down.
matrix01 (on 18 October 2011)
Oh fuck off you damn trolls! And you A203D, you're the biggest cunt I've come across on the internet ever. Not only are you a stupid philistine arsehole, but you're a total troll especially when it comes to this game for some ill-founded reason. I've always hated you as a user on this site because you have truly awful taste and your posts are remarkably ignorant and moronic, however now I really do hope you drop dead just so I don't have to see any more of your pathetic posts. So, would you kindly FUCK OFF AND DIE.
A203D (on 18 October 2011)
@Bob-Foolery, you've said what i've been thinking. the story was abysimal and the level design was bad. the centrepeice of the game is a cave with large boxes in it, its called a labyrinth but its not. i remember in God of War 2 when i was overlooking the Palace of the Fates, and you can see the clouds above you, thats excellent art, level design. and the reason is because David Jaffe the creator of the series was not involved with this. which is why it will be never be a top tier God of War game!!
Bob-Foolery (on 16 October 2011)
How was his opinion stupid God of War 3 is much better than Infamous and the dull Killzone 2 but isnt as good as Little Big Planet, Uncharted 2 or MGS4. This games story is too bad to ever be top tier.
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 15 October 2011)
A stupid opinion tho.
TrevDaRev (on 13 October 2011)
@Sneezy - It's his opinion. Deal with it!
Heavenly_King (on 13 October 2011)
This game is a masterpiece!!! it deserves 5M and BEYOOOOND! GO KRATOS!!!
BoosterGold (on 13 October 2011)
Its alright, very overated though.
Mrwillhill2013 (on 13 October 2011)
The fights were more than epic. The character is more badass than any in this era. Kratos is a monster.
thehusbo (on 12 October 2011)
the best game of this generation.
Feniris (on 12 October 2011)
Such a huge franchise in the Americas...
Sneezy (on 11 October 2011)
Whats with the silly fanboy below me? i dont think GOW3 was any worse than GOW2 at all, obviously it wasnt as good as games like MGS4 or Uncharted 2 though its better than things like Infamous and Killzone 2.
JustThatGamer (on 11 October 2011)
@Ultr. It hasn't been released in the UK and I've read that it's 'currently' only available in Germany, and Switzerland as you've confirmed.
JustThatGamer (on 11 October 2011)
@Fanta, that post is eerily familiar... Oh and would you look at that, you've been permabanned for having alternate ids :D You need to get a life and stop making alts to troll this game... Also GoW3>GoW2>UC2>MGS4 IMO, catch that? IN MY OPINION... You're an ignorant asinine abominable excuse for a human being. @Ultr, yeah you'd think Sony would at least release it in America considering it's their best-selling exclusive in that region this gen! :P
Fanta (on 11 October 2011)
Good game, nowhere on MGS4 or Uncharted 2s level, and it was inferior to GOW2 but it was still good.
Ultr (on 10 October 2011)
switzerland yeah, I think it got actually released in whole europe ? it has at least all the typical languages on the back :) yeah they should bring it over to america! dunno why they havent already
JustThatGamer (on 10 October 2011)
Oh, so Sony stupidly only released it in Germany, they need to release it to the rest of the world asap otherwise it'll miss the holidays boost... ;P
Ultr (on 08 October 2011)
They already released the Master collection, I bought it, includes 1+2+3, chains of olympus, and ghost of sparta HD Great collection!
JustThatGamer (on 06 October 2011)
According to Vgchartz this is now at 4,145,443 (4.15m) including the Trilogy edition. That's VERY impressive especially considering it has only had one xmas holidays boost. Can't wait to see how it does during its 2nd xmas holidays and if Sony are still going to release the supposed master collection, that should help increase sales, especially if they bundle it with the PS3, Sony would be stupid not too.
Heavenly_King (on 05 October 2011)
Sony needs to bundle all the PS3 GOW games with a "GOW PS3" for christmas season; and it will sell like crazy
Iveyboi (on 02 October 2011)
So Happy with this + trilogy sales!
Jedidiah-Rose (on 25 September 2011)
This has come down to ÂŁ15 in Asda now, new copies as well not preowned, I picked it up straight away :) wanna get the other four now before I start playing it
ysobad (on 14 September 2011)
hopfuly origins pack boost this sales a bit
Mordred11 (on 11 September 2011)
4M !
Heavenly_King (on 09 September 2011)
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 4M. next stop 5M!!!! wohooooooooo!!! XD
JustThatGamer (on 09 September 2011)
GodOfWar_3ever - Good to see someone's on the ball ;P God of War III passed 4 million 7 weeks ago... The Trilogy edition included a standard copy of GOW3 thus not including that is completely preposterous.
axumblade (on 08 September 2011)
4 million next week! :D
GodOfWar_3ever (on 07 September 2011)
He meant including God of War Trilogy sales.
pablogers (on 06 September 2011)
4.12?? it would have to sell 130k in one week, wich i think is difficult.... good number, 4.00m next week
JustThatGamer (on 06 September 2011)
4.12 million next week! ;D This has just passed GT5 Prologue in about 39% of the time and with just one xmas holidays boost, awesome :) bullza90 - Drop dead you pitiful useless waste of life.
CGI-Quality (on 06 September 2011)
4 million next week!
Mordred11 (on 02 September 2011)
sold around 20k this week
Mordred11 (on 28 August 2011)
hoping for some bigs numbers this winter!
GodOfWar_3ever (on 27 August 2011)
lol start accepting other peoples opinions or fuck off.
bullza90 (on 24 August 2011)
lol get real its nowhere close to being as good as MGS4 or Uncharted 2.
DakonBlackblade (on 21 August 2011)
@bullza90 thats your opinion, imo it was better tham 1 and 2, 100 x beter tham MGS4 (I dont like metal gear for whatever reason) and a lil bit better tham Uncharted 2.
Kizmi (on 20 August 2011)
4 weeks
Heavenly_King (on 16 August 2011)
sales stopped :( I want this game to sell 4M and beyooooooooooooooond!!
bullza90 (on 16 August 2011)
game was alright nothing special, inferior to GOW2 and not on par with things like MGS4, Unchatred 2 etc
JustThatGamer (on 11 August 2011)
@Gearbox: I agree, this is already Sony's best-selling exclusive in America and it's still going very strong and will only get stronger as PS3 sales increase, the GOW Origins/Master collections release and GOW IV rumours garner gamers attention to the franchise. America alone could push this game to 5m especially with the upcoming Master collection and everything the Trilogy edition and EMEAA & Japan sell from now till it stops selling is going to be in addition to the 5m.
Gearbox (on 08 August 2011)
@JustThatGamer ( - gow will probably do more as the ps3 becomes more popular in america.
xwan (on 07 August 2011)
The only thing that matters is that Sony is making money; buying stuios, and we keep on getting these awesome games to play
xwan (on 07 August 2011)
real sales maybe to high, low, or about what their fake number saids...
xwan (on 07 August 2011)
why are we making 'prediction' base on NOTHING, and fake numbers on site?
JustThatGamer (on 06 August 2011)
GOW3's now at 4,076,573 (4.08m) in just 72 weeks with one xmas holidays boost and hardly any bundling at all. Only 923,427 until this game reaches 5m, I'd bet a lot of money on its lifetime sales passing 5.15m.
JustThatGamer (on 31 July 2011)
Heavenly_King. At 71 weeks GOW3 is at 4.06m and MGS4 was at 4.28m. Lifetime sales will be quite close.
Heavenly_King (on 30 July 2011)
@Dgc1808: I was expecting this game to sell similar like MGS4 XD
Pilat (on 30 July 2011)
f... it's not search bar
Pilat (on 30 July 2011)
shadow of damned
Dgc1808 (on 29 July 2011)
4M is a huge success in my opinion. Some people were criticized for going over 2.5M in their expectations.
JustThatGamer (on 29 July 2011)
Amazing how it's sold 4.06m with the GOW: Trilogy edition sales in just 71 weeks as it's a single-player only game which has had just one xmas holidays boost and hardly any bundling at all. 5m+ lifetime for sure.
dsage01 (on 29 July 2011)
This is called epic legs
dsage01 (on 29 July 2011)
Wow at this rate it can hit 5 million easily.
Squall_Leonhart (on 29 July 2011)
Good to see people picking up this game, it is simply Awesome!!
rossoner (on 29 July 2011)
gamestop?? i look and i see 30$????
pokymon90 (on 29 July 2011)
thats a good tenth week in sales for alot of games
pokymon90 (on 29 July 2011)
yeah dsage idk. 26k in a ps3 only game in a very xbox 360 friendly region. Im very excited. Right now its 20 dollars new at gamestop so
dsage01 (on 28 July 2011)
26k in Americas this week!! What is up with this game!
JustThatGamer (on 26 July 2011)
Thanks for making GOW fans aware Jay520! :) and dsage01 I agree that it has been undertracked in EMEAA, however last week it did about 3600 which is about 4 times more than last week, so it's either picking up in EMEAA or Vgchartz is adjusting it for all the weeks where it was obviously undertracked.
Jay520 (on 26 July 2011)
Attention all God of War fans! God of War is in danger of being eliminated from the "best Sony games" thread. Click here to vote for God of War: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=131818&page=15
CGI-Quality (on 25 July 2011)
@ GodOfWar_3ever: Indeed, got ahead of myself.
dsage01 (on 24 July 2011)
This looks pretty undertracked in Europe. It's selling 22k in the states and 1 k in EMEEA. That's BS
GodOfWar_3ever (on 24 July 2011)
Nope CGI.. God of War II has sold 1.5 million in Europe
CGI-Quality (on 23 July 2011)
The game is now the best selling God of War in all regions (was behind God of War 1 in the Americas for a while).
JustThatGamer (on 22 July 2011)
Sold over 26k this week! Since the beginning of 2011 it's sold about 410k, wonder how much it'll sell by the end of this year... Another 23 weeks, xmas holiday boost AND the God of War Master collection so I think about 850K (unless Sony bundle the GOW Master collection with the PS3, then it'll be quite a lot more). Overall I predict 4,350,000 or 4,470,000 including the Trilogy edition by the end of this year.
Heavenly_King (on 22 July 2011)
I want GOW IV and GOW betrayal for PSVITA!!
Heavenly_King (on 22 July 2011)
GO GOW!!! With the christman rush and the Master collection (the one that include all GOW games) the sales will be sky high!!
Noobie (on 21 July 2011)
22k sales on 70th week is strange !!!
ivanpgcs (on 21 July 2011)
4.03 million with GOW Trilogy
ivanpgcs (on 21 July 2011)
6 -7 weeks for 4 milion
-girgosz- (on 21 July 2011)
Really grat to see a single-player only game selling this well.
Boutros (on 21 July 2011)
It's already at 4 million with the Trilogy edition ;)
kivi95 (on 21 July 2011)
Again great sales this week!!!
CGI-Quality (on 21 July 2011)
Will hit 4 million very soon!
dsage01 (on 21 July 2011)
Wow 22k in Americas this week!! This is turning up to have great legs!
scabab07 (on 21 July 2011)
Story is pitiful, settings are poor, nothing new, worse than GOW2.
Rockyb (on 20 July 2011)
this game is awesome and its graphics are amazing , better than uncharted 2 ; too bad it doest have multiplayer
KratosGodKiller (on 20 July 2011)
My favourite game ever! :) First hack 'n' slash game to ever reach 4m on consoles! :D Also this is the highest rated hack 'n' slash game this gen! =D
TrevDaRev (on 19 July 2011)
4 million....:D Personally, my fav game this gen.
Jay520 (on 19 July 2011)
Definitely one of the best PS3 games. Even better than Uncharted 2!
gustave154 (on 18 July 2011)
Nice this game sold 4 mil already woot!
pslee (on 18 July 2011)
it was $15. that is why i got this game. it might be still $15, not sure. it is a good game. wiil make me busy until killzone 3 price drops.
Heavenly_King (on 18 July 2011)
the game is selling for $30 I think
pslee (on 18 July 2011)
the sale boosted since gamestop selling this for only $15
Squall_Leonhart (on 16 July 2011)
Loved this game so much!! Cant wait to play the prequel PSP games and GOW IV :)
JustThatGamer (on 15 July 2011)
Also, including the trilogy edition sales GOW 3 has now sold 4,004,641.
JustThatGamer (on 15 July 2011)
Sold over 20,000 this week! Amazing! :D
homer (on 15 July 2011)
Why the boost? Bundles?
dsage01 (on 15 July 2011)
Wow big boost this week! Over BO 360!
A203D (on 11 July 2011)
I guess they could use him again, i would love to Kratos a final time on the NGP. so we have the main trilogy and the PSP trilogy. and we dont know what happened to Atlas who had a score to settle with Kratos...
gustave154 (on 11 July 2011)
I hlpe they make a new trilogy like halo
KratosGodKiller (on 10 July 2011)
A203D I disagree, they should keep Kratos as the main protagonist, also they've already covered what happened to Deimos, I don't think being abducted as a child by Ares and being locked away in deaths domain until adulthood when Kratos frees you would make for a very good game. Anyway, whatever Sony Santa Monica do will be amazing, every sequel they make is better than its predecessor, GOW3>2>1 and GOW GOS>COO (Look at the user scores here on Vgchartz, also the vast majority of GOW fans elsewhere agree with this, check the polls on the Facebook God of War fan page, also there's a poll on Metacritic). God of War IV is going to be another masterpiece. fauzman Yeah I agree, however Kratos did help to make reparations for his actions on the world by impaling himself which released hope to mankind giving them the ability to eventually rebuild the world without the aid of the Gods.
fauzman (on 10 July 2011)
I would love to see Kratos again. After all, he has died in all 3 games and come back. Dont see it being that hard. I personally would love to see him take on Athena and maybe making reparations for his actions on the world.
A203D (on 07 July 2011)
@KratosGodKiller i think its time to end Kratos's story, maybe they could do another PSP type spinoff, but i think they might try and introduce his brother Demos as the new protagonist. which i'm fine with, they can make a new story around that imo.
KratosGodKiller (on 05 July 2011)
Yeah, I'd say 5m-5.25m lifetime (around 2015) if GOW IV isn't made, +0.25m if it is. Well, I've come up with quite a few possibilities for how Kratos may return. 1) In GOW 3 Kratos died on a phoenix carving which in Greek myth is a symbol of rebirth. 2) Kratos went back in time in GOW 2 to fight Zeus just after he had been killed, but as we know Kratos was resurrected by Gaia so there must've been two Kratos' alive at the same time :S... All my other theories are more obvious so I'll leave it there. As for what else is there left to do, I'd say there's still plenty of unused Greek myth to use as inspiration. I think the main antagonist for GOW IV will be Chaos itself, as well as Nyx (Goddess of night) and Hypnos (God of sleep) and then there are still other Gods and all their offspring and other notable figures in Greek myth. I hope they don't use a new protagonist, otherwise they might as well start a new franchise because God of War without Kratos just wouldn't be the same.
jester2358 (on 04 July 2011)
@kratosgodkiller I would go 5 million lifetime but your predictions seem reasonable. how do you think gow4 would work given gow3's endng? new protagonist?
KratosGodKiller (on 30 June 2011)
(Not including the trilogy edition) I think this will sell about 4.35m by the end of this year, 4.75m by the end of next year and 5m by the end of 2013 (About 5.25m IF GOW IV is released late 2012/early 2013). I think lifetime sales will stop at about 5.5m.
dany612 (on 22 June 2011)
Awesome sales! Should establish itself at 4 million
JustThatGamer (on 20 June 2011)
Including the GOW: Trilogy Edition sales, God of War III has now sold 3,957,745 copies. Also, Vgchartz hasn't bothered to track the America exclusive GOW 3: Ultimate Edition sales so it's impossible to accurately predict how much GOW 3 has really sold.
gustave154 (on 20 June 2011)
sales are gonna reach 4 million soon... awesome
JustThatGamer (on 13 June 2011)
If that turns out to be true, I'd buy a Vita just for the remake of GOW Betrayal! Yeah, announcing GOW IV at E3 would've overshadowed Sony's other franchises; E3 2012 is going to be EPIC! GO GOW!!! XD
Heavenly_King (on 11 June 2011)
most probably the remake would be for VITA considering that all the prequels to the main (home console) games are for a portable device. It would be awesome to have PS3 like experience in a portable!! I really hope Ready at Dawn is doing it. Also, I think they havent announced this E3 because they want people to be focus on Uncharted and Twisted Metal. Those are great games but GOW is too damn AWESOME!! XD......GO GOW!!!
JustThatGamer (on 10 June 2011)
I second that Heavenly_King! Sony, confirm GOW IV already! Also a GOW Betrayal remake for PS3 would be awesome!
JustThatGamer (on 10 June 2011)
Sbvgc2049 Yeah, apparently it makes someone 'cool' to hate on something that's successful and critically acclaimed. They'll never troll on a game that's widely considered bad because they know no-one's going to bother argue with them, and causing arguments with random people on the internet is all these incompetent, pathetic, low-life trolls want to do with their time.
Heavenly_King (on 09 June 2011)
I want GOW IV!!! And a GOW Betrayal REMAKE!!!!
sbvgc2049 (on 09 June 2011)
For bitter minders,it's never about quality,it's all about hatred in their minds,you never see them to comment those real shitty games.
delicious (on 04 June 2011)
Cool but very frustrating game
JustThatGamer (on 04 June 2011)
Sales picked up everywhere this week, it sold 10,399 this week. In about 7 weeks this will be a 4m seller (trilogy edition sales included, as should be).
GodOfWar_3ever (on 04 June 2011)
First wall post on GoW III since Gamrconnect 2.0 ! And sales picked up a little this week in Europe. Almost sold 2k
JustThatGamer (on 30 May 2011)
And it's certainly undertracked in EMEAA. A lot of the big shops/websites in the UK (Amazon/Play.com/Game/Tesco to name a few) currently list this game in their top 20/40 best-selling PS3 games, so these EMEAA figures make no sense as its most definitely sold more in the UK alone than Vgchartz has it listed at for EMEAA for the past 16 weeks.
JustThatGamer (on 30 May 2011)
With the Trilogy edition sales included this game is now at 3,927,166 (3.93m).
italo244 (on 30 May 2011)
5 weeks and not even 10k on EMEAA? Weird...
A203D (on 23 May 2011)
Will the release of CoO and GoS bolster the sales of this?? i think its possible!
A203D (on 23 May 2011)
Will the release of CoO and GoS bolster the sales of this?? i think its possible!
jester2358 (on 22 May 2011)
scabab07 is right justthatgamer, all this number tells us is that gow3 has sold somewhere between 3.5 and 4 million.
scabab07 (on 20 May 2011)
Vgchartz is rarely accurate i wouldnt let it bother you.
JustThatGamer (on 20 May 2011)
Hey 9087, could you do that for me since you're more experienced than me on Vgchartz, thus being more likely to be taken seriously over a 'noob' a.k.a me lol.
9087 (on 19 May 2011)
Good points Just That Gamer, you should bring that to a Mods attention in the forum
9087 (on 19 May 2011)
Not only is it at almost 4 million, but also helped sell 2 million+ copies of GOW1 and 2 on PS3.
KratosGodKiller (on 18 May 2011)
This masterpiece is almost at 4m! :D Everything about this game is phenomenal. I completely loved the story thus naturally I'm really excited to see where it goes in GOW 4, which I hope is announced at E3... fingers firmly crossed.
JustThatGamer (on 14 May 2011)
It's definitely undertracked in EMEAA. Some examples to back-up my claim = Currently in the UK it's the 5th best-selling PS3 game in Zavvi, top 40 in Tesco, 20th on Play.com, top 40 on Amazon and top 80 in Game. It's sold much more in the UK alone than vgchartz has it listed for the entire EMEAA during the past 20 or so weeks.
A203D (on 13 May 2011)
Its doing amazingly in the US, but if only the series was more popular in Europe it wouldve sold more tha UC2 by now - it already has in the US. just a shame really!
JustThatGamer (on 13 May 2011)
sbvgc2049 With sales from the trilogy edition this game is now at 3,910,640 at 60 weeks. For comparison, LittleBigPlanet at 60 weeks was at 2.82m (2 xmas boosts). Uncharted 2 at 60 weeks was at 4.05m but that was during its 2nd xmas holidays boost. GOW3 has only had one xmas boost and is still just under 0.14m away from UC2 and 1.09m more than LBP ... Which by no means is a tragedy lol it's doing AMAZINGLY!
Rafux (on 13 May 2011)
I mean 4M
Rafux (on 13 May 2011)
Great sales along with GOW Trilogy its about to reach 5M
GodOfWar_3ever (on 13 May 2011)
only ? Its more like 3.9 with God of War Trilogy sales...its the best selling hack'n slash of this generation and its not done yet. Theres no need to cry about these sales which are FANTASTIC !
sbvgc2049 (on 13 May 2011)
Only 3.8mil???true tragedy sales for such a BLOODY game,hope it's got legs like LBP,MGS4 or UC2
dsage01 (on 11 May 2011)
WTF this passed Super mario Galazy 2 and Fable 3 in FW sales but NPD has it behing both those games. VGC really hates PS3.
Iveyboi (on 10 May 2011)
If only Japan bought this like they did RE5 then this game would be a MONSTER
Dahum (on 09 May 2011)
i think GOW3 will eventually sell between 5.5 to 6 million in my opinion
A203D (on 08 May 2011)
I have suspicions that it is undertracke in EMEAA. i think other PS3 is also undertracked in EMEAA!
JustThatGamer (on 07 May 2011)
Although the sales are great, this must be undertracked in EMEAA. During the past 17 weeks it's sold about 190,000 units in America and only about 50,000 in EMEAA (3.8 times less)... Sorry, I'm calling bullshit.
Heavenly_King (on 07 May 2011)
dsage01 (on 06 May 2011)
40k in 4 weeks. WOW!
Vekta (on 05 May 2011)
VetteDude (on 02 May 2011)
Excellent! This game truly deserves every single sale.
JustThatGamer (on 29 April 2011)
Brilliant sales! During the same time period (58 weeks) this is outselling GoW 2 by 1.39m (1.51m with sales from the trilogy edition included) and it's only had one xmas holiday sales boost, so I predict GoW 3 will definitely reach 5m+ lifetime.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 29 April 2011)
Best selling in the series! And it's far from done.
dsage01 (on 28 April 2011)
Great legs, Great game, Great sales. Should get around 4.3 million when God of war 4 comes out.
Tridrakious (on 28 April 2011)
By this holiday it should be at or over 4 million.
SONYisBP (on 28 April 2011)
Still one of the best games out there for PS3
Iveyboi (on 28 April 2011)
Still trucking along. Add in the triliogy and this is killing it. Wonder how GOW4 next holiday will do!
Iveyboi (on 28 April 2011)
Still trucking along. Add in the triliogy and this is killing it. Wonder how GOW4 next holiday will do!
GodOfWar_3ever (on 28 April 2011)
Last week it sold 13,871 and this week it sold 13,563
GodOfWar_3ever (on 28 April 2011)
pslee it was $26, and it sold the same amount in america as last week. I keep an Excel file with God of War III sales.
pslee (on 28 April 2011)
Bump in us sales due to amazon price cut to $20 last week
The_God_of_War (on 28 April 2011)
Best selling GoW in just 13 months. Giggidy-goo.
JustThatGamer (on 26 April 2011)
Technically this game has sold 3.88m, if you (and you should) include the sales from the God of War Trilogy edition which sold 0.12m.
rossoner (on 25 April 2011)
dont worry, im sure these numbers are off, among top sellers at lot retailers in eu. This is well over 4 million
Heavenly_King (on 22 April 2011)
@Tridrakious: It has already outsold the first by 1558 units :D. GO GOW!!
GodOfWar_3ever (on 21 April 2011)
EMEAA sales are bullshit. The platinum version in the best selling PS3 game on zavvi. Not much of an achievement, true...but how come there was no boost from the platinum version ? also the greatest hits version failed in the USA too. I don't buy that either.
Tridrakious (on 20 April 2011)
This game will surpass the sales of the first God of War in at least a 2 or 3 weeks time.
fauzman (on 18 April 2011)
@biddles. Agree with pitzy. If you dont like the game, go to a game that you do like and make comments. you seem to be deliberately trying to stir up trouble.
pitzy272 (on 17 April 2011)
@Biddles, while I don't really agree with JustThatGamer's response, I don't see much of a point to your previous comment. Why come in here and make that comment? It had the sole purpose of upsetting people.
Lundra (on 17 April 2011)
Wow, sales are fantastic.
Biddles (on 16 April 2011)
And like i said before why dont you calm down instead of making a fool of yourself. You just look laughable baby now, what was the poiunt in doing that.
JustThatGamer (on 16 April 2011)
GO GO GO GOW!!! Biddles, why do you feel the need to comment on this game just to piss off GOW fans? Is your life really so miserable that you feel the need to search up popular, successful and critically acclaimed games just to troll to provoke a response from fans of the game? Well done it worked, so why don't you fuck off and get back to pleasuring your mother you stupid inbred cunt.
Biddles (on 16 April 2011)
Calm down, its just a damn game, a mediocre game at that.
Heavenly_King (on 16 April 2011)
10k left to become the best selling GOW game!!!
dsage01 (on 15 April 2011)
I think it's undertraked inin EMMEA.
Heavenly_King (on 10 April 2011)
Slimebeast (on 07 April 2011)
Still over 10K per week. Should be around 4.3 mill before end of year
osamanobama (on 04 April 2011)
3 more weeks
Heavenly_King (on 02 April 2011)
GOW 3 is on track to have at least the same sales as UC2 XD
Heavenly_King (on 02 April 2011)
A203D (on 31 March 2011)
Is it possible this is undertracked in Europe the same way Sly, Heavy Rain and GT5 were. because its moving so slow in EMEAA
A203D (on 27 March 2011)
Yeah, i also dont think the Greatest Hits/Platinum editions are out yet.
Zkuq (on 26 March 2011)
Well, I don't think the Platinum version has been released yet so no wonder there's no boost ;)
GodOfWar_3ever (on 25 March 2011)
I refuse to believe there wasn't a boost in EMEAA and America due to the Platinum hits and Greatest Hits releases.
gustave154 (on 25 March 2011)
wow nice first year sales! heres to 4.5 mil by the end of the year!
jugon21 (on 24 March 2011)
(52nd week)FIRST YEAR = 3.67 Good sales.
9087 (on 21 March 2011)
Sony should release the next God of War for PS3 by Oct/Nov 2012. That will give the dev team time to polish everything and gives them a "strategic release date" closer to the Holiday Season.
9087 (on 21 March 2011)
I lov ethe graphics in this game. More Sony devs should use the GOW 3 Engine.
oniyide (on 18 March 2011)
hasanwhy (on 07 March 2011)
I just purchased this, and I have to say, I'm extremely pleased. I'm getting my ass kicked on medium difficulty, and I don't care. :D
Heavenly_King (on 06 March 2011)
Vueguy (on 28 February 2011)
all the bosses fight were the best parts in the game.the story wasn't as good as prequel games, but still one of the best hack n slash adventure game by far this gen.
A203D (on 15 February 2011)
In the US it was selling very well because of the post Thanksgiving promotiions. which is why it hasnt enjoyed similar success in Europe. which is a real shame. this is a brillaint series and its a shame it hasnt been as successful as something like Uncharted in Europe. where hopefully the upcoming greatest hits edition could push it into 1.5-1.8 mil territory imo.
pitzy272 (on 14 February 2011)
Was (or is) this game bundled? Cause man, from week 36 to week 41 it was selling boatloads! Then still sold almost 100,000 in 3 weeks from 41-44.
A203D (on 13 February 2011)
Yeah, the key thing is to match GoW1s US sales and GoW2s EU sales. i think it will do at least 4 mil by the end of this year tbh, but not sure if it can go to 5 mil, i tihink its already the best selling melee action game.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 12 February 2011)
@A203D Platinum version is coming in March. It'll surely boost sales.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 12 February 2011)
Yeah... Linda Hunt had like 2 lines in the game. You can't skip the prologue the first time btw. I would've liked her to portray Gaia atleast...but that didn't happen. Its simply a case of opinion dude. GoW 3 was fantastic, but I felt the story was lagging behind the awesome gameplay...
JustThatGamer (on 11 February 2011)
*Sorry for the wall of text, didn't realise how much I was writing :P
JustThatGamer (on 11 February 2011)
GodOfWar_3ever, I also think GoW 3 was better than GoW 2, the amount of things done better in GoW 3 totally outnumber things (if anything at all) GoW 2 does better than GoW 3. Those epic Titan vs God battle flashbacks were happening in real-time during the first 20mins of the game, didn't you notice in the background at certain parts you see the leviathan pull down a Titan (Don't know its name), you see Hades pull a titan 'Oceanus' down Mt. Olympus, you also see Helios fighting with another Titan 'Perses' and then there's the cinematic where Poseidon launches himself at a Titan 'Epimetheus'. I think the entire riding on Gaia whilst she's climbing Mt. Olympus also whilst fighting the leviathan/Poseidon with the God vs Titan battle happening in the background is absolutely spectacular, far more epic than the God vs Titan battle cinematic in GoW2. I think Pandora's effect on the story was perfectly implemented. At the start of their relationship Kratos doesn't care for Pandora, Kratos pursues Pandora just to use her in order for him to gain the power to achieve his revenge without a care about the fact Pandora would have to sacrifice herself. The relationship gradually progresses to form a father-daughter-like relationship between them, to such an extent that Kratos was willing to forfeit his revenge in order to stop her sacrificing herself, showing he has a compassionate side. I didn't miss Linda Hunt's narration at all, it did not affect the game/story in the slightest for me, I'm personally glad the narration is gone; it allows the player to interpret the story themselves rather than have someone explain everything to you as if you're brain-dead. (By the way, if you had the patience to sit through the prologue you would've realized that it was in fact Linda Hunt narrating, so she wasn't completely absent from the game anyway)
A203D (on 10 February 2011)
How is this not selling more in Europe, it might not beat God of War 2, with Europe lagging like this!
GodOfWar_3ever (on 08 February 2011)
JustThatGamer, I thought God of War III was better than II...Only just, but it definitely feels less epic story wise. In the previous GoWs, the flashbakcs used to be epic (titan vs god battle in GoW II). Here they were replaced by those animated scenes which lack the epicness factor. Pandora's effect on the story could've been done so much better. And the story reaaally missed Linda Hunt's narration.
Ultr (on 08 February 2011)
This game is bloody amazing! cant believe what I saw when I played through.... Legendary!
davidatwar (on 07 February 2011)
the Deimos skin is awsome yeah!!!! kratos bro ftw!
JustThatGamer (on 05 February 2011)
GodOfWar_3ever, I don't agree that the story is weaker. Comparing the story of GoW II to GoW III is a stupid thing to do; it's like reading a book and comparing the middle of the story to the ending as if they're completely different stories. GoW III is an ending to a story, therefore GoW III can't have much more character development and new events unfolding like GoW I&II did, as the final part of the trilogy it has to conclude everything that happened in previous parts of the story, GoW I and GoW II. In my opinion GoW III concludes brilliantly, I'd say it's a perfectly fitting end to the trilogy. DakonBlackblade, very well said.
DakonBlackblade (on 04 February 2011)
MiSan you have to look past all that rage to understand Kratos real motives, troughout the whole trilogy Kratos is alwhays looking for salvation and redemption, he alwhays loose his way amidst his revenge tough, thats what the fear Kratos part in the end of the game is all about. He definetly didnt go down wimpy.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 04 February 2011)
Disagreed. GoW III was much better than GoW II in gameplay, weaker is story, and still holds up against it. Also the boss fights were the best in the series. RE5 isn't as good as RE4 in my opinion cause of Sheeva...and the retarded inventory system.
Biddles (on 04 February 2011)
Both GOW3 and RE% werent half as good as the game before.
JustThatGamer (on 02 February 2011)
Yeah, well it's your opinion, to me and the vast majority of God of War fans, this game was 10/10 as was gow 1&2. I've never played RE5 so I can't comment on that.
MiSan7573 (on 01 February 2011)
well it was just ok for me seeing that this is the final one of the trilogy. Maybe I am the only one but it didn't really rock me as much as I hope it did. Reminds me of RE5's weak sauce ending actually.
JustThatGamer (on 01 February 2011)
Story-wise I think the ending was great, however I do think that the final fight could've been more epic, I wish they kept the Kratos vs Zeus vs Gaia fight in, I saw some deleted scenes and it looked incredible, if they released it as free DLC that'd be awesome. With all that said, I still think the final fight was epic but it could of been EPIC.
MiSan7573 (on 01 February 2011)
well i just expected a whole lot more. after trudging through titan after titan I expected something more grand. for all his badassness kratos went out kinda' wimpy.
JustThatGamer (on 01 February 2011)
My bad, I meant trilogy*. I hope the series isn't over yet (Doubt it is) I want more awesome gow games!
Heavenly_King (on 01 February 2011)
the series in not over yet. What is over is theTrilogy.
JustThatGamer (on 31 January 2011)
I agree, I think it's a great ending to the series, I don't understand how people can be disappointed by the ending... How could it have ended any better?
KratosGodKiller (on 31 January 2011)
I think it's a great ending.
MiSan7573 (on 31 January 2011)
dissappointing ending.
dsage01 (on 30 January 2011)
great game wish it at online
JustThatGamer (on 30 January 2011)
Best game ever!
Heavenly_King (on 29 January 2011)
KratosGodKiller (on 28 January 2011)
Also this game isn’t too short at all. If you play through on easy/ normal and don’t look for all the chest and godly possessions, obviously it’s not going to take as long as it takes someone who plays the game properly. Normal difficulty took me 10 hours, hard took me 11 hours, very hard took me just over 12 hours, how the hell is that short?! It’s a perfect length, with 10-12 hours of epic and fun gameplay.
KratosGodKiller (on 28 January 2011)
This game is far superior to God of War 2. The story is great, a perfect end to the trilogy. What people don’t understand is that God of War 3 isn’t meant to be judged as a self-contained story, it’s just an ending to a story, and a very good one at that. The beginning (God of War 1) is that which precedes everything and before which there was nothing, the middle (God of War 2) follows the beginning and precedes the end, and the end (God of War 3) follows the middle and there is nothing afterwards, therefore Gow3 can’t have more character development and events unfolding, that would mean there’d have to be a Gow4, which won’t happen because obviously it’s a trilogy.
A203D (on 28 January 2011)
I actully agree with some of what you've said Biddles. the story was dissapointing to me, the art design couldve been better and it was a bit on the short side. but it was a good game. gameplay was excellent and excellent production values.
Biddles (on 28 January 2011)
The game was inferior to God of War 2, the things you said were good were infact good, however the story was absolutley terrible. The locations in the game were very poor compared to the other two aswell. The entire Titan God war that was built up came to pretty much nothing. And it was very short under 8 hours short.
dsage01 (on 25 January 2011)
great game
A203D (on 23 January 2011)
Yeah, its a good game, but if only it was as popular in Europe as the US, it would be higher than Uncharted 2. why hasnt it done as well in Europe??
GodOfWar_3ever (on 21 January 2011)
Biddles...people have different opinions. Me personally, I hate CoD and all those other military FPS (Anything that doesn't involve aliens). But lots of people dig that kind of thing. You might not like God of War III. But there are plenty of people who regard it as one of the best games ever. Great graphics, great soundtrack, a good ending to the franchise, amazing boss battles and sense of scale, and the best combat system the series ever had makes it stand out in a flood of its rip offs (dante's inferno anyone ?) and CoD imitators.
KratosGodKiller (on 21 January 2011)
This is undoubtedly one of the best games I've ever played.
Biddles (on 21 January 2011)
Why it wasnt even that good.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 21 January 2011)
There was an error in the Algorithm for the past 2 weeks...other games were affected too. Now sales were adjusted from less than 1k a week in Europe :-D And brilliant legs. This game makes me so proud...lol
dsage01 (on 20 January 2011)
undertracked how the hell did it get 1k!
A203D (on 20 January 2011)
Could it be undertracked in Europe??
GodOfWar_3ever (on 20 January 2011)
Undertracked ? Or are people waiting for the platinum version releasing in March ?
ruimartiniman (on 19 January 2011)
278 units sold in others??????
Mordred11 (on 16 January 2011)
What the hell Europe?
GodOfWar_3ever (on 13 January 2011)
WTF !!! Dropped from 30k to 1k in Europe ?
Turkish (on 13 January 2011)
I think at the end of 2012 this will set above 5 million.
Miguel_Zorro (on 08 January 2011)
This game will break through 5 million lifetime.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 06 January 2011)
This game sold 40kish this week. Hopefully another million this year :-) GoGoGoWIII!!!!
ivanpgcs (on 06 January 2011)
next goal 4 mil
Chibi.V.29 (on 05 January 2011)
O_O that is quite the xmas boost xD
Colocho (on 04 January 2011)
Lets not forget this is GOW's first Xmas. Im sure next year will be bundled and/or heavely discounted. It will help boost sales! I expect no less then 5M LTD.
||DeOn|| (on 02 January 2011)
4.5-5M LTD! there's no way in h3ll this game is going to reach 6M @ Heavenly_King
||DeOn|| (on 02 January 2011)
4.5-5M LTD! there's no way in h3ll this game is going to reach 6M @ Heavenly_King
Heavenly_King (on 01 January 2011)
10k less than UC2 in its 41st week. So this game will also reach between 5M-6M. GO GOW!!!
zgamer5 (on 01 January 2011)
come on japan make gow3 reach 3.5!
jester2358 (on 01 January 2011)
@ 9087 then get off it, I prefer adjustments over wrong numbers.
drakesfortune (on 31 December 2010)
9087, I think everyone knows they use statistics and educated guessing. I don't think they make any bones about that. They do a pretty darn good job of it too. Take this adjustment, they were only 4% off. That's pretty f'n good.
9087 (on 31 December 2010)
LOL @ anyone who thinks this site is credible
hiroko (on 28 December 2010)
whahah sony showed like a 100mill difrence from shipped software with vgc this is bullcrap
pablogers (on 25 December 2010)
wtf always ps3, i hate this site
drakesfortune (on 25 December 2010)
@ biddles...really?! REALLY? 150k down, out of 3.42m is nothing. I don't think a minor adjustment means much at all. This game will do 5mil easy. That's stellar.
Smileface (on 24 December 2010)
LOL VGCHARTZ!!! 0,15M corection? Are you crazy???
Biddles (on 24 December 2010)
lol PS3 fans got too excited for nothing.
zgamer5 (on 24 December 2010)
got adjusted down :(
Jay520 (on 24 December 2010)
Heavenly_King (on 23 December 2010)
I dont get it the "sales overview" says 3.42, but it the graphic the total sales are 3.57
zgamer5 (on 22 December 2010)
passed 3.5!
Heavenly_King (on 21 December 2010)
5-6M LTD
Heavenly_King (on 21 December 2010)
next...3.73M lol This game will be the best selling GOW game yet.....till GOW4 comes out XD
Jay520 (on 18 December 2010)
5 million LTD
jester2358 (on 17 December 2010)
@godofwar_3ever even better!, this will pass 4 million easy next year
zgamer5 (on 17 December 2010)
8Nawt753 (on 17 December 2010)
It's great to see so many units moving! The best selling God of War.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 16 December 2010)
Trilogy sold 100k
jester2358 (on 16 December 2010)
looking likely ivanpgcs, you have to add the triliogy sales though(60k), it was a super limited edition that was tracked seperatly.
ivanpgcs (on 16 December 2010)
3.75 mil end of 2010?
M.U.G.E.N (on 16 December 2010)
so 3.5 mil with this weeks numbers :D awesome
Ultr (on 12 December 2010)
will easily reach neraly 4mil by the end of the year
Jay520 (on 10 December 2010)
3.5m by year's end. 4mil by April. 4.5mil by the end of 2011. 5mil sometime in 2012
Heavenly_King (on 08 December 2010)
Colocho (on 04 December 2010)
This game should hit 3.5m by year's end!... Second best selling GOW game!
Heavenly_King (on 03 December 2010)
GO GOW!!!!
DemOps (on 03 December 2010)
God of War 2 was much better.
Spinzaku (on 03 December 2010)
Since when is a 9.2 score underrated?
sexc_abbas (on 03 December 2010)
god i love this game ? SOMEONE TELL ME WHY I LOVE PS3 GAMES SO MCUH !
halil23 (on 01 December 2010)
Best game ever and most underrated game of 2010, this is what a truly next gen gaming like!! Anyone/reviewers rate it below 9 is obviously m$ tools.
gustave154 (on 29 November 2010)
this game is the standard for hack and slash games.
postofficebuddy (on 26 November 2010)
This will get a nice boost next week since Gamestop is bundling it for BF. Between standalone and trilogy sales I think this could hit 3.5 million by the end of the year. 4 million is pretty much guaranteed and I still think 5 million is possible.
Kennyheart (on 21 November 2010)
Best action game of the year.
A203D (on 21 November 2010)
I think with a bit of luck it will reach that 4 mill snyperdud, i think even more 4.5
Colocho (on 20 November 2010)
If I was buying a playstation3 for the first time, this game and Uncharted 2 would be my first purchases...
palitococo (on 17 November 2010)
Its almost a sure bet to say that this going to be the best selling GOW to date.
snyperdud (on 17 November 2010)
Keeps on chugging along. It may even reach 4 million some day.
TrevDaRev (on 14 November 2010)
My favourite game of all time.
Rafux (on 10 November 2010)
A must have for every PS3 owner
ivanpgcs (on 08 November 2010)
3,071 million + 71k (trilogy) = 3,14 million. 3.35 million in January
9087 (on 06 November 2010)
a classic PS3 game. Iconic and will be remembered as one of the best
BanTiger (on 02 November 2010)
Wow 3 million!!!!!!!!!
Heavenly_King (on 29 October 2010)
BEST GAME EVER (The same status as MGS4) XD
ethomaz (on 24 October 2010)
Epic 3M!!!
GodOfWar_3ever (on 22 October 2010)
3 million baby ! 4 million, here we come !
kowhoho (on 31 May 2010)
Who'd have thought this would ever reach 100k in japan?
GodOfWar_3ever (on 31 May 2010)
Are you sure its not 18k and do you have a link ?
postofficebuddy (on 31 May 2010)
According to Famitsu Taiwan the traditional chinese version has sold 180k. More than likely that's not accounted for here so this is probably over 300k undertracked.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 31 May 2010)
2.5 million next week ! WOOT WOOT !
down-down-down-down- (on 30 May 2010)
in a few weeks it will outsell uncahrted 2 in america and it already outsell killzone 2 in america and i bet it will also outsell LBP in america ;) so it will become the best selling PS3-sony-exclusive game in america
AaronSOLDIER (on 29 May 2010)
Best selling GOW game for sure. Its having great legs, should be a nice bump when it turns Greatest Hits.
darthdevidem01 (on 29 May 2010)
Maybe 5 million all said & done? or at least 4 Million let hope
Munkeh111 (on 28 May 2010)
Its legs are holding nicely, so it should certainly get to 3.5m at least
A203D (on 28 May 2010)
This would have done so much better in the EU had they have marketed better and released the GOW1&2 HD releases eairler and marketed those as well. not many people i know have heard of GOW, and even then they dont want to play a 3rd one when they havent played the other 2.
coolbeans (on 27 May 2010)
Going for $40 new at Gamestop (for however long it lasts).
GodOfWar_3ever (on 27 May 2010)
Come on ! another week over 50k please !
C_Hollomon (on 26 May 2010)
It will past 3m this year from holiday sales.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 26 May 2010)
Jizz ! Come on PS3 owners ! Buy this game ! Spam your PSN friends into buying it !
Iveyboi (on 26 May 2010)
#17.....will be awhile before it overtakes uncharted
chuchy (on 26 May 2010)
Boost in America? Maybe as ppl when and picked up red deadthey decided maybe GOW3 would be a good way to with it too
palitococo (on 26 May 2010)
Great NA legs, others..........so so.
gustave154 (on 25 May 2010)
wow sales seems to be levelling around the 50k area. very nice legs.
REDXIII (on 24 May 2010)
I feel that GOW3 is the best one out the series i love two but three takes the cake.
darthdevidem01 (on 22 May 2010)
The better question is how long will it be before it becomes the best selling GOW :-D
GodOfWar_3ever (on 22 May 2010)
Can this be the best selling GoW ?
Munkeh111 (on 21 May 2010)
Still going nicely, should clear 3m
GodOfWar_3ever (on 21 May 2010)
@ XBOX_Man

Uncharted 2 was released in the holiday season. ME2 and GoW 3 will probably receive holiday boosts as well...
The Xbox Man (on 21 May 2010)

Interesting comparison, it shows which game the general public is going with, thats Uncharted 2, in terms of legs.

I am very worried about Mass Effect 2, did it have a negative word of mouth in the end.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 21 May 2010)
I hope sales remain flat 20k in America and 10k in Europe until the holiday season.
I hope for 50k+ next week !
Hope is what makes us strong, it is what we fight with when all else is lost !
GodOfWar_3ever (on 21 May 2010)
yep...in the game page... he said greatest hits version, not bargain bins though...
But I gotta admit, the first week to second week drop off was pretty "meh" and had me worried...
--OkeyDokey-- (on 21 May 2010)
lol, did Outlaw really say that?
GodOfWar_3ever (on 21 May 2010)
I see some "titan"ic legs bitches !

Outlawauron said " It'll continue to drop like a rock until it hits the bargain bins"
Say what ??
--OkeyDokey-- (on 20 May 2010)
God of Legs!
Heavenly_King (on 20 May 2010)
I think that by the end of 2011 this game should reach 4.**M
Heavenly_King (on 20 May 2010)
hopefully the 270k taken from GOW1 will end up here XD.
Heavenly_King (on 20 May 2010)
Scruff7 (on 20 May 2010)
This is basically a game where you run around being generally awesome.
darthdevidem01 (on 20 May 2010)
So basically 4 Million Confirmed (and its still undertracked in us)
darthdevidem01 (on 20 May 2010)
It will only need to sell over 20K for a year to get a million extra sales, thats not even taking into account platinum edition boosts.

Even if it seems like games have low legs, over a period of 1 - 2 years they end up surprising and selling over 1 million - 2 million more
gustave154 (on 20 May 2010)
if its sells 50k until the end of the year it would definitely reach 4 million
Vueguy (on 16 May 2010)
no DLC?
i want a versus mode online like the Kratos vs Zeus in Street Fighter style as DLC and have all the characters in GoW3 playable.
Scruff7 (on 16 May 2010)
This game is stunning. I'm going to have to play it over again and again as the actual playing is getting in the way of enjoying the images!
Dgc1808 (on 16 May 2010)
Starting to see some consistent legs in others. Nice.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 15 May 2010)
Japan, I am proud of you...I hope for a bump in US sales cause of the GameStop sale...
Snake612 (on 15 May 2010)
strong sales after 8 weeks
postofficebuddy (on 15 May 2010)
Actually even with the April overtrack this is still about 200k-250k low in Americas. Canada has almost certainly sold through it's first shipment of 250k by now and I'm still assuming Latin America represents about 50k-100k of sales so it should be around 1.6 million by week 7. Has anyone brought this to the attention of ioi? And yeah, amazing Japan legs. It's already at 100k with Trilogy sales.
aragod (on 15 May 2010)
Nice legs in japan, increasing over time :), Japanese love their gore
NSS7 (on 15 May 2010)
Quite huge drop in NA.
xxrkoxx (on 14 May 2010)
canada i think had 200g reserved and i dont think its counted here and there was one more place idk i forgot
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 14 May 2010)
wow 0_0 can it reach 100k in japan?
--OkeyDokey-- (on 14 May 2010)
Wow, didn't even notice before. The legs in Japan are actually pretty good too.
palitococo (on 14 May 2010)
Holdig up well in Japan, can reach 120-150K ltd.
Kaufer (on 14 May 2010)
'Others' got a boost I think because the GoW Collection+GoW3 bundle was recently released there. There were many who preferred ot play the collection first.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 14 May 2010)
Sales can be accepted in Americas now...The March low figures have been cancelled out by April high figures I guess... Still might be a wee bit under-tracked in America though...but now it seems OK.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 14 May 2010)
Disappointing Americas legs...What do you guys think of my "UNDERTRACKED !!!!" theory ?
Gilgamesh (on 13 May 2010)
ChrisIsNotSexy (on 13 May 2010)
But thats imposible.
kowhoho (on 13 May 2010)
F*cking insane legs in Others! GRAAHH!
rossoner (on 13 May 2010)
no hard feelings but next time try to put smaller wall.

anyway imagine if this legs stays for month or two
GodOfWar_3ever (on 13 May 2010)
How much was this adjusted up by after NPD March results came in ? it looks like by 100k to me.

NPD March US only sales - 1.1 million

Vgchartz March US only sales - [url=http://news.vgchartz.com/news.php?id=7761]860k[/url]

Thats still 160k low and some of that 100k which it was adjusted up by surely must have been from Canada + Other countries....
1.1 million margin of error = 110k
so its not even within the margin of error...
+ it hasn't been adjusted a bit in Europe...since this was undertracked in America, I'm inclined to believe its a bit undertracked in Europe also since VGC EU numbers are rumored to be less accurate.

In its first month in American regions, VGC has this at 1.1 million...
NPD has it at 1.1 million in US and I read somewhere TheSource posted that US sales are 83.33% of "Americas" sales usually... thats 5/6 th of the sales... Judging by that math it would have sold 220k in Canada + Other regions bringing the NPD influenced numbers to 1.32 million first month in America.

Hopefully at E3, Sony will reveal worldwide shipments...Lets see if VGC decides to make any adjustments...
Ravage27 (on 13 May 2010)
very VERY good legs in Others :)
GodOfWar_3ever (on 13 May 2010)
ZOMFG @ the legs especially others
How about because it is indeed the best slasher ever.
zgamer5 (on 13 May 2010)
great sales, can this game get past 4 million ltd?
sexc_abbas (on 13 May 2010)
HOLY F&@%&@#K, again 47k, its true if this was relleased in Q4 it would be at around 4 million now !!!, imagine it stays like that in other for another month or so
--OkeyDokey-- (on 13 May 2010)
Epic legs!

Sales would've been massive if this were a Q4 release!
Miiqli (on 13 May 2010)
"i play it on ps3 yesterday. best hack&slay ever guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god of war 3 is awesome"

becouse it's PS3 exclusive?
Marco (on 13 May 2010)
i play it on ps3 yesterday. best hack&slay ever guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god of war 3 is awesome
Wagram (on 12 May 2010)
Huge boost in others last week.
sexc_abbas (on 11 May 2010)
who in gods name, can beat this game in titan mode, its impossible it took me week to beat posidean !!!!!!
down-down-down-down- (on 09 May 2010)
yes but look GOW3 sold in the first 3 weeks over 100k in america and this is amazing for a ps3 game in the usa
besides gow 3 sold in the first week 100k more than MGS4 first's week,just wait and see...
FootballFan (on 09 May 2010)
MGS4 has sold 2.16million

I doubt GodofWar will exceed it any time soon.
down-down-down-down- (on 09 May 2010)
so...okay but this is the best selling ps3 exclusive game in AMERICA,isn't it?
Munkeh111 (on 08 May 2010)
Still selling nicely, lets hope it keeps up
hmduong (on 08 May 2010)
@down-down... there's about 10 other exclusives that have sold more than this game so far. it's catching up quick though
Vetteman94 (on 08 May 2010)
no MGS4 is the best selling exclusive
down-down-down-down- (on 08 May 2010)
this is the best selling ps3 exclusive game ever....isn't it?
yog-sothot (on 08 May 2010)
nice boost in Ohers !
jester2358 (on 07 May 2010)
postofficebuddy, sales #s should be said at e3, then we will see an adjustment
postofficebuddy (on 07 May 2010)
Is this ever going to get adjusted? It's still about 300k low in Americas.
gustave154 (on 07 May 2010)
i hope the sales stay level here....
Ghazi4 (on 06 May 2010)
week 7 > week 8
AaronSOLDIER (on 06 May 2010)
Should be able to beat GOW1, maybe even without a Greatest Hits/Platinum release!
NanakiXI (on 06 May 2010)
Actually if you count the Trilogy bundle/edition it technically did 100k with EU numbers!!! :-D
NanakiXI (on 06 May 2010)
Damn! Even without Japan numbers it got damn close to 100k. 94k with JP numbers is pretty damn good though. Unless a huge sale happens in Japan :P
italo244 (on 05 May 2010)
100k? I'm not sure. But 80K for sure.
NicholasCage (on 05 May 2010)
Is there a boost because of God of War Collection, or was there a price drop?
jbrist (on 05 May 2010)
Wow that's a nice boost in sales, let's see if it can reach 100k this week!
rccsetzer (on 05 May 2010)
Wow. Others boost. Good!
palitococo (on 05 May 2010)
Its gonna be hard because the trend in america its the fall, need to maintain al least almost identical nunbers than last week in america to reach 100K WW, but its possible.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 05 May 2010)
I guess a lot of people were waiting to play the first two games before buying this?

I'm glad it's holding well, anyway.
NanakiXI (on 05 May 2010)
Can GoW III crack 100k this week??!?
nen-suer (on 05 May 2010)
the triology release boosted the sales
italo244 (on 05 May 2010)
Wow! 47k this week!
chuchy (on 04 May 2010)
My only guess is that more consoles were bought. Wait also the release of god of war collection and the triology! Ppl wanted to buy the 3 games I guesss and decided to wait, wanted to play the first games and then the massive 3
kowhoho (on 04 May 2010)
I just noticed that, wtf? 0_o
Fab_GS (on 04 May 2010)
OMG what happened in others?!
buu (on 03 May 2010)

Silentium (on 02 May 2010)
GoW3 was my first Platin trophy... amazing game! :D
Packie (on 01 May 2010)
lol dont worry, Im not smoking anything.
yes, they all played the same but Im not complaining about the gameplay because GOW3 had the best and the most refined combat system in the series.
What Im trully disappointed about is how the story was handled.
Kaixes (on 30 April 2010)
Just tried Titan Mode for the first time. It's ABSURD.
m1987mp (on 30 April 2010)
Packie, yeah they were good, but all of them were about the same. If you don't believe me then Idk what your smoking lol
AngelosL (on 30 April 2010)
@buu GoW I is 10 times better than 2....If you know anything about gameplay
buu (on 30 April 2010)

I agree, it was disappointing, i thought it was better than GOW1 but not 2.
Aldro (on 30 April 2010)
GoW3 was fucking amazing
Packie (on 30 April 2010)
Am I the only one who was disappointed with the game?

It was nowhere near as good as 1 and 2.
heip0ran (on 28 April 2010)
the game do great in NA but in other sales just alright
Iveyboi (on 28 April 2010)
The sales are great of course and they have broken even easily...but I cannot help feel that it should have sold more. Sigh.
Solid_Snake4RD (on 28 April 2010)
doing pretty well,should easiley hit 4m,hoping for 5m
Heavenly_King (on 27 April 2010)
BanTiger (on 27 April 2010)
Wow for a Hack & Slash game the sell # are just amazing
aragod (on 27 April 2010)
@Frieza Well our oppinions differ, I've thoroughly enjoyed Hades, Hercules and Hermes fight. It was more about the feeling and diversity which these offered.
Frieza (on 27 April 2010)
Comparing GOW3 to GOW2 both on normal yes its much shorter, my first playthrough on GOW3 trying to get trophies took me less time than a speed run on GOW2 on easy. I didnt even die 5 times.

Of the bosses Poseidon & Hades were cool, Hermes wasnt really a fight, Hercules was disappointing, Chronos was good but not a boss, Scorpion was lame, Zeus was forgettable.
aragod (on 27 April 2010)
@Frieza GoW3 has the best boss fights from the whole serie, 2 wasn't much better than 1, except for the Colossus fight. I wouldn't mind a few more puzzles, but overall it's definatelly up there with MGS4 and UC2.
AngelosL (on 27 April 2010)
Shorter and Easier? Maybe if you played it on God Mode.I disagree on everything else you wrote as well but I'm not interested in changing your mind. This game is great.
Frieza (on 27 April 2010)
Finished the game, its very good but its very overated its no MGS4 or Uncharted 2.

It isnt even as good as GOW2.

Its shorter, its easier, the story is much worse, the environments arnt as great, the boss fights arnt as good , and i expected the titan and god war to have a larger part.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 27 April 2010)
@ Neos

That didn't stop you from listing DMC 4 as one of your favourite games.
TurismoT (on 26 April 2010)
especially in Aphrodite's chamber he came there a lot
yog-sothot (on 26 April 2010)
this is not a TPS man...
Neos (on 26 April 2010)
No i'm not kidding. I like it when the camera stays behind the character at ALL times. This one, obviously, doesn't.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 25 April 2010)
@ Neos

Are you kidding. The God of War series is the only example of a perfect camera I can think of in games.
Neos (on 25 April 2010)
Got this game with a giftcard (leftover) from christmas. So far I don't like it at all. It doesn't appeal to me and the movement controls and camera are just @*#()@. Graphics are superb ofcourse.
kowhoho (on 24 April 2010)
Come on, Kratos! Keep it above 100k one more week!
NicholasCage (on 24 April 2010)
Should have healthy legs since it's $49.99 mostly every where in America.
Solid-Stark (on 23 April 2010)
Adjustments will be made in the next few weeks. Its probably ~2.3m right now.
Cross-X (on 23 April 2010)
No one can deny the great sales of GOW III. Very much deserved for the Great Game.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 22 April 2010)
God of War II at 5 weeks: 1.32m
God of War III at 5 weeks: 2.05

Nice :)
xxrkoxx (on 22 April 2010)
i hope it can stay 100000 for the next 5 weeks for great sales
-ku- (on 22 April 2010)
When will this update to include the sales missed this is at like 2.5 million
Theo (on 22 April 2010)
I see this outselling Uncharted 2. 4m ltd
Gilgamesh (on 22 April 2010)
@gekkokamen, but what about the rest of the world, NDP is just the US, Chart track is the UK, Ireland and Denmark I think, and Media Create is just Japan. That only covers like 500 million people in the world.
Xen (on 22 April 2010)
2 million already? Whoa.
gustave154 (on 22 April 2010)
nice 2 million in 4 weeks.
Wagram (on 21 April 2010)
2 Million! Good job!
gekkokamen (on 21 April 2010)
Just openly copy the NPD, chart track and media creat numbers and be done with it for christ's sake...
kowhoho (on 21 April 2010)
Legs are observed over a longer period of time than 4 weeks and they're still damn good... how can anyone be complaining about it at this point?
sully1311 (on 21 April 2010)
wow Over 2 mil now. ioi must have adjusted following npd!
ElGranCabeza (on 21 April 2010)

While I agree with you that VGC =/= NPD numbers, ioi has already adjusted the numbers for Demon's Souls
--OkeyDokey-- (on 21 April 2010)
Shutup about Canada and Latin America. ioi already adjusted it up as much as he felt he needed to. If you keep complaining like spoiled brats he might adjust Valkyria Chronicles and Demon's Souls down!
luisgvm (on 21 April 2010)
so did VGC fixed the sales numbers to the ones that appeared in NPD?.
zgamer5 (on 21 April 2010)
bad drop in the us. still no sale numbers for canada and latin america, bloody vgc
palitococo (on 21 April 2010)
Another week of 100K, can do a 6 week over 100K mark? we will see but its gonna be hard.
iWarMachine (on 21 April 2010)
good legs, great sales, easily 3M LTD.
Munkeh111 (on 21 April 2010)
Let's hope it keeps up the sales
ChrisIsNotSexy (on 21 April 2010)
Awesome Sales
Avarice28 (on 20 April 2010)

You got to be 'kidding' right?

This game is already at 2 million in less than two months. That is the result of some very sexy legs.
BulletProof (on 20 April 2010)
legs are meh
ivanisgreat459 (on 20 April 2010)
good sales
jester2358 (on 19 April 2010)
canada and latin america sales still missing from americas numbers. come on vgchartz
Dark Odin (on 19 April 2010)
great game!
Joel12345 (on 19 April 2010)
Lol titan mode was a piece of cake :)
McBanks29 (on 19 April 2010)
whats ltd?
Ghazi4 (on 19 April 2010)
cant wait to play this on titan mode when my mate gives the game back to me lol :D
loy310 (on 19 April 2010)
Just got the plat. This game is a beast on Titan mode.
Deviation59 (on 19 April 2010)
Definitely Uncharted 2.
heip0ran (on 19 April 2010)
gow3 its amazing game i hope it will reach 5 mil ltd
jester2358 (on 19 April 2010)
@restored lost
uncharted2 by more than a million when all is said and done.
restored_lost (on 19 April 2010)
so whats gonna sell more LTD this or uncharted 2?
chuchy (on 18 April 2010)
I say 2.5 mil in 7 weeks that's if legs drop but Lets hope they don't
indodude (on 18 April 2010)
Loving this game!
NeoMatrix (on 18 April 2010)
2 mln. in 4 weeks. Nice.
3 mln. by the end of this year, maybe even more. But atleast over 4 mln. LTD, that for sure.
GoW 3 is a MUST PLAY game.
gustave154 (on 18 April 2010)
god of war has sold more than ninja gaiden. thats shows how popular the game is. Other games like DMC and Bayonetta may be more fun but GOW is the top at the moment.
DaBuddahN (on 17 April 2010)
Its undertracked by about 200 - 250k more.
Heavenly_King (on 17 April 2010)
ljlrj (on 17 April 2010)
undertrack much
geddesmond2 (on 17 April 2010)
GOW is probably my most favorite franchise in the gaming industry. But as far as Hack n slashes go its not greater than Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Story wise GOW is better. Charater wise GOW is better but the hack n slash aspect of the games Ninja Gaiden wipes the floor with Kratos. Just my opinion.
zgamer5 (on 17 April 2010)
the game is undertracked by 100k
numonex (on 17 April 2010)
Best hack n' slash game ever made. Picking up God of War collection and playing God of War 2 and God of War in that order. Playing the games in reverse order. Epic.

Devil May Cry 4, Ninja Gaiden 2 and Bayonetta are not even close to matching the epicness of God of War 3.

4 million to 5 million sales ltd. This game will have sales legs.
gustave154 (on 17 April 2010)
nice adjustments though it should be higher with NPD's reports.
xxrkoxx (on 16 April 2010)
good sales for a good game i will be happy when it reaches 3 mil because it is a big game and uncharted 2 reached over 3 mil so since i like this game more i hope it passes 3 mil
Kantor (on 16 April 2010)
1.1 million sales in the USA... at the end of March. We have it at 1.125 million. Slightly undertracked.
jester2358 (on 16 April 2010)
that was the first shipment based on retailer preorders. very diffferent. but i agree that canada/latinamerica sales are missing.
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 16 April 2010)
1.10 in us alone...what about canada and latin america? thats like 100-200k more units.

so im pretty sure its at 1.35-1.40 million in usa right now.
geddesmond2 (on 16 April 2010)
Didn't this game have 225k pre orders in Canada alone. So with 1.1 mil sales in North america shouldn't that number be higher in Americas.
halil23 (on 16 April 2010)
LOL, got adjusted after my first post! :-D
But it still didn't match NPD data?!? So expect to see more UP adjustments soon.
C_Hollomon (on 16 April 2010)
Great sales. Sony and Santa Monica should be very happy with the sales. Once it hit 2m the DLC should be out very soon.
Onibaka (on 16 April 2010)
I think that GoW is the biggest game franchise after Mario and Counter Strike here in Brazil.
jester2358 (on 16 April 2010)
okay so we have 1.1 in 3 weeks but what about canada and latin america as others have said.
postofficebuddy (on 16 April 2010)
Adjusted? Nice. But isn't this still undertracked? 1.1 million for the first 3 weeks. Obviously it sold something in Canada and Latin America. Amazing sales in Japan. It's already sold as much as the first two games combined.
XxXProphecyXxX (on 16 April 2010)
HAHAHAH! 2m next week hot deym!!!
--OkeyDokey-- (on 16 April 2010)
Nice adjustments. Though I expect more to come.
Noobie (on 16 April 2010)
I think it should be adjusted more. :$ 1.13 for April for whole NA is quite low.. i think GOWIII must have sold more than 100k in South America n Canada so atleast 1.2M should for April 2010 for whole of NA
RageBot (on 16 April 2010)
Adjusted up :)

Seems to have good legs in NA...
Ravage27 (on 16 April 2010)
Both Sony and SMS should be damn proud of themselves :) That being said, GOW3 easily deserves to sell at least 2 million more copies
TBL (on 16 April 2010)
Awsome sales, I predict 4 million LTD
Skeeuk (on 16 April 2010)
i thought ppl said this woukd flop, and that gow series is going downhil, and gow2 only sold so much with 80million install base etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
thelalaby (on 16 April 2010)
sbvgc2012 (on 16 April 2010)
Amazing NA sales,1M in two weeks.

Nice EU sales also.

Japan sales is a little sad though.
halil23 (on 16 April 2010)
With the recent NPD data it looks like GOW3 reach 2 million within a month!!
Awesome sales!
--OkeyDokey-- (on 15 April 2010)
Oh, now it's red again. That was scary.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 15 April 2010)
Why is everything orange here? D:
NicholasCage (on 15 April 2010)
Sales should stable since the price is starting to become $49.99 in some stores like Amazon and Gamestop.
rafichamp (on 15 April 2010)
undertracked according to NDP
postofficebuddy (on 15 April 2010)
@jester2358 Yeah and it had an amazing opening in Latin America so this could be as much as 1.4 million first month.
jester2358 (on 15 April 2010)
according to NPD this is undertracked 200k in america. plus it had a 250k first shipment to canada so maybe even more.
zgamer5 (on 15 April 2010)
@sbvgc2012 lol i know that you said that ms reduced the quality of halo 3 because of no competition thought that in a way you were saying that halo could have been better then gow 3 lol how stupid of me :P

i was telling someone that those legs are good
sbvgc2012 (on 15 April 2010)
"halo is 3 years old gow3 is new of course it's going to be better."

No offense,is your brain a muscle?

GOW 3 is better than HALO 3,true,but Xbox360 exclusives that are "after" GOW3 released still can't surpass it's quality for a long time,the fact is XBOX360 has got "weaker" power.
zgamer5 (on 15 April 2010)
@sbvgc2012 where do i say that gow3 is better then halo?

damn man use your brain halo is 3 years old gow3 is new ofcourse it's going to be better.

my whole point is that those are good legs for gow, probably not for a shooter but they are very good for gow.
rccsetzer (on 15 April 2010)
Probably undertracked?
Stanislav.Ten (on 15 April 2010)
Not trolling or anything but in my personal opinion the sales will slack as it does not have multiplayer element to it, great first several weeks but after that the sales will slack as people will begin to buy preowned copies.
ChrisIsNotSexy (on 15 April 2010)
Awesome sales
Vueguy (on 14 April 2010)
does beat ME2 sales so far.
sbvgc2012 (on 14 April 2010)
One year selling advantage means a lot for HD console war,even for substandard product.

Without competitor for one whole year!!!I think that's exactly what MS sacrificed the quality for.
zgamer5 (on 14 April 2010)

this ain't halo sales wise and quality wise.

ps3 games dont sell as good as xbox but i think that they are better and satisfy the ps3 userbase.

bloody troll.
DemoPS3 (on 14 April 2010)
Good 4th week.
Notorius.A.i.G (on 13 April 2010)
2 Mill in 3 Weeks !

kowhoho (on 13 April 2010)
Japan is insane for a God of War game, and it hasn't dropped off too badly in the last week. I'm happy! :)
XxXProphecyXxX (on 13 April 2010)
AHAHAHAH looks like 2m in next few week!!
Gearbox (on 13 April 2010)
rofl week 4 and u guys r saying good legs? hmmmmmmmmmm
sabestar (on 13 April 2010)
The legs on this game in America is insane, it dropped only 10k units.
leatherhat (on 13 April 2010)
Love dem legs
nen-suer (on 13 April 2010)
Good legs
kowhoho (on 12 April 2010)
And I love that he's voiced by Rip Torn! Perfect voice actor. This series can't be beat when taken as a whole.
charbelmkarkour (on 12 April 2010)
Simply AWSOME, phenomenal ending for an unforgettable series
--OkeyDokey-- (on 12 April 2010)
Hephaestos' animations are amazing.
Skeeuk (on 11 April 2010)
im onto part where hephetos is making iron nuggets, mind blowing visuals
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 10 April 2010)
im pretty sure gow3 can make it to 5million, gow1 is at 4million at its 1st week sales cant touch this.
Ravage27 (on 10 April 2010)
GOW3 has already overtaken me2
NicholasCage (on 09 April 2010)
America has same legs as Mass Effect 2
Munkeh111 (on 09 April 2010)
@ gearbox, sometimes the totals take a while to update
Gearbox (on 09 April 2010)
the total doesnt make sense. for worldwide weekly it should be week3 sales for america and europe AND week2 sales of japan.. why is it excluded?
Ldn.se (on 09 April 2010)
So after 3 weeks the game has paid for itself and from now is the profit.
blueknight (on 09 April 2010)
this game will sell well, but it was to short, and the extras arent anything to get excited about
gustave154 (on 09 April 2010)
God Of War 3 will sell until 3-4 million LTD... 3 million by the end of the year. Thats what holidays are for xD
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 08 April 2010)
this game deserves soo much more, easily the best ps3 game.
Baalzamon (on 08 April 2010)
Give it 4-5 more weeks and we will see 2 million.
TheConduit (on 08 April 2010)
Now equal to Mass Effect 2
whatz3rname (on 08 April 2010)
@ --OkeyDokey--

Ah, I see, my bad :)
--OkeyDokey-- (on 08 April 2010)
@ whatz3rname

The Japanese have always loved cutesy platformers. I mean western titles in general (including GoW) are doing much better this gen.
Ping_ii (on 07 April 2010)
2m pretty soon!!! 3m+ LTD.
NicholasCage (on 07 April 2010)
Basically 1 mil in 3 weeks in America.
the_lonely_gamer_123 (on 07 April 2010)
Crash Babndicoot sold like wildfire back in its heyday and DK Country 1 sold a lot as well
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 07 April 2010)
it will hit 2 million by may.
whatz3rname (on 07 April 2010)

Yeah, because games like the Crash Bandicoot series, Donkey Kong Country series and Ratchet & Clank series didn't sell well ;P
kowhoho (on 07 April 2010)
The Japanese sales of this game have already surpassed the lifetime sales of the last installment in Japan...interesting to note.
Ping_ii (on 06 April 2010)
One of the best looking game hands down.
ka420 (on 03 April 2010)
i bought it at $39usd in 2nd hand, very new^^
--OkeyDokey-- (on 03 April 2010)
I've noticed Japanese gamers have started to embrace western titles this gen. Just a little bit.

Probably because JRPG's suck now.
PLayMySTatioN (on 03 April 2010)
@prodigybam trilogy isnt counted here i dont think....sadly..
PLayMySTatioN (on 03 April 2010)
sweet this game has a chance at 100k sales in japan -.-
PLayMySTatioN (on 03 April 2010)
2m by end of April.. 3.5b by november then a pricecut/greatist hits release will see this game to 4.5m LTD
Silentium (on 03 April 2010)
This game is so fucking sold out in Vienna. :]
sabestar (on 02 April 2010)
Unfortunately, I have to agree with outlaw.

Usually, the GoW fans are the ones who purchase those games early while the rest wait till the price drops and I think the reason is bec they think there is little replayability in the games and that they are not worth the full price tag.
Joel12345 (on 02 April 2010)
When I was playing the game in the beginning all i could think of is this would've been awesome if it was Christmas,Im still not done with the game but I some how will try to make it get more sales
ProdigyBam (on 02 April 2010)
so gow trilogy sales arent counted here even if they include GoW3?
gustave154 (on 02 April 2010)
next week should be 150k sales...
it will drop until 50k by the 5th week.
xxrkoxx (on 02 April 2010)
it does have legs what are you talking about? wait till week 5 if it stays in the 100 thousand than it has legs
outlawauron (on 02 April 2010)
It will continue to drop like a rock until the 'Greatest Hits' version releases.

GoW doesn't have any legs until it's cheap. That's how it's always been.
sangbyung (on 02 April 2010)
very much like uncharted 2 sales
geddesmond2 (on 01 April 2010)

MGS4 released onto the PS3 at a time when there was no games for it.

Just look at all the games that released alongside GOW3. Shit FF13 was one of them and a good few other RPGS aswel like WKC Yakuza 3 and Star ocean 4. You can't compare game sales like that without taking those facts into an acount
gekkokamen (on 01 April 2010)
I doubt the game dropped that much in its second week in USA. Why? just a look at gamestop online bestsellers and Amazon bestsellers tell it better. It's undertracked. The game sold easily 1 million in USA in March.
Bagaren85 (on 01 April 2010)
This game saved my ps3 from being sold once again. God of War 3 = 10/10 = I need Collection now. PAL.. always waiting.
ChaosAngelZero (on 01 April 2010)
It had a weaker first week than MGS4's, and with a bigger install base. Not precisely what anyone would call a "system seller", certainly.
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 01 April 2010)
can it be posible to reach 100K in japan? if so its damn impresive
ProdigyBam (on 01 April 2010)
50k for standalone (gow3)
and 15-20k for gow trilogy (gow, 1,2 & 3)
so 60-70k? (according to famitsu)
droganmaster (on 31 March 2010)
First week in jp is 50K by Famitsu.
divwilson50 (on 31 March 2010)
its not out in japan yet, give it time.
Tuganuno (on 31 March 2010)
Brb, gonna buy more GoW3 copys, because this game deserves so much more :( hopefully it will have good legs.
Bagaren85 (on 31 March 2010)
More sale.. :O Its the best game in the genre since... well, its might be the one of all time. Now i need the collection.
AngelosL (on 31 March 2010)
Is this game undertracked???these numbers dont make sense to me!
m1987mp (on 31 March 2010)
yeah but this game should sell steadily for a year with about 40000 a week after 10 weeks
--OkeyDokey-- (on 31 March 2010)
@ aragod

The "UC2 legs" you're talking about is actually called a holiday boost. Kinda hard for GoW3 to have one of those in Q1.
aragod (on 31 March 2010)
Quiete huge drop off, I'm interested in seeing it's legs. I was expecting it to be on par with UC2 legs, but so far it's not looking like it. Which is a bloody shame, as this game is the best hack'n'slash ever.
Marco (on 31 March 2010)
best hack&slay ever. guys, buy a ps3.
Cman107 (on 30 March 2010)
Well, I bought it!
GuyDuke (on 30 March 2010)
I want to play it =(
Gearbox (on 30 March 2010)
@blue7x7- all march games drop off quickly... thats just how it is.
Lezard_Valeth (on 30 March 2010)
This is weird. The first week wasn't even complete (only 2 or 3 days in Others). It may be undertracked.
blue7x7 (on 30 March 2010)
Wow thats a huge drop lets see if the legs are good for it. A lot of games released in 2010 are dropping very fast in sales after the second week.
Frieza (on 30 March 2010)
Told you it wouldn't pass MGS4.
xxrkoxx (on 30 March 2010)
i think this game will reach 3 mil no problem. I mean there are still a lot of people that want it and adds on that will be added soon.
jbrist (on 30 March 2010)
Hmm yeah the dropoff doesn't look too good to be honest, although I could be the reason since I haven't bought it yet, lol... I'm waiting till the end of April and getting the trilogy, haha.
Munkeh111 (on 30 March 2010)
Massive drop-off 2nd week, but it is still a good start. I don't think it will be able to beat Uncharted 2 to the title of the top Sony game
SickleSigh (on 30 March 2010)
I'm still hoping GoW is a franchise of legs
DaBuddahN (on 30 March 2010)
Wow, that was frontloaded as all hell!! I expected 400k this week. All in all, still good sales for GoW3, and it's still set to out-sell GoW2, which is great. Next 2 - 3 weeks should give us a good indicator on where its legs stand... No pun intended.
Khuutra (on 30 March 2010)
That was a much bigger drop than I expected.

All you PS3 action fans need to buy this game, it is great.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 30 March 2010)
Lets see how the legs hold up next week...
zgamer5 (on 30 March 2010)
Big drope in US, well God of War ain't an FPS, i expect 3rd week sales to be 175k in total, the game will hopefully reach 2 million at the end of april.
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 30 March 2010)
well 1.43 isnt bad considering gow2 sales so i expect that atleast this outsells gow2 which will be awesome.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 30 March 2010)
Wow... that was frontloaded.....
Like ME2...
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 30 March 2010)
i expect atleast 200K+ sales in the americas this week, really it will get lucky to sell 1.5m in EU.
the_lonely_gamer_123 (on 30 March 2010)
Disappointing sales
Bladeneo (on 30 March 2010)
Steep drop off in Europe but to be honest it was to be expected. How people can claim this is bigger in EU than it is in the US is beyond me. Every single GOW game has sold better in the US and Sony didn't even feel the need to release the GOW collection in EU until months after the US release.

Should hold up better in the US. Should perhaps pass a million in the region this week.
nen-suer (on 30 March 2010)
Huge drop in others
I expected more
ProdigyBam (on 30 March 2010)
@ OkeyDokey
bad = not as good as expected
yea but gow2 was heavily pirated and we dont know if the numbers are right on this site (what i really doubt) sony said 8 million for both gows on the ps2
this will get adjusted up, trust me, gow is as big in "others" as it is in us if not bigger...
but it seems like many ps3 games are somewhat undertracked in "others" mgs4, uc2, r&c and so on.. so its no suprise
--OkeyDokey-- (on 30 March 2010)
@ BrodigyBam

What do you mean "bad"? In two weeks it's done what God of War II took 10 weeks to do in Others.
ProdigyBam (on 30 March 2010)
it still was nr. 1 at most pal charts (except uk) and it only sold 140k in its second week?
ill wait for numbers from sony, honestly dont think that its selling that bad in others..
NicholasCage (on 28 March 2010)
GOW3 was bundled in Europe also...
kowhoho (on 28 March 2010)
@ reasonable: indeed. But I expected as much. It'll be more impressive to me if the second week dropoff is less severe as in the previous games.
WIzarDE (on 28 March 2010)
Loving it.
Reasonable (on 28 March 2010)
So that's a bigger opening that previous GoW games, right? If so that's pretty good going.
Ping_ii (on 28 March 2010)
350k+ second week.
sexc_abbas (on 28 March 2010)
OMFG, what game, what a story, OMG, this is the game of the year, if its not i will seek vengeance on the people who dint give it to it, but what game, such emotions, such music, this games dosent deserver 9.4, I NEEDS 20/10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deviation59 (on 28 March 2010)
That's a really great opening week as far as I'm concerned.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 27 March 2010)
MGS is a bigger franchise than God of War. There's no need for excuses. I don't even know why people are bringing MGS4 up.
chuchy (on 27 March 2010)
Doesn't anyone notice that mgs4 was bundled
Heavenly_King (on 27 March 2010)
MGS4 and GOWIII are both freaking amazing games. XD
solidpumar (on 27 March 2010)
msg4 was bundled with new ps3 hardware at launch.
First bundle with Dualshock3, memory card reader, ps2 BC, 80gb and msg4. All for only 500usd.
At the time was the best deal for ps3.
Almost no one even had sixaxis at the time.
Frieza (on 27 March 2010)
MGS4 also had probably half the userbase GOW3 had on opening.
taq1109 (on 27 March 2010)
kenshirou pwns kratos....yea, only in japan
jester2358 (on 27 March 2010)
@vic viper
crushed is not the word i would use the american sales are pretty much identical and the europe sales are 160k(for mgs4) higher but mgs4 had 4 days sales not 2 days like god of war.so sales are very similar week 1 with the exception of japan
vic_viper (on 27 March 2010)
@Pablogers: Don't blame the Japanese for having good taste in games. Even without Japanese sales added, MGS4's first week sales in the America's and others crushed gow3's.
vic_viper (on 27 March 2010)
@geddesmond2: Bullshit, gow games never had the global appeal that Mgs games do. Hell, even MGS3 has sold better than any gow game and it was released during the halo2, gta SA glut.
iWarMachine (on 26 March 2010)
game will reach 3M easily. this series always had the uncharted kind of legs.
Kenoid (on 26 March 2010)
Most likely GOW 3 will sell better
Heavenly_King (on 26 March 2010)
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 26 March 2010)
well jester2358 gow1 sold like 500k in week one and its at 4million now. so ill say it does have a pretty good legs
NicholasCage (on 26 March 2010)
Mass Effect 2 vs. God of War 3 sales, who will sell more? :o
geddesmond2 (on 26 March 2010)
MGS4 released on the PS3 when there was only a few good games on the consol. Gow 3 released on the PS3 after about 5 differant exclusive PS3 games and 4 or 5 multiplat title. You can't really compare games like that because theres too many factors to take into consideration.
jester2358 (on 26 March 2010)
are GOW games usually front loaded? do they have legs? i never followed the first two.
yog-sothot (on 26 March 2010)
Damn, I've orderes the game last week and I still don't have it ! I NEED to play this game
Frieza (on 26 March 2010)
MGS4 still had a better opening without Japan.
pablogers (on 26 March 2010)
mhs4 had the advantage of good japan sales, thats why it had a better first week
Marco (on 26 March 2010)
buy a ps3 guys. best hack&slay ever
Dgc1808 (on 26 March 2010)

MGS4, then FFXIII, now GoW3.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 26 March 2010)
@ nintendonites

It is the second after MGS4.
ps3_jrpg_gamer (on 26 March 2010)
1.15 with japan
nintendonitis (on 26 March 2010)
In 1990 the battle cry of all console makers was " Defeat Nintendo!". One character did the impossible Sonic the Hedgehog gave Nintendo a beating! Now 20 years later in 2010 history repeats itself as the battle cry again is "Defeat Nintendo!" Would there be another character to rise up and defeat the giantic titan of video gaming?
nintendonitis (on 26 March 2010)
Is this the first PS3 exclusive to sell over 1 million in just one week or was it MGS4?
--OkeyDokey-- (on 25 March 2010)
That was an easy million seller.
Heavenly_King (on 25 March 2010)

Gilgamesh (on 25 March 2010)
Wow already over 200 vg charz owners
Jedidiah-Rose (on 25 March 2010)
it may have lost out to Pokemon for in the USA for the week ending 20th of March,but worlwide is anothr matter.Awesome sales :)
SilentPyramid (on 25 March 2010)
wow!amazing sales!Go Kratos
sabby_e17 (on 25 March 2010)
Wass (on 25 March 2010)
1.1mi in 4 days in America and 1 day in Europe. Great!!
Lezard_Valeth (on 25 March 2010)
Second week should be huge then. If not, that would mean this game is undertracked.
zgamer5 (on 25 March 2010)

those are the sales at march 20. which is 4 days after the launch in the US, and 2 in Other.
headshot91 (on 25 March 2010)
what was happening about the the 1.3-1.4mill estimate? Over by 300000 units?!
iWarMachine (on 25 March 2010)
1.1M! Awesome.
zgamer5 (on 25 March 2010)
good sales, the shortage of PS3s didn't help.
yusuke93_ita (on 25 March 2010)
expected a bit more
GuyDuke (on 24 March 2010)
I was expecting that game to top Galaxy's score, but it seems none of the actual games are going to. God of War is my favorite serie on the Playstation, I really love those games and promise to buy it first when I'll get my PS3.
Hiko (on 24 March 2010)
Great first day in America! That's without all the people still waiting to finish FXIII like myself before buying it!
jester2358 (on 24 March 2010)
i am going with 4 million lifetime sales.
hopefully during christmas it will be bundled and have a re-release with the collection in one package for 60$
Gearbox (on 24 March 2010)
@geddesmond2 - not likely. depends on legs but i c it selling like metal gear solid only... worse start, slightly better legs for the first year, way worse legs the second year.
Rawnchie14 (on 24 March 2010)
freakin excellent
geddesmond2 (on 24 March 2010)
This is definitly my favorite so far this gen. I reckon it might do 5 mil by christmas time.
NicholasCage (on 24 March 2010)
Aw, I thought God of War 3 would surpass MGS4 on best first week opener on PS3 exlcusives :|
Heavenly_King (on 24 March 2010)
the1te (on 24 March 2010)
Outsold Dante's Inferno in 1 week
Great sales, and hopefully great legs
jester2358 (on 24 March 2010)
over 1 million with 4-5days in amercia and 1-2 in europe
Ping_ii (on 24 March 2010)
I feel sorry for the ppl who blinded by the 360 haz the best games no need for other console, their missing out bug time.
Lyrikalstylez (on 23 March 2010)
I just bought it, This is only my second bought game other than MGS4, (Infamous I got free)
Its good to play something other than 360 for a while :)
TheLordHimself (on 23 March 2010)
4 hours in and loving it to bits. It looks fantastic, sounds incredible, plays brilliantly... it's got a decent shot at being one of my top 10 games of all time.
Capjacksparrow (on 23 March 2010)
My favorite game of this generation, buy it if you haven't already.
AngelosL (on 23 March 2010)
This game doesnt only look beautiful.Best gameplay on an action game ever
zgamer5 (on 23 March 2010)
will probably hit 1.4 in the 1st week, and will reach 2.4 by the end of april.
Aldro (on 23 March 2010)
One of the best no doubt.
_mevildan (on 23 March 2010)
I really loved this game. One of the best on PS3 so far. Graphically, cos that's what it always comes down to doesn't it :), I would still give the edge to Uncharted 2, at least on a technical level.
ProdigyBam (on 23 March 2010)
Best game this generation IMO
RafaelOrix (on 22 March 2010)
Just bought it, always loved GoW series. I'm truly impressed by the game!
Rawnchie14 (on 22 March 2010)
Best looking game I've played- only rival is Uncharted 2.
CaptainPrice (on 22 March 2010)
Chart Track report that "God of War III outdoes its PS2 predecessor’s launch by 2.65 to 1" in the UK. If similar patterns are followed across Others it would sell 413,000 there. I predict 1.2m opening worldwide and 4m lifetime.
TrevDaRev (on 22 March 2010)
Best game I've ever played!
vandan (on 22 March 2010)
This is one of the best games I have Played this generation...... to fully enjoy it please start the game at Titan difficulty if youve played gow before and start atlast at hard if you are new!!!!!

The Action, the story the new Dodge Mechanics, Weapons and fighting all make it the BEST GOW out of the lot.

The Graphics Rival CG at times, is one of the best looking games I have ever Played....
Bagaren85 (on 22 March 2010)
So epic! I hope at least 3M.
-ku- (on 21 March 2010)
Is there any extra content is it 12 on normal? Has anyone experienced a long gmaeplay
Rawnchie14 (on 21 March 2010)
@ blueknight

Agreed, this game is faster than the previous and all others in it's genre.
blueknight (on 21 March 2010)
this game is good because it gets to the point, nice and fast paced. Well and the graphics are bad ass
m1987mp (on 21 March 2010)
7-12 hours
read my review
-ku- (on 21 March 2010)
Will somebody tell me the aproximaty of game length I'm guessing 12 hours but I'm hoping for 20?
m1987mp (on 21 March 2010)
no it's just u. its awesome
--OkeyDokey-- (on 21 March 2010)
:/ the game kinda loses it a bit after Hera's garden, doesn't it? The last few hours are pretty great but no stand out set pieces.

Oh well, still an incredible game.
m1987mp (on 21 March 2010)
Aldro (on 20 March 2010)
So fucking amazing.
kowhoho (on 20 March 2010)
Just beat this today. Transcended all of my wildest expectations!
down-down-down-down- (on 20 March 2010)
got it yesterday! =) a graet game best god of war ever sooooo epic^^
kratos is the best!
ps3-sales! (on 20 March 2010)
With 550k+ first day america sales, it'll easily clear 1.5 million week 1. I'm predicting 5 mil by the end of 2010.
ChrisIsNotSexy (on 20 March 2010)
This game is gonna be huge
AngelosL (on 20 March 2010)
ήρθε το τέλος :)
--OkeyDokey-- (on 19 March 2010)
I haven't even finished it an already I'm looking forward to playing it through again.

It edges out Mass Effect 2 as the frontrunner for my GOTY. Never played such a polished game.
ylowbstard (on 19 March 2010)
This game is an easy 10/10! No, it's not as flawless as GOW II, but it's still one of the greatest games of all time.

GOW: 9.5/10
GOWII: 11/10
GOWpsp: 9/10
GOWIII: 10/10

Aldro (on 19 March 2010)
gustave154 (on 19 March 2010)
450k first day in americas thats awesome.
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 19 March 2010)
this could get 1million sales on week 1 acording to vgchartz..sweet.
jneul (on 19 March 2010)
guess who got GOW III today hehe
Ghazi4 (on 19 March 2010)
i just finished it and i give this a 10/10
Maynard_Tool (on 18 March 2010)
The worst part, is that i have the game in my hands... but my ps3 is in mexico u.u
Gearbox (on 18 March 2010)
fuckn awesome game
Aldro (on 18 March 2010)
Beat it today, One of the greatest games. Tied with MGS4
IllegalPaladin (on 18 March 2010)
Beat it yesterday. It was a great game.
droganmaster (on 18 March 2010)
Hope the first week will exceed 1M!
Arky69 (on 18 March 2010)
--OkeyDokey-- (on 18 March 2010)
Holy balls. Hades = best boss battle ever.
Attoyou (on 16 March 2010)
got it, Its amazing, If you want to get it but have other games, Forget them, this game wont take up much time and it will Flat out Blow you Away.
miktwo (on 16 March 2010)
i got my 80gb ps3 and GoW3 with it :D
AngelosL (on 16 March 2010)
greatest game this gen...i played for 7 hours straight and didnt even realise it.
smj1860 (on 16 March 2010)
blueknight (on 16 March 2010)
got it at midnight, this game rocks man a million first week for sure, i would think
jester2358 (on 16 March 2010)
opening week above a million units! hopefully!
FootballFan (on 16 March 2010)
500k opening in the America's
250k opening in Others
40k opening in Japan
Diablerie (on 16 March 2010)
Just got it at the midnight launch. Why am I typing this when I should be playing...bye.
Ghazi4 (on 15 March 2010)
how come i cnat add this game to my collection? i own it i promise!! got it under the counter haha
haxxiy (on 15 March 2010)
Not the best storyline ever to be honest =/
Lezard_Valeth (on 14 March 2010)
225k pre-orders in Canada alone : http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/games/article/778643--sony-sets-the-bar-high-with-jaw-dropping-god-of-war-3
KeyStyle (on 14 March 2010)
Game of the year 2010!! Without doubts. It is the best trilogy which could create mankind!))
SilentPyramid (on 14 March 2010)
i just finnish it playstationgamer.It was awesome!!!i couldnt w8 so i cancelled my preorder from UK and bought it from here!Be ready to get shocked ppl!!!
PlaystaionGamer (on 14 March 2010)
uhh as if you have it
SilentPyramid (on 14 March 2010)
this is the most epic game ever.Some battles will left you wowed forever!i m near the end and i dont want it to get over!This is the game of the year guys...
scabob (on 12 March 2010)
It wont beat MGS4. It hasnt got the Japanese support, the previous GOWs haven't been impressive in Others if the numbers on here are correct.

Which just leaves US where its equal.
Heavenly_King (on 11 March 2010)
I really think this game will manage to sell like MGS4. Considering that the preorders in America are 480k, I think the first week sales in america will be around 750k; in EU should be around 630k; and in Japan something around 50k.

Making a total of 1.4M first week.

xxrkoxx (on 11 March 2010)
i think 1.2 million sales on first week.
Heavenly_King (on 09 March 2010)
If anyone can beat snake in sales it is Kratos!!

Go Kratos you can do it!!!!
Noobie (on 08 March 2010)
US: 800k
EU: 550k
Jap: 70k

US: 350k
EU: 250k
Jap: 20k
Snake612 (on 01 March 2010)
Next Tuesday!Can't wait!
ChrisIsNotSexy (on 28 February 2010)
Simply 4m4zing
Dodes (on 25 February 2010)
The demo is available now on the UK store.
headshot91 (on 25 February 2010)
I dont think it will get 1 million sales first week in US, might do total though
Thechalkblock (on 25 February 2010)
This game is going to be the definition of epic.
iWarMachine (on 15 February 2010)
if in the next weeks the ad campaign starts in the US, and if the game gets 600k pre-orders, then i think the game could get 1M week in US Alone!
aragod (on 12 February 2010)
I think this game could make 1+ mil first week worldwide.
NicholasCage (on 29 January 2010)
Most likely going to get a Superbowl ad. Well, I hope so or at least a multi-ad having MAG, Heavy Rain and White Knight Chronicles advertised.
Gearbox (on 24 January 2010)
u no whats cool about this. uncharted 2 only had 300k preorders and did 30% more first week. putting it at 420k
god of war is already past u2 in pre orders, it will probably reach 500k-600k preorders. making it do like 700k first week!
down-down-down-down- (on 24 January 2010)
i agree with --OkeyDokey--.
damn i can't wait for this game =D!
restored_lost (on 23 January 2010)
yea people will be suprised by the numbers on this game,bout 3 months ago i had this game pegged for a 3million ltd game, but the hype from customers in my store is unreal makes you wonder how many 1&2 were really pirated on ps2. expect 5-6 million ltd
ps3-sales! (on 22 January 2010)
What tbone said.
haxxiy (on 21 January 2010)
It will break 5m lifetime. Just wait and see.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 19 January 2010)
First week

America - 800k
Others - 420k
Japan - 35k

1.25 million worldwide!
NicholasCage (on 15 January 2010)
Damit someone put boxart already :|
Tbone (on 15 January 2010)
Yeah this boxart is much better.
Heavenly_King (on 03 December 2009)
SaviorX (on 15 November 2009)
Gamestop says preorders ship April 1st the latest. There's your release date!
Munkeh111 (on 27 October 2009)
The new box art does certainly look better than the last placeholder we had
MetalGearSolid_4ever (on 27 October 2009)
new boxart sucks.
Tbone (on 22 September 2009)
One of the biggest reason why u should own a Ps3.
TyePhoid_PAL (on 06 September 2009)
PlaystaionGamer (on 31 August 2009)
cant wait!!!!!!!
TGolem (on 31 August 2009)
Boxart is cool as hell for what is likely going to be one of the best games ever.
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 23 August 2009)
i hope that isnt the final boxart, it blows.
ElectronicRocker (on 30 June 2009)
this will be an even bigger systemseller than mgs4 in america
Kantor (on 07 June 2009)
Lol. This game will destroy MGS4.
jmcraddock (on 28 May 2009)

How could this be the best game ever? Maybe second but not first... MGS4 already is first
Tbone (on 26 May 2009)
I simply can't wait for this game it will be EPIC.
Sephiroth357 (on 12 May 2009)
Best game this gen confirmed.
urameshixr (on 05 May 2009)
DiplomaticImmunity (on 20 April 2009)
boxart rapes
dddddddddd123 (on 17 April 2009)
theres a survey on things you would like to see in the god of war 3 collecters edition which is on the playstation blog.
AdventWolf (on 16 April 2009)
Definite buy!
Slimebeast (on 12 April 2009)
I predict 88% on Gamerankings, 1 million copies first week and 3.3 million lifetime.
kersed3 (on 05 April 2009)
for the description, under publisher it says unkown. It's Sony Computer Entertainment, they've even said. Its not like Activision is going to do this one, and Sony do the rest
saimcheeda (on 31 March 2009)
5-6 million sales
Papazx (on 15 March 2009)
Im just adding this to my game collection its already sold to me this game is mine first day it comes out
Trent (on 22 February 2009)
I hope this game gets good sales

because i loved god of war 1 and 2
mjc2021 (on 17 February 2009)
Well God of War 1 and 2 didn't have incredible sales considering how many PS2s are out there and they were major releases. Even God of War on the PSP only cleared 1.5 million and that's one of the best games on the PSP.

With that said... I'm not expecting impressive numbers but maybe PS3 owners are hungry for a game like this.
halogamer1989 (on 13 February 2009)
A staple IP for SCE and a shot in the arm for the PS3.
Dgc1808 (on 13 February 2009)
Should post some very nice sales.
NicholasCage (on 10 February 2009)
Hopefully this will sell well in Japan?

I can already see at least 4million in sales... by the very least.
chris1_16 (on 07 January 2009)
I sit back in my chair as I wait for the release of this gameXD

kind of nervous about the sales though
RED53DEVILS (on 18 December 2008)
3-5m guaranteed sales
Finnbar (on 03 December 2008)
New box art, cool beans.
Tbone (on 24 October 2008)
This game will be epic, cant wait for it.
DreadRaptor85 (on 26 August 2008)
How do 5 people own a game that isn't out yet?
Blaiyan (on 25 July 2008)
The teaser was pretty cool.
Snake612 (on 10 July 2008)
Its hinted that their might be a trailer of god of war 3 at e3
RockSmith372 (on 02 July 2008)
that's a pretty BA cover
Munkeh111 (on 27 May 2008)
This will probably be shown at E3 in some form
Finnbar (on 15 May 2008)
GOD OF WAR!! (faints)
Squall_Leonhart (on 14 May 2008)
Can't wait for this game to get some footage shown! Just knowing that it is being made but having no idea what it will look like is terrible lol
sc94597 (on 02 May 2008)
When am I going to see this game. I bet this will have the best console graphics this gen.
MeowTheMouse (on 14 April 2008)
i think im starting to believe in time machines.. people already own the game..
Munkeh111 (on 22 February 2008)
We can vote for it get it to a reasonable ranking, which has already been destroyed by PS3 haters
Game Over! (on 24 January 2008)
Already 87 votes!
playnext3 (on 21 January 2008)
cuz its gona be great.and it deserve much more rate
ManOfTeal (on 15 January 2008)
How can you vote for a game that isn't even out yet?????
Stats87 (on 14 January 2008)
55 votes? 7.8?

oy, sad times
stof (on 11 January 2008)
This game now leads a list of 5 unreleased games that currently reside in the PS3's top 10 rated games...
Damstr8 (on 10 January 2008)
omg omg omg omg.....i need this game to survive...2009 cant come soon enough
tombi123 (on 09 January 2008)
The box art is good, but there is something missing.
segajon (on 07 January 2008)
That box art is awesome. hopefully that is the real one
Squall_Leonhart (on 07 January 2008)
I guess the Wii idiots can't keep themselves away from rating PS3 games that aren't even out yet with 1's... So pathetic :(
leo-j (on 07 January 2008)
Ban kepto knight please
KeptoKnight (on 22 December 2007)
What the hell is this pile of shit? ahahah
Quartz (on 21 December 2007)
I got this game it's great!...

I also have a winning lottery ticket in my left pocket!

Soriku (on 20 December 2007)
8.94? Attack of the fanboys.
hongkongfuey^2 (on 20 December 2007)
lol i gave it a 10 too!
Jessman (on 16 December 2007)
Fanboy barrage
Lost tears of Kain (on 16 December 2007)
what the hell?

LOL already a 9.3 seems the fanboys are having their way with it /sigh
xLordOblivionx (on 16 December 2007)
Wow. This game isn't supposed to come out until 2009 and people have already voted on it. I guess its all the hype.

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thewastedyouth (on 23 December 2013)
look at the Japan sales, man what the
heck do people play there
TrevDaRev (on 03 October 2013)
Damn! This still hasn't been adjusted?
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 15 August 2013)
@ frozone: the story isn't great but is
sure better than average, the game
itself is EXCELLENT (best hack n' slash
of this generation), the graphics r
unbelievably gorgeous (nothing else
comes close), GOW3 is ridiculously
undertracked, and u're very much full
of it. >=)
Frozone (on 03 August 2012)
The storys awful and the game is
jayman1 (on 20 July 2012)
Just picked this up. GOW3 is killa,killa
story with stellar graphics! GOW
3,uncharted, gran turismo and killzone
have the best graphics for ps3
exclusives .Story is incredible like
uncharted and resistance series.This
game alone is just a work of art
probably one of ps3's best games this
View all