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Ryu ga Gotoku






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09/05/06 Sega
12/08/05 Sega
09/15/06 Sega

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Owners: 133
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510,000 Units
As of: March 31st, 2007

Opinion (7)

Severance posted 17/03/2010, 10:54
This is one Badass game especially Nishiki.
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ShadowSoldier posted 23/02/2009, 04:25
holy shit 0.74M in Japan alone?
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ruibing posted 24/10/2008, 03:51
Just got it off eBay sealed for $20, it's an amazing game. I can't to finish this and the sequel before Sega answers my prayers to bring Kenzan and the third one here.
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GetALife posted 16/09/2008, 06:02
someones telling porkies, this game was creeping to 2 million around the world, i dont have link but i read it somehwere. thats a great acheivment if you ask me, even thats better sales then shenmue, but dont give a dam both are ace games i cant wait for yakuza 2 and 3

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FilaBrasileiro posted 17/05/2008, 08:01
Rukusa, how do you know this game bombed in the States and EU? There are no numbers available...
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rukusa posted 18/12/2007, 08:58
Im in fucking pain, over this game bombing & suffering in the States and EU.
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