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BioHazard 4



Capcom Production Studio 4



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All, GC, Mob, PC, PS3, PS4, S32X, Wii, Wii, X360, XOne

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10/25/05 Capcom
12/01/05 Capcom
11/05/05 Capcom

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How to beat Saddler

To beat him, shoot the small leg to make him collapse. The eyeball is easier to hit with a shotgun. When his head falls, it exposes the large eye in its mouth. Run up to the head and press X to climb it.Leon will do an attack and when it is done, he leaps off of it. Turn and run away. Then do the same again. Each of the front leg eyeballs can be shot and each of the back ones can be shot to cripple him.When shot once or twice it will permanantly close.Once all leg eyes have been shut,your only target is the main eyeball on the head.Or, you can use exploding barrels and swinging cranes to damage him. Move to the northwest end or southwest end of the area and climb onto the raised platform.Press X to grab the switch and look behind. When Saddler comes within 10 feet of the platform, pull the lever to swing girders into him.Then he will collapse so that another climb attack can be preformed.The area consists of the sqare area near the elevator, and then two strips. Between the strips are bridges that continuously collapse and raise in time cycles. If the bridge is collapsedyou cannot cross the strip.A kind of traffic light indicates when the bridge will fall. If you are crossing it when the light starts to blink, be ready to press the two dodge buttons shown onscreen to leap across to grab the opposite ledge. If Leon is close enough to the other strip, he just might make it.Rapidly press X to get back on the ledge.Saddler attacks by seizing Leon into his eye mouth and slamming him into the ground.Saddlers tail is made out of sharp tentacles that can slash Leon up pretty good. Stay back from the creature at all times to avoid these attacks.When Leon has a different strip than Saddler, the monster attacks by hurling a beam across the chasm. Press R1 and L1 to dodge the flying beam when needed. Roughly half way through the battle, Ada tosses a Special Rocket Launcher onto the western strip of the platform.Afterclosing all of his leg eyes and striking him with one stack of girdirs, pick up the weapon, equip it,and lead Saddler towards the last stack of girdirs Leon can swing. After the monsters head is revealed,fire the red rocket at the target spot to end the battle. The amount of pesetas depends on how many eys were damaged during battle.

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As of: September 30th, 2018

Opinion (31)

Jedidiah-Rose posted 22/09/2011, 05:00
Just picked this up on the PS3, memories is all I can say :)
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Mordred11 posted 08/09/2011, 04:59
one of the best games ever!
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Skeeuk posted 30/05/2011, 04:46
just got this on ps2, never tried gamecube version although i used to own the wii version,
Message | Report
Galvanizer posted 20/05/2011, 07:48
One of the best TPS games I've ever played.
Message | Report
-girgosz- posted 16/05/2011, 09:29
No it wasn't better. Maybe in graphs. But it was hardly noticable.
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MrMofongo624 posted 15/01/2011, 10:00
the gamecube version of this game was actually better than the ps2,s
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