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People Can Fly



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02/22/11 Electronic Arts
02/24/11 Electronic Arts
02/25/11 Electronic Arts

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Owners: 74
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Wishlist: 10
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Secret Skillshots

Here is a list of the Secret Skillshots in Bulletstorm. The official descriptions are missing from the game, so we've tried to describe them accurately here.

Pancake (1-2)Flatten an enemy with an environmental object
Sucker (2-1)Send an enemy into a fan blade
Kill-O-Watt (2-2)Send an enemy into an electric sign
Mass Extinction (2-2)Shoot an enemy with the Mechaton
Fish Food (3-1)Kick an enemy into standing water
Floater (3-2)Kick an enemy into flowing water under a bridge just before the dam
Man Toast (3-2)Fry an enemy on a reactor in the dam
Grinder (3-2)Send an enemy into a water wheel at the dam
Halloween (4-1)Kick an enemy with a Nom on his head into an electrified object
Weed Killer (4-2)Defeat the flytrap boss
Ding Dong (4-3)Drop rubble from the trap doors on the ceiling onto an enemy in the collapsed building
Tenderizer (4-3)Use an elevator to kill an enemy
Steady Hand (5-2)Hit a burnout's orange growth/weak spot to kill it
Minced Meat (5-2)Kill the muta-burnout boss
Dino-Sore (5-3)Hit Hekaton's neck wound with the banshee's chaingun
Outburst (6-1)Knock an enemy into the gamma radiation storm
Forced (6-3)Send an enemy into an EM pulse barrier in the Ulysses generator
Grilled Meat (6-3)Defeat the second muta-burnout boss
Ejaculated (7-2)Hit the switch to eject enemies in the cargo hold
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 1,874 220,512 90,293 46,442 359,121
2 731 73,696 41,625 17,232 133,284
3 368 48,705 19,427 10,181 78,681
4 286 22,667 13,029 5,334 41,316
5 265 10,622 8,462 2,851 22,200
6 235 5,971 5,400 1,699 13,305
7 208 4,464 7,307 1,759 13,738
8 165 3,476 10,088 2,026 15,755
9 149 2,359 9,406 1,757 13,671
10 164 1,950 4,187 917 7,218

Opinion (66)

T.Rexington posted 23/05/2012, 05:31
At the very least this game seems destined to push a million on the 360. I personally loved this game. Gameplay was as brilliant as it was original, the dialogue was fantastic to me personally, and I really liked how they handled the character development. Never finished it though because I had to return it blockbuster. Might try and give it a legitimate buy over the weekend. Shame that this will more than likely never get a sequel. Great groundwork there to develop on.
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Mr Puggsly posted 23/01/2012, 07:09
@ reviniente - Well the campaign drags on. The dialogue is annoying. Multiplayer is boring. Uhhh... its just a disappointing title. Stupid games like this often get lost in the fold. While more serious games dominate the charts.
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reviniente posted 27/11/2011, 05:22
I'll never understand why this game didn't sell more. It's just too much fun.
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yo_john117 posted 24/09/2011, 09:08
Pretty decent game. Couldn't really get into it though.
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Mr Puggsly posted 11/09/2011, 05:09
This game really needed better multiplayer. Its pretty much essential to have a hit shooter.
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SanAndreasX posted 31/08/2011, 07:44
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