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Blizzard Entertainment



Release Dates

07/01/03 Blizzard Entertainment
02/27/04 Capcom
07/04/03 Blizzard Entertainment

Community Stats

Owners: 388
Favorite: 38
Tracked: 3
Wishlist: 4
Now Playing: 5

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Shipping Total

2,500,000 Units
As of: July 3rd, 2003

Opinion (17)

Korppi posted 10/11/2011, 10:57
I'll probably never get tired of this game.
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Smeags posted 22/08/2011, 07:13
8 years later and I still play this game more than other games released this year.
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zgamer5 posted 25/12/2010, 09:12
amazing game.
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Ninpanda posted 18/05/2010, 05:55
Yay! I'm not the only one, who's playing this game at the moment!
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aragod posted 24/01/2010, 01:30
These sale numbers are off by a loads, Blizzard stated it was close to 5 m, yet here we have 1,54m. In South Korea alone W3:FT did over 1m...
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Red4ADevil posted 27/10/2009, 03:26
Online custom games are awsome I choose this over WoW anyday.
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