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X360, PS3, PS4, PC

Release Dates

09/22/15 EA Sports
10/08/15 Electronic Arts
09/24/15 EA Sports

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 128,649 705,266 70,411 904,326
2 n/a 30,978 180,953 17,623 229,554
3 n/a 16,801 74,887 8,162 99,850
4 n/a 14,906 49,170 6,205 70,281
5 n/a 20,381 37,507 6,701 64,589
6 n/a 27,560 45,610 8,755 81,925
7 n/a 43,395 42,456 12,024 97,875
8 n/a 37,204 56,251 11,500 104,955
9 n/a 30,451 51,598 9,746 91,795
10 n/a 53,274 148,052 20,517 221,843

Opinion (24)

darkenergy posted 04/08/2016, 03:22
1 million in the UK.
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Kerotan posted 05/07/2016, 04:44
3m are good sales. But this had all the promotion and yet it still sold over 8m on ps4. Thats a big gap.
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darkenergy posted 02/01/2016, 11:35
Also correction on my other comment I meant "FIFA" when I said the licence should go unchanged. However, speaking about Madden I also want the Madden licence to remain unchanged.
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darkenergy posted 02/01/2016, 11:32
You really need to know what is actually flaming and what isnt, but I won't go there. So let's just agree that we have different opinions.
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fireburn95 posted 02/01/2016, 04:53
Disagree all you want. Stop flaming though. Notice things? That I post on xbox walls my opinions? Call the feffing police quick!
And I'll keep posting my opinions on xbox walls, and points for discussion on xbox games, cause f me I like it! If you like flaming then I just warn you as Puggsly got a moderation twice for doing the exact same thing saying 'spewing crap' along the lines. Everyone has the right to share their opinions, and if it offends you as it clearly does, or you're offended by my right to share an opinion on the xbox pages, then pm me or post on my wall. Please. But as I said, feel free to disagree but do not flame on my right to post an opinion where I want.
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darkenergy posted 02/01/2016, 04:48
By the way, in my opinion the Madden licence should remain unchanged.
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