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Alternative Names

Professor Kageyama's Maths Training: The Hundred Cell Calculation Method

DS Kageyama Method: Masu x Masu Pure Hyaku Masu Keisan: Hyaku Masu no Maeni Kore Dayo!



Jupiter Corporation



Release Dates

01/12/09 Nintendo
12/13/07 Nintendo
02/08/08 Nintendo

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1,370,000 Units
As of: December 2014

Opinion (14)

No9tro posted 06/09/2018, 09:23
I hate math. Math should only be used in school and nowhere else because it's useless everywhere else. The fact that this "game" has sold over a million copies means that humanity has already lost and that we should all just kill ourselves
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johnlucas posted 14/09/2013, 12:23
I finally got this! I love math & like to see how fast I can solve the problems. Math is something you will use everyday in life so it's good to keep your skills up.
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SmokedHostage posted 03/03/2009, 03:53
I should buy this simply because I like Math and Touch Generation Games. :)
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ZuZayLi posted 11/11/2008, 08:34
I saw in a website (dengeki or something like that) that this game sold +- 310k in Japan! So it became a million seller now!
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arsenal009 posted 11/09/2008, 05:54
Has this come out in NA or Japan? If not, is it going to?
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ZuZayLi posted 08/04/2008, 08:12
Kageyama must be happy lol
I'm playing it often and I can say that
i love the game.
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