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Untold Legends: Unataka no Yuuken


Sony Online Entertainment



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03/22/05 Sony Online Entertainment
03/23/06 Konami
09/01/05 Activision

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Defeating Athoxxia, The Pretox Queen
When you kill Ronan the Zombie in the room before the Pretox Queen, make sure you have some health vials with you, and at least one point into the attack where you attack an enemy in a flurry of stabs. If you have low health, do not use any of your health vials. Regenerate your health. Once your health is full, run to the circle platform where Athoxxia (the Pretox Queen) is located. Once she is done talking, watch the mini-map. The red Boss icon on the mini-map shows where she will climb up on the platform. Whenever she climbs up, use Flurry on her, as it will drain her health quickly. If she sends some Pretox spiders at you, use a power swing to dispatch them quickly. If you run low on health, use your health vials. If you have no health vials, run to the bridge-like path and regenerate while blocking (R + Circle). If you have a ranged weapon (bow, knives, etc.), get on that narrow bridge-like path and hit her with it. Once she is dead, teleport back to Aven and talk to the Overseer. Note: It is recommended that you use a fire based weapon on Athoxxia.
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1 n/a 63,676 n/a 11,237 74,913
2 n/a 26,934 n/a 4,753 31,687
3 n/a 17,749 n/a 3,132 20,881
4 n/a 15,435 n/a 2,724 18,159
5 n/a 14,004 n/a 2,471 16,475
6 n/a 14,002 n/a 2,471 16,473
7 n/a 13,217 n/a 2,332 15,549
8 n/a 13,214 n/a 2,332 15,546
9 n/a 11,532 n/a 2,035 13,567
10 n/a 9,514 n/a 1,679 11,193
BadF***ingButters posted 26/12/2010, 09:35
decent game to kill some boring time not great not horrible
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sbvgc2012 posted 21/03/2010, 04:43
Not as good as dungeon siege throne of agony.
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Aj_habfan posted 26/12/2008, 07:27
This actually sold quite well.
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Kantor posted 23/11/2008, 11:38
I hate this game. 5/10.
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Simulacrum posted 01/10/2008, 04:26
Dunno. It cost now about 5€
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hunter_alien posted 08/12/2007, 12:59
In Japan it did poorly , ~10k LTD , but in the EU it probably did fairly well ...
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