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10/13/11 Ubisoft
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10/14/11 Ubisoft

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At the start, you can only equip one. You'll unlock the ability to buy more slots once you get to Bronze and Silver Dynasty Rank.
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Total Sales
1 n/a 13,634 3,735 2,971 20,340
2 n/a 8,939 12,596 4,485 26,020
3 n/a 9,542 12,690 6,125 28,357
4 n/a 7,161 13,185 5,955 26,301
5 n/a 3,723 7,106 3,210 14,039
6 n/a 2,331 5,589 2,460 10,380
7 n/a 3,017 3,808 1,878 8,703
8 n/a 2,011 6,320 2,731 11,062
9 n/a 2,017 8,981 3,776 14,774
10 n/a 1,969 8,775 3,654 14,398

Opinion (49)

luisliu posted 17/02/2012, 01:55
Heroes VI is a huge disappointment on my part. Strategic aspects that used to define Heroes are now so simplified that I consider it an insult towards HoMM series. Maybe that's why it's now called MMH. Identical character development trees show that this game lacks too much in strategical design department and guarantee that we'll never see unique heroes like the ones in HOMMIII and HOMMV. I think that the game is ironically a waste of money for a Heroes fan like me. New generation King's Bounty games put this one to shame.
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zuvuyeay posted 08/02/2012, 08:05
i bought it a few weeks ago,i love tbs battlefields,i haven't played a pc game of heroes before though,i'm enjoying it,"I AM THE DUKE NOW "
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naruball posted 21/01/2012, 01:44
I know I will. It's my favourite franchise and I'd love to see a Heroes VII or at least an expansion for VI.
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nilli posted 23/11/2011, 10:07
Oh many pc gamers gave a crap but like every other game they got it for free.
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Noodlefighter posted 15/11/2011, 05:07
After heroes 3 I don't think many PC gamer will give a crap that it's the last game
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Calm101 posted 14/11/2011, 02:35
Strategy games are PC games reserved for people who truly appreciate games of quality. If i was the developer of this game, i would be happy that the people who bought it actually appreciated it, even if the sales are less than many games. I think this is a concept you and many others don't understand, but given how you act at your age, i think you'll never really understand anything gaming, let alone life..
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