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Wolfteam / Namco Tales Studio



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03/06/06 Nintendo
08/01/03 Namco
03/31/06 Nintendo

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Cless Titles
Apprentice Swordsman How to get - Default Title Swordsman How to get - Title given to you by Tristan. Battle Master How to get - Cless must reach level 30. Sword Master How to get - Cless must reach level 50. Fencer How to get - Cless must reach Level 60. Advanced Fencer How to get - Cless must reach level 70 and learn every skill. Master Fencer How to get - Master and learn every skill in the game for Cless and reach level 99. Gilgamesh How to get - Get the Blue Candle, Blue Shield, Excalibur, Golden Armor, Golden Helmet, Green Torch, Hyper Gaunlets, Jet Boots, Red Lantern, and the Red Shield then talk to the boy in Friezkiel inn. Acting Master How to get - Gained from beating all 5 opponents in the "Miguel School of Swordfighting". Samurai How to get - Gained after recieving Muramasa. Master of Secrets How to get - Gained from sleeping at the inn at Miguel. Champion How to get - Win all 8 matches and the extra match in the Euclid arena. Eternal Swordsman How to get - Obtained once Cless receives the Eternal Sword. Mach Lad How to get - Beat the Mach Lad in the Racing mini-game in Alvanista. Ishitori Master How to get - Beat the Ishitori Master twice at Ishitori in Alvanista Castle. Combo Master How to get - Find the Combo Counter in Morlia and buy the Combo Command from Gheeth's shop. Berserker How to get - Fight 250+ battles in Hard or Mania mode.
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314,000 Units
As of: December 11th, 2007

Opinion (3)

Wetcoaster posted 19/01/2009, 04:04
Highly enjoyable, even if it isn't the best conversion.
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novasonic posted 28/11/2008, 01:38
This is a damns awesome game!! i LOVES it to death! DEATH...
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Shadowblind posted 10/09/2008, 04:52
Got it a while back. NOT a very good conversion.
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