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Harmonix Music Systems



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Release Dates

11/20/07 MTV Games
05/23/08 Electronic Arts

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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Riding on Coattails (5)Play with a "Platinum Artist"
Big In Amsterdam (10)Finish the last remaining gig in Amsterdam (Band World Tour)
Big In Berlin (10)Finish the last remaining gig in Berlin (Band World Tour)
Big In Boston (10)Finish the last remaining gig in Boston (Band World Tour)
Big In Chicago (10)Finish the last remaining gig in Chicago (Band World Tour)
Big In Japan (10)Finish the last remaining gig in Tokyo (Band World Tour)
Big In LA (10)Finish the last remaining gig in Los Angeles (Band World Tour)
Big In London (10)Finish the last remaining gig in London (Band World Tour)
Big In Moscow (10)Finish the last remaining gig in Moscow (Band World Tour)
Big In NYC (10)Finish the last remaining gig in New York (Band World Tour)
Big In Paris (10)Finish the last remaining gig in Paris (Band World Tour)
Big In Reykjavik (10)Finish the last remaining gig in Reykjavik (Band World Tour)
Big In Rio de Janeiro (10)Finish the last remaining gig in Rio de Janeiro (Band World Tour)
Big In Rome (10)Finish the last remaining gig in Rome (Band World Tour)
Big In Seattle (10)Finish the last remaining gig in Seattle (Band World Tour)
Big In Stockholm (10)Finish the last remaining gig in Stockholm (Band World Tour)
Unlockable How to Unlock
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 159,814 n/a 28,202 188,016
2 n/a 73,834 n/a 13,030 86,864
3 n/a 65,241 n/a 11,513 76,754
4 n/a 79,726 n/a 14,069 93,795
5 n/a 95,177 n/a 16,796 111,973
6 n/a 56,898 n/a 10,041 66,939
7 n/a 42,830 n/a 7,558 50,388
8 n/a 33,373 n/a 5,889 39,262
9 n/a 26,671 n/a 4,707 31,378
10 n/a 30,953 n/a 5,462 36,415

Opinion (37)

Barozi posted 26/11/2008, 02:02
2 million :)
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Never Try posted 24/11/2008, 11:41
its was hot for a month then i could care less about it. goes down good with lots of sex drugs and violence!
Message | Report
Barozi posted 21/11/2008, 12:43
2 million by next week
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PS360ForTheWin posted 28/10/2008, 12:30
just ordered the game + drums, should be good
Message | Report
Batman...WTF? posted 27/09/2008, 06:49
So fucking expensive.
Message | Report
ivo posted 15/08/2008, 07:09
i hope it will flop...although i now see the game in the netherlands for the first time.
they didnt sell it earlier.

but still 230 euro for one game (is 315$)..... never in my gaming life
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