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Uncharted 3: Sabaku ni Nemuru Atlantis

アンチャーテッド3 砂漠に眠るアトランティス


Naughty Dog



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11/01/11 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/02/11 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/02/11 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Easy "Expert Ninja" Trophy
For this trophy, you need to take out 5 enemies in a row using stealth. There is a good spot during Chapter 8, after meeting up with Chloe and Cutter. You will be in the courtyard of the citadel and it is here that there are 6 guards patrolling the area. The first guy can be taken out from above (press Square when prompted), while the second guy can be taken out from the cover just behind him. The third guy is patrolling back and forth, so take cover and take him out when he gets into range. The fourth guy is tricky, because his path and and the 5th guard's path coincide a little bit, so you need to make sure to take out the fourth when the 5th guard is not looking your way. After taking out the 4th guard, the 5th one is easy, so just sneak up behind him when you get the chance. If you mess up at all, simply reload the checkpoint and try again.
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As of: May 21st, 2019

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TrevDaRev posted 03/10/2014, 01:11
6.5 million. Was adjusted up by 50k.
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WebMasterFlex posted 25/01/2014, 08:09
Soon above U2...
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binary solo posted 16/08/2013, 05:17
In before 6 million.
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zumnupy10 posted 26/07/2013, 10:13
Wouldn't doubt if this game was undertracked too.
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WebMasterFlex posted 03/07/2013, 03:14
U2 and U3 will do 7 million lifetime. Hope TLOU could do the same....
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Heavenly_King posted 27/06/2013, 04:10
This game is going to reach U2 numbers soon. AWESOME!!!
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