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America - Front

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Wolfteam / Namco Tales Studio



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03/06/06 Nintendo
08/01/03 Namco
03/31/06 Nintendo

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Arche Title List
Magic User How to get - Default title. Witch How to get - Gained once Arche has 5 spells. Mage How to get - Gained once Arche has 10 spells. Sorceress How to get - Gained once Arche has 15 spells. Wizard How to get - Gained once Arche has 20 spells. Spell Master How to get - Gained once Arche has learned every spell. True Scholar How to get - Gained in Morlia Mineshaft 10th floor after reading the large stone. True Friend How to get - Return to North Hamel after the events at Alvanista. Delicate Flower How to get - Gained on the boat to Alvanista. You must talk to Arche once she she gets sick, but before you fight Meia. Thin Girl How to get - Gained through the Hot Spring scene in the Ninja Village. Negotiator How to get - Gained after talking a boat captain to go to Alvanista. Terrible Cook How to get - Gained after the picnic scene on island where you got Undine. (Future)
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As of: December 11th, 2007

Opinion (3)

Wetcoaster posted 19/01/2009, 04:04
Highly enjoyable, even if it isn't the best conversion.
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novasonic posted 28/11/2008, 01:38
This is a damns awesome game!! i LOVES it to death! DEATH...
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Shadowblind posted 10/09/2008, 04:52
Got it a while back. NOT a very good conversion.
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