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Mario & Luigi RPG 2x2



AlphaDream Corporation



Release Dates

11/28/05 Nintendo
12/29/05 Nintendo
02/10/06 Nintendo

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Owners: 334
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Wishlist: 14
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1,730,000 Units
As of: December 2014

Opinion (25)

ROFLMAO posted 26/06/2012, 02:22
I liked it, but it is definitely not as good as Superstar Saga or Bowser's Inside Story.
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fedfed posted 18/12/2011, 09:27
why this oldds games are nowatlowertotal than a month ago? and Mario 64 ds is not charted any longer....
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Salem posted 01/08/2011, 08:06
I love all these games, but id have to say this comes in third place of the three
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KillerJawz posted 07/05/2010, 01:47
@Okey, whilst this game may have a very confusing battle system, it is always nice to see such a "radical" change from typical RPG games. I loved this game to pieces, maybe not as much as BiS, but it is still very impressive, and really deserves far more sales then it currently has imo.
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leo-j posted 07/02/2010, 06:13
low sales for a mario game, but its how good it should have sold, its nothing special
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SmokedHostage posted 17/12/2009, 12:07
I've beaten this game today for the second time and it's fantastic. I enjoyed it more than Superstar Saga.

Also, I wish to compare it to Bowser's Inside Story.
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