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11/18/03 LucasArts
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12/05/03 LucasArts

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Korriban: Entering the Sith Academy
Talk to the Sith Soldier guarding the Sith Academy on Korriban to learn that Yuthra Ban is at the bar and is accepting students for the academy, At this point there are two ways of trying to enter the base. The first is trying to persuade Yun to allow you in. However, this requires a high persuasion skill. The second is a lot quicker and once done, persuading Yun to allow you inside the academy should be easy. Instead of entering the bar to talk to Yun, go back to your ship, An intermission sequence and dialogue showing some Sith graduates trying to start a fight with you will start. No matter what happens, you will have to fight them. Defeta them and look at their remains. One of them will have a Sith Academy Medallion. Pick it up and talk to Yun.
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Opinion (6)

Alceste007 posted 18/02/2010, 07:22
Just picked this game up. I have been pretty impressed so far.
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Catlana posted 16/02/2010, 11:58
I got this for $5. The game has been fun so far.
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Munkeh111 posted 28/11/2009, 11:21
Just bought this for under 2!
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c0rd posted 20/10/2009, 12:17
Haven't yet finished this, I think it's a good example of my problems with WRPG's. Art style, music, non-linear story and all...

Hopefully someday I can appreciate this stuff.
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Sanzee posted 18/08/2009, 02:25
Greatest RPG of all time
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sjhillsa posted 20/06/2008, 11:08
One of the best games, period.
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