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11/09/05 Buena Vista
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03/10/06 Buena Vista

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Mixing crime-fighting with cheerleading may be a tough job, but Kim Possible is up to the task! In Kim Possible: Kimmunicator, join Kim in this 3-D adventure that combines frantic action with a sense of humour. The dreaded Dr. Drakken is back, and this time he's kidnapped Kim's schoolboy pal and gadget supplier Wade, forcing him to develop a Doomsday Device. Only Kim - with a little help from yourself - can stop him! Joining Kim on her adventure is Rufus the naked mole rat; together the pair will need to go deep undercover to rescue Wade - and foil Drakken's despicable plans along the way! Parachute into the evil doctor's hideout, use cool gadgets like grappling hooks and a night vision scope to negotiate the levels - and don't scrimp on the baddie-bashing! Oh the drama...

·15 action-packed levels featuring action, stealth, combat and puzzles.

·Hack villains' computers, assemble gadgets and unscramble area maps for Kim with your Kimmunicator through the Touch Screen and microphone.

·Play as Rufus in a series of exciting touch screen mini-games.

·Tons of awesome new moves, gadgets and villains to battle.

·Based on Disney's hit cartoon series



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RolStoppable posted 06/11/2007, 08:01
If this game were better, it wouldn't be that bad.
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