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08/11/09 Microsoft Game Studios
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You must do exactly what i say or it won't work

1.get the wishing well via. Pinata people or freeing all pinatas and smash all pinatas in the credits after that.

2.throw 9999 coins in well and you will get an Amber Gem

3.get three bones a red blue and green what bone you chose will be what your chocodoculus looks like (ex. 3 red bones or all bones) the red one can be bought at costolot the other 2 need to be mined. get Bart to tinker the bones 500 ea. a head, ribs, and spine in that order here's the part where the pinata can look unique

red skull:triceratops head
blue skull:stegosaurus head
green skull:brontosaurus head

red ribcage:long tail
blue ribcage:spiky tail
green ribcage:stubby tail

red spine:horns on the pinata
blue spine:pinata is blue
green:pinata will be green

5. (this last step requires a storehouse and a Cluckles with Jurassic hair) store the skull, ribs, spine, and amber in the shed then after that you open it up there will be an egg. hatch the egg with the Cluckeles with the hair and direct it to the egg. and boom the dinosaur pinata is born.

if you want it to be more valuble feed it the following

it will go in a cocoon

tricks:feed it a ruby and a diamond

special abilities: like the Dragon pinata's abilities except it can't run away and you can only have one chocodoculus per GAME! and if you direct it to a pinata the other pinata will have maximum candiosity.

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