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シムシティ クリエイター


The Sims Studio



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09/22/08 Electronic Arts
09/25/08 Electronic Arts
10/03/08 Electronic Arts

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1 3,308 4,786 n/a 934 9,028
2 2,401 5,461 n/a 1,052 8,914
3 1,693 7,309 n/a 1,393 10,395
4 1,448 7,802 n/a 1,483 10,733
5 1,151 7,068 n/a 1,342 9,561
6 915 6,367 n/a 1,208 8,490
7 753 6,439 n/a 1,219 8,411
8 631 7,213 n/a 1,364 9,208
9 683 8,953 n/a 1,692 11,328
10 706 19,221 n/a 3,625 23,552

Opinion (16)

goldmario79 posted 28/12/2016, 03:43
Love this game... its like a complete Wii upgrade to the original SNES version. Including a new infrastructure system incorporated and several mayors you manage.
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*Yoshi* posted 24/08/2011, 07:10
I can't stop play this game.Very addictive and fun, I hope a sequel!!
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primogen18 posted 07/10/2009, 09:16
wow, picked up in sales quite a bit, im guessing alot of games that many thought were either dead or flops will pick up like this.
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TWRoO posted 03/06/2009, 02:32
Man this is addictive.... I love being able to draw proper roads and such... I used to have SC3000 downloaded to my old PC, but didn't transfer it so I lost it, and then got SC2000 a few months back but it is so restrictive compared to SC3000 so I wasn't keen.
This is much better, the only thing I miss is being able to make mountains, but then I usually had to make big ugly flat bits all over the mountains anyway to be able to put roads and zones, so I don't mind too much.


Oh, and my thoughts on the controls: The method works, but could have been better, it's like they did it the wrong way around really. It should have used the control stick to move around and the pointer for the menus, seems like an odd choice they made.

Anyhow, still a brilliant game.
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Quilex posted 23/05/2009, 05:08
I picked this up for £10.99 the other day, real bargain. Nothing really added from other SC games but it's been a long time since I played one. Both my wife and I have racked up a good 15 hours each and we are still playing.
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okr posted 05/03/2009, 12:23
@Crizum&averyblund: Don't get me wrong, I love SimCity games, but I think the modern iterations flopped artistically (and to a certain extent also sales-wise) on all systems (PC/Wii/DS) due to inferior quality compared to the SC games from the 90s. This great series deserved more lovingly designed PC sequels and console/handheld ports (Firaxis showed with their Civ sequels and ports how a great 90s series can still be great today).
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