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EA Tiburon



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DS, GC, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, XB

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08/14/07 EA Sports
09/20/07 EA Sports
08/31/07 EA Sports

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Three human players on the same team
Use the following trick to have three controllers assigned to the same team. Note: Player two must be using a wireless controller. Turn on all three controllers on. Choose the same team with controllers one and two. Then, during the game, press Start on controller one. Enter the options menu. Turn off the controller two. Using controller one, go to "Settings" then "Controller Setup". Slide the controller three to the same team. Return to the pause menu. Just prior to resuming the game, turn on controller two again. That controller will rumble to confirm correct code entry. All three players will now be on the same team after the next play.
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Total Sales
1 n/a 605,073 n/a 106,778 711,851
2 n/a 133,721 n/a 23,598 157,319
3 n/a 69,150 n/a 12,203 81,353
4 n/a 44,753 n/a 7,898 52,651
5 n/a 34,923 n/a 6,163 41,086
6 n/a 29,617 n/a 5,227 34,844
7 n/a 27,274 n/a 4,813 32,087
8 n/a 21,719 n/a 3,833 25,552
9 n/a 18,199 n/a 3,212 21,411
10 n/a 15,144 n/a 2,672 17,816

Opinion (7)

spacetattoo82 posted 21/12/2009, 12:52
all the madden games have sucked up to 08, have not tried 09 or 2010. The reason being I hate EA for f'ing up this game so bad.
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toastboy44562 posted 11/06/2008, 05:04
i dk y anyone would buy this
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toastboy44562 posted 11/06/2008, 05:04
ea made a big mistake
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toastboy44562 posted 11/06/2008, 05:03
this is the worst game ever
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Oemenia posted 13/05/2008, 10:14
Wow it beat the PS2, and its still selling well, well done EA, you made a good sports game!
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Strategyking92 posted 22/04/2008, 02:50
why is this still selling? soon, it'll be season 08.
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