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America - Front

America - Back

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Release Dates

09/24/00 Interplay
07/06/01 Sega
09/29/00 Virgin Interactive

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Owners: 150
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Shipping Total

2,000,000 Units
As of: 2005

Opinion (12)

SvennoJ posted 06/03/2012, 04:39
I just started replaying this game, first time since it released. I'm immediately hooked again and realize how much I miss good writing in modern games.
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homer posted 04/06/2011, 04:29
Woah? This game was published by three different companies in different regions? I would have assumed EA would have published this, but I guess this was before the EA buyout.
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yahoocom1984 posted 07/12/2010, 09:17
This game is why PC game is the best
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iBlah posted 01/12/2010, 01:57
best rpg ever. after completing mass effect, dragon age,demons souls and oblivion, i see myself playing this game again, its timeless
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Zkuq posted 08/11/2010, 11:38
Finally found the motivation for BG1 and now I'm looking forward to completing that game so I can import my character into this one :D
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volcatius posted 14/07/2009, 08:25
An epic game, unfortunately one of the last core RPGs with a big party and tactical combat.

Story, characters, backgrounds, portraits, music, voice over - a masterpiece.

(according to the official Bioware site, over 2 million units of Shadows of Amn were sold).
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