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100 Classic Book Collection


Genius Sonority Inc.



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06/14/10 Nintendo
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12/26/08 Nintendo

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10 n/a n/a 9,763 9,763

Opinion (10)

spurgeonryan posted 03/05/2010, 05:04
Comes out in June, and isnt this the same as those digi readers being sold like crazy now? except here you get 100 books! So what year is the public domain on now?
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llewdebkram posted 03/02/2009, 01:32
Tried the Demo on the Nintendo Channel that includes Romeo and Juliet.

Some really great features and well presented but until a collection comes out with books I'm interested in comes out I'll leave it alone.

Would be great if they could bring out a children's book series with pictures and small animations on the DS as well.
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FaRmLaNd posted 27/01/2009, 12:31
I agree. I like seeing my hundred of books on m self. And its easier on the eyes to read a physical book.

But nevertheless this is a great idea, im sure it'll sell a million copies lol
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Pellefant posted 16/01/2009, 04:51
I am trying to understand this. Who wants to save shelf space this way? Books look good in your shelf. It's where they're supposed to be. Also isn't it harder to read books this way? I mean according to studies (and myself)?
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radioioRobert posted 07/01/2009, 05:06
I will buy this if released in the US
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xstonexcold316x posted 07/01/2009, 02:24
well if this comes to the US i might get it and i really don't like reading...
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