VGChartz Pro - Market Intelligence for the Videogame Industry

VGChartz Pro is the video game industry's leading information service, bringing industry-level retail market intelligence to clients with a suite of powerful tools. Key features include:

  • Full access to the VGChartz weekly retail sales estimates archive for the USA, Europe, UK, Germany, France and Japan regions with more than 3000 titles per week tracked.
  • Customize your data - a wide variety of drill-down options including by platform, publisher, genre and region.
  • Analysis tools - totals by platform, publisher and genre, year on year comparisons, game to game comparisons.
  • Data export - create custom datasets and export in CSV or PDF format for reports or presentations.
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VGChartz Pro is accessible at different product levels to suit the needs of the client. Download the Overview and Pricing Guide below to find out more about the products we offer, the data collection methodology and more.

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