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12/06/16 Microsoft Studios
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12/06/16 Microsoft Studios

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spacedelete posted 02/12/2017, 09:37
@matheusbrito02 why you lying for? its made by the same developer as the old games. they just got out of touch with what fans wanted.
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Radek posted 27/04/2017, 09:37
Less than 1 million sales until now and including digital as confirmed by Capcom.
What a flop.
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matheusbrito02 posted 07/04/2017, 01:22
Well, this game was really bad promoted. Was made by a developer who never touched Dead Rising. In general its less then any other DR in terms of details. I just don't think that the bad sales are microsoft guilty, capcom deserves this.
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matheusbrito02 posted 07/04/2017, 01:20
aaaaaaaa i just want my copy to arrive
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mygaffer posted 27/03/2017, 03:00
@darkenergy and @Mentore why are you arguing over which terrible game sold better than which terrible game on which terrible platform?
It's like two dung beetles arguing over who has a bigger ball of dung.
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darkenergy posted 07/03/2017, 02:10
I wish Capcom would have release this at the start of November instead of December.
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