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America - Front

America - Back

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キングダム ハーツ バース バイ スリープ


Square Enix



Release Dates

09/07/10 Square Enix
01/09/10 Square Enix
09/10/10 Square Enix

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Beating Mysterious Figure

The Mysterious Figure is a powerful boss and one of the more powerful enemies in the game. Its attacks are varied and hard to predict, similar to those of the Lingering Sentiment. Not only is it immune to all status effects, but it has a great deal of HP as well. The boss is very swift, each of its attacks leaving the player little chance of surviving them with more than one HP. The Mysterious Figure will attack whenever an opening to do so presents itself, but the player has a chance of safely casting Curaga while Terra, Ventus, or Aqua attempts to recover from its attacks. While one might think the key to victory is the most powerful Deck Commands possible, it is actually the swifter, less powerful abilities that are better suited for this opponent. The player's best bet for survival (and possibly victory) would be the Shotlock. Each time the player executes a Shotlock, a temporary invulnerability will be gained. Also, Dodge Roll (Ventus only) is another option to dodge boss's attacks. These methods may allow the player to prevent taking damage from the boss's overpowered techniques. Due to the heavy reliance on these special abilities this battle calls for, however, the player should stock up on Elixirs and other items to refill the Focus Gauge before entering the battle. It is also best that the player use the strongest Keyblade available.

The Mysterious Figure has a variety of attacks, all of which can kill the player instantly if unprepared. It mainly attacks by battering the player with its swords, and can replicate itself to attack players from all sides. Another attack involves it shooting an X-shaped blast of energy at the player, similar to Vanitas and Vanitas's Lingering Spirit. The Mysterious Figure has an attack similar to Sonic Rave in which it quickly darts around hitting the player and hoisting him or her high into the air. Its other attack is to shoot a tornado at the player which, if hit, will blow away the player's deck commands, similar to Marluxia's Whirlwind to the Void Sleight. The Mysterious Figure can use Mega Flare, wherein it shoots a large fireball which explodes on contact with the player. it can also conjure many blue orbs that shoot lasers. The Mysterious Figure has an attack similar to Magnet Crash where it leaps into the air and pulls players up with and energy whip to damage them. It can charge at players while surrounded with fiery pillars. The Mysterious Figure can also cast a spell that rewinds a time a few... 

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As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (96)

Rob5VGC posted 07/01/2016, 01:52
2.05m now. Dem revived LEGS!
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Rob5VGC posted 26/11/2015, 10:20
Any reason why this just moved up from 2.03 on Nov. 14?
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AshKetchum1992 posted 09/12/2014, 06:40
This game is magical, like a dream made reality, I have not even finshed it and it's already in my top 10, 'nuff said
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oniyide posted 06/12/2014, 11:21
@AshKetchum1992 the collection which came contains the final mix version for this game just came out for PS3. Get it.
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AshKetchum1992 posted 27/11/2014, 09:19
I NEED to play this
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Azhraell posted 19/06/2013, 01:54
Best PSP game
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