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Konami Computer Entertainment Japan



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02/21/12 Konami Digital Entertainment
03/08/12 Konami Digital Entertainment
03/09/12 Konami Digital Entertainment

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Total Sales
1 n/a 23,865 n/a 3,566 27,431
2 n/a 5,467 n/a 817 6,284
3 38,958 1,506 5,631 987 47,082
4 8,986 877 3,198 563 13,624
5 6,028 798 2,306 432 9,564
6 3,755 1,076 2,283 469 7,583
7 2,371 1,312 1,011 333 5,027
8 2,001 1,459 920 342 4,722
9 1,626 1,188 760 280 3,854
10 1,698 1,055 911 281 3,945

Opinion (49)

GaymesBoss posted 07/07/2014, 10:55
I'm surprised that this game sales are law . I never played the game , so I was quite glad to see this port . The game is very good and , even though I didn't finish it yet , already one of my favorites . I actually bought the 3DS to play this game . I think it will sell more if Nintendo stopped marketing the 3DS as a "Children's toy on the go" and market it as a mature gamers' console . I don't take my 3DS out because this game needs concentration and commitment. I'm sure that lowering the price would be a great advantage . Specially that the memory cards Nintendo uses are much cheaper than Sony's to begin with . I am sure that Konami will port more of their games to the 3DS . This game was profitable 10 years ago , so any extra money would not hurt , I am sure ....
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supernihilist posted 04/02/2014, 05:46
It will reach 300k, half of the sales at 10$
i doubt this port really made them lose money. it smells cheap.
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thewastedyouth posted 08/01/2014, 08:10
sad at the low sales
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supernihilist posted 31/12/2013, 02:02
260k as of today
not that bad. if it was released now it would make great numbers.
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oniyide posted 05/05/2013, 04:45
I knew what it was supposed to be, thats why i was so dissapointed (and many others) were by the end result. As for your pricing, that might be true where you're at, but in the US the game dropped very quickly and has been selling for half off before the holidays. Hell it reached half off befroe HDVita got its first price cut. As for making profit , maybe. They dropped the price kinda fast though so maybe.
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DieAppleDie posted 01/04/2013, 08:11
it was being sold at 40€ in GAME stores until last month
now is 10€, O:

To finish this up ill say, this game was supposed to be a remaster from what they showed on early demos, since 3DS wasnt selling well they decided to go for the cheap, rushed, straight port which turned into this mediocre sales, which are enough to make a little profit by the way...
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