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PS3, X360, DS

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10/26/10 Activision
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05/06/11 Activision

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Hello, heres a easy tip for you game players. so when your on the level Kaftar`s Hunt its a goog idea to stay in the middel of the place you are in, that way you can see were the Kaftar is and you can lock your target on the animal. It is also a good idea to sometimes let him bitte you leg/arm because you can lock your gun on the heart of the beast. you can also try to keep looking back and forth until you see him run bach and fourth and when he runs up to you keep your gun loaded so youll be propared to shoot nim down.Heres a other good idea. if you can try to stat out of the fire at all time it may take your life away.

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1 n/a 14,524 n/a 2,170 16,694
2 n/a 6,343 n/a 948 7,291
3 n/a 7,996 n/a 1,195 9,191
4 n/a 11,161 n/a 1,668 12,829
5 n/a 22,165 n/a 3,312 25,477
6 n/a 16,673 n/a 2,491 19,164
7 n/a 22,592 n/a 3,376 25,968
8 n/a 43,241 n/a 6,461 49,702
9 n/a 68,729 n/a 10,270 78,999
10 n/a 37,290 n/a 5,572 42,862

Opinion (4)

Smeags posted 13/04/2011, 03:09
That is one pissed off bear.
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Kenology posted 24/12/2010, 06:25
Looks like 2010 version is canniblizing this!
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Kenology posted 10/12/2010, 03:46
Just checked and already has a much bigger opening week! Last years game only did 17k last year, went on to do a million!
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Kenology posted 10/12/2010, 03:33
Will be interesting to see if this game can do what last year's game did...
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