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Untold Legends: Unataka no Yuuken


Sony Online Entertainment



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03/22/05 Sony Online Entertainment
03/23/06 Konami
09/01/05 Activision

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Easy experience
To get easy levels, find an area in the game where there is a rare monster. They have red circles around them. If they are near a door, kill the monster then go through the door. If there is another rare monster nearby, also kill that one then go back through the door where you killed the first monster. It should be alive again. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

When you first start, kill all the monsters as usual and exit the tavern. After you exit, kill all the monsters up to the Academy. Do not get too close to the top of the Academy or the game will start your next quest. Run back down to the tavern and enter it. The monsters should have respawned. Kill them again to get experience. Repeat this and you should get a good amount of experience until you are at about level 30. This works especially well for Knights to do their Aura of Valor.

Note: This trick requires two PSPs with the game. You also need one character that is over level 40. Have the person with the higher level character invite a lower level character into his game for multi-player mode. The lower level character should be below level 30. Then, have the lower level character stand back and hit them with arrows (if possible). The lower level character should get experience points, even though he is not fighting. The lower the level, the better this will work.

When just starting the game, fight all the Pretox. Kill the Shadow Pretox then go to the city. Kill all the Pretox there then go to the academy. Talk to Overseer Lyetta. Save the game and exit. Go to "Load Game" then instead of choosing "Continue Story", go to "Restart Story". It is an easy and quick way to get your character to level up.
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2 n/a 26,934 n/a 4,753 31,687
3 n/a 17,749 n/a 3,132 20,881
4 n/a 15,435 n/a 2,724 18,159
5 n/a 14,004 n/a 2,471 16,475
6 n/a 14,002 n/a 2,471 16,473
7 n/a 13,217 n/a 2,332 15,549
8 n/a 13,214 n/a 2,332 15,546
9 n/a 11,532 n/a 2,035 13,567
10 n/a 9,514 n/a 1,679 11,193
BadF***ingButters posted 26/12/2010, 09:35
decent game to kill some boring time not great not horrible
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sbvgc2012 posted 21/03/2010, 04:43
Not as good as dungeon siege throne of agony.
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Aj_habfan posted 26/12/2008, 07:27
This actually sold quite well.
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Kantor posted 23/11/2008, 11:38
I hate this game. 5/10.
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Simulacrum posted 01/10/2008, 04:26
Dunno. It cost now about 5€
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hunter_alien posted 08/12/2007, 12:59
In Japan it did poorly , ~10k LTD , but in the EU it probably did fairly well ...
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