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Kinect Animals

Kinect アニマルズ


Frontier Studio



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11/04/10 Microsoft Game Studios
12/09/10 Microsoft Game Studios
11/10/10 Microsoft Game Studios

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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to unlock:
A Friend For Life (10 points)Choose your first animal in your own game.
First Contact (10 points)Pet your animal for the first time.
Catch Me If You Can (10 points)Get your animal to catch a disc for the first time.
Interior Designer (10 points)Customize your home interior for the first time.
Animal Carer (10 points)Clean and feed your animal for the first time.
Be A Contender (10 points)Enter your first contest.
Pieces of Flair (10 points)Place your first collar on your animal.
Do You Want to Play? (10 points)Play with a toy that your animal has brought you.
Treasure Finder (10 points)Use the Plunderscope to discover your first hidden secret.
Hit The Surf (30 points)Visit the Fiddler's Beach for the first time in your own game.
Archaeologist (30 points)Visit the La Selva for the first time in your own game.
Under The Falling Blossom (30 points)Visit Cherry Blossom Grove for the first time in your own game.
The Hills Are Alive (30 points)Visit Suri Mountain for the first time in your own game.
Mountaineer (30 points)Visit the Celestial Glacier for the first time in your own game.
Treasure Hunter (30 points)Complete the pirate map in your own game.
And Then There Were Two (30 points)Meet the first animal that is unlocked in your own game.
Bullseye (20 points)Hit three moving targets in a disk challenge.
No "I" In Team (20 points)Win a gold medal in another person's game.
Snowed Under (20 points)Complete the snowball volley contest without missing a single snowball.
Telekinesis (20 points)Use aftertouch on a disc 25 times.
Arch Rivals (20 points)Get the highest score of your friends in a contest session.
Well Trained (20 points)Pass an Obedience Trial without a single penalty.
Daredevil (20 points)Collect all items in an RC Car contest and earn gold in your own game.
Gold Standard (50 points)Get a gold medal in every contest in your own game.
Housewarming Present (20 points)Buy a piece of furniture from the Shop in another person's game.
Jack Be Nimble (20 points)Complete an agility course without missing any obstacles.
Ultimate Jump (20 points)Perform the ultimate jump.
The Ring Master (50 points)Perform all the tricks.
Completionist (20 points)Own all the toys in every category in your own game.
Sky High (20 points)Get the animal to catch a disc with a high jumping catch.
Well Travelled (20 points)Play every contest.
On Point (20 points)Get 3 rings in a row on a... 

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 63,117 n/a 9,431 72,548
2 n/a 25,654 21,423 7,034 54,111
3 n/a 21,363 10,848 4,813 37,024
4 n/a 41,767 8,911 7,573 58,251
5 n/a 37,105 17,730 8,193 63,028
6 1,564 39,476 19,181 8,765 68,986
7 688 52,259 28,937 12,133 94,017
8 485 79,313 34,814 17,053 131,665
9 292 51,887 26,680 11,740 90,599
10 202 22,093 9,275 4,687 36,257

Opinion (22)

haxxiy posted 03/05/2016, 08:11
It tickles, Skittles!
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yo_john117 posted 01/10/2011, 04:58
I bet the kids just love this game.
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Stadelhuber posted 11/08/2011, 06:19
Yes, but Kinectimals, Kinect Sports and Dance Central are not bundled to the Kinect-Device
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Lazthelost posted 02/08/2011, 10:57
Actually this is the 4th million seller for Kinect. Kinect Adventures, Dance Central, Kinect Sports have all already hit past a million units sold. This makes number 4.
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Stadelhuber posted 30/07/2011, 05:36
Third Kinect Million Seller. Congrats!
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slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 02:20
cutesy game for kids. Gets boring real fast.
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