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Pos Game Console Publisher Total Sales
1 Super Mario 64 N64 Nintendo 11.89m
2 Mario Kart 64 N64 Nintendo 9.87m
3 GoldenEye 007 N64 Nintendo 8.09m
4 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64 Nintendo 7.60m
5 Super Smash Bros. N64 Nintendo 5.55m
6 Pokémon Stadium N64 Nintendo 5.45m
7 Donkey Kong 64 N64 Nintendo 5.27m
8 Diddy Kong Racing N64 Nintendo 4.88m
9 Star Fox 64 N64 Nintendo 4.03m
10 Banjo-Kazooie N64 Nintendo 3.65m
11 Pokémon Snap N64 Nintendo 3.63m
12 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask N64 Nintendo 3.36m
13 Star Wars Episode I Racer N64 LucasArts 3.12m
14 Wave Race 64 N64 Nintendo 2.94m
15 Yoshi's Story N64 Nintendo 2.85m
16 Pokémon Stadium 2 N64 Nintendo 2.73m
17 Mario Party N64 Nintendo 2.70m
18 Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire N64 Nintendo 2.65m
19 Perfect Dark N64 Rare 2.52m
20 Mario Party 2 N64 Nintendo 2.50m
21 WCW/nWo Revenge N64 THQ 2.38m
22 Mario Tennis N64 Nintendo 2.32m
23 Star Wars: Rogue Squadron N64 LucasArts 2.17m
24 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater N64 Activision 2.11m
25 1080°: TenEighty Snowboarding N64 Nintendo 2.03m
26 Mario Party 3 N64 Nintendo 1.91m
27 Turok 2: Seeds of Evil N64 Acclaim Entertainment 1.86m
28 Hey You, Pikachu! N64 Nintendo 1.83m
29 Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards N64 Nintendo 1.77m
30 Cruis'n USA N64 Nintendo 1.74m
31 WCW vs. nWo: World Tour N64 THQ 1.69m
32 F-1 World Grand Prix N64 Video System 1.60m
33 007: The World is Not Enough N64 Electronic Arts 1.55m
34 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter N64 Acclaim Entertainment 1.51m
35 WWF No Mercy N64 THQ 1.50m
36 Banjo-Tooie N64 Nintendo 1.49m
37 WWF WrestleMania 2000 N64 THQ 1.48m
38 Mario Golf N64 Nintendo 1.47m
39 Namco Museum 64 N64 Namco 1.45m
40 Paper Mario N64 Nintendo 1.38m
41 Pocket Monsters Stadium N64 Nintendo 1.37m
42 WWF War Zone N64 Acclaim Entertainment 1.33m
43 Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside N64 Nintendo 1.19m
44 Mission: Impossible N64 Ocean 1.17m
45 Jet Force Gemini N64 Rare 1.16m
46 South Park N64 Acclaim Entertainment 1.14m
47 Pilotwings 64 N64 Nintendo 1.12m
48 F-Zero X N64 Nintendo 1.10m
49 NFL Blitz N64 Midway Games 1.06m
50 NFL Quarterback Club 98 N64 Acclaim Entertainment 1.06m
Results: (393)  <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  >>