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RockMan Zero

ロックマン ゼロ


Inti Creates



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09/09/02 Capcom
04/26/02 Capcom
09/27/02 Capcom

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Triple Rod pogo stick
When you get the Triple Rod, go to the Disposal Center either with the TRANCE or the elevator out of the Base. Continue along until you reach a location where there are ladders and platforms going up. At the top are two carriers and spiked balls. When you get to the bottom of the three ramps leading down, there will be a spiked column enemy. Jump so that you are directly above him, then hold Down + Attack. Your Triple Rod will come out and point down. Every time you touch the invincible top of the enemy, you will bounce. After about the first bounce, the enemy will begin to grow its destructible segments, sending you higher. Hold Jump, and you will bounce even higher. Go to the left while bouncing, and you will be on a wall. Jump up as far as possible. You will see a Cyber Elf container and an Energy Crystal. Use your Z-Saber aerial attack to slash open the container and the elf will drift toward you. If you have considerable skill, you should be able to get the crystal by using your Dash Wall-Jump to get up onto the ledge.
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emilie autumn posted 13/05/2009, 09:25
i've beaten this game the most of all megaman games, but i've only gone as far as an A rank, that S rank keeps silpping of my hands
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joey123 posted 08/11/2008, 09:14
all the megaman zero games are wayyyyyy to hard... ive only ever beaten this one and it took me a while....
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