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America - Front

America - Back

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Blue Castle Games



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08/31/10 Capcom
08/31/10 Capcom
08/31/10 Capcom

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Easy PP

When you first start, make a spiked bat (bat and box of nails) and the I.E.D. (propane tank and box of nails). Run outside, and use the I.E.D. on the zombies in front of the gas station until it breaks. Then, unlock Bob's hunting shop, and take both shotguns. Run to the hardware store while killing zombies with the spiked bat. Get two pitchforks, and go next door to the construction table. Make a boomstick (shotgun and pitchfork). Kill every visible zombie with the boomstick, earning 200 PP for each kill. This can kill multiple zombies, earning more PP. When the first one breaks, make a second one, and kill more zombies. After they both break, go back to the safe house, and repeat the process as many times as desired.

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