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レインボーシックス ベガス





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X360, PSP, PSN, All

Release Dates

06/26/07 Ubisoft
06/28/07 Ubisoft
06/29/07 Ubisoft

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Owners: 136
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Secret Lab
When Jung must hack the computer to open the door to Irena, enemies rappel down from the windows. Before you tell him to hack, send your team to the far side of the room over near the fenced area. Then, run behind the computer and tell Jung to hack it. A trigger will activate and the enemies will start pouring into the room. Your team will take most of them out on the way to the computer. If one of the team goes down Jung will stop moving towards the computer and sit there (or Michael, depending on who goes down). Once there is a pause in the onslaught, tell him to heal your partner. You can then order them around as usual. During this time Jung was supposed to be hacking the terminal but killing all the enemies skips this part. Once done, tell Jung to hack it again. He will open the door to Irena. Micheal gets left behind. Watch yourself; there are enemies on the stairs above you and will pick you off as you come up, especially on under the realistic difficulty setting.
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 13,400 35,734 28,166 16,625 93,925
2 4,735 20,617 29,685 14,219 69,256
3 2,868 13,311 14,963 7,722 38,864
4 2,140 10,108 15,587 7,328 35,163
5 1,697 9,026 12,122 5,919 28,764
6 1,218 8,527 9,362 4,863 23,970
7 844 7,463 6,919 3,810 19,036
8 703 6,629 6,553 3,526 17,411
9 453 5,875 5,755 3,105 15,188
10 416 5,419 6,967 3,439 16,241

Opinion (10)

coolestguyever posted 09/02/2009, 02:49
This game is great. Also its been a greatest hits title for a while.

Thats means its sold at least 500,000.
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Shinlock posted 17/01/2009, 07:59
vegas is pretty neat.

oddly my (at the time, since upgraded) ATI radeon 1950XTX ran this game slower then the ps3 version which I found odd considering its the same generation of GPU tech :S
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Aprisaiden posted 03/07/2008, 09:15
hmm 400k with out Euro numbers is preety good... thats means it proberly sold 600k - 700k with Europe...
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Munkeh111 posted 17/02/2008, 05:03
According to OPM chart-track numbers, it sold 50k in UK, so that would roughly equate to about 200k in Europe, resulting in 500k sales
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Munkeh111 posted 03/02/2008, 12:19
I had it in Europe, so it has definitely sold here, I would guess that would take it over 500k
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kthx posted 17/01/2008, 04:42
Yeah where are the European numbers for this game? It would be very interesting to know, seeing as this game is awesome !
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