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01/25/11 Electronic Arts
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01/28/11 Electronic Arts

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Multiplayer Level Rewards

Attain the following levels in multiplayer to unlock additional gear.

Level 04Solid Army Green Suit
Level 07Line Gun
Level 08Solid Red Suit
Level 11Force Gun
Level 13Solid Black Suit
Level 14Increased Magazine Size / Plasma Cutter
Level 16Solid Olive Suit
Level 17Seeker Rifle
Level 20Urban Camo Blue Suit
Level 23Urban Camo Army Green Suit
Level 25Increased Magazine Size / Line Gun
Level 26Urban Camo Red Suit
Level 28Javelin Gun
Level 29Increased Magazine Size / Force Gun
Level 32Urban Camo Military
Level 33Increased Magazine Size / Seeker Rifle
Level 34Increased Weapon Damage / Plasma Cutter
Level 36Urban Camo Olive Suit
Level 41Tiger Camo Blue Suit
Level 42Increased Weapon Damage / Line Gun
Level 44Increased Magazine Size / Javelin Gun
Level 45Tiger Camo Army Green Suit
Level 46Increased Weapon Damage / Force Gun
Level 49Tiger Camo Red Suit
Level 50Increased Damage / Seeker Rifle
Level 52Tiger Camo Military Suit
Level 56War Torn Suit
Level 57Increased Weapon Damage / Javelin Gun
Level 59Visceral Games Suit
Level 03Lurker / Range Damage Increase
Level 06Pack / Melee Damage Increase
Level 09Spitter / Execution Damage Increase
Level 12Puker / Ranged Damage Increase
Level 15Lurker / Melee Damage Increase
Level 18Pack / Execution Attack Damage Increase
Level 21Spitter / Melee Damage Increase
Level 24Puker / Execution Attack Damage Increase
Level 27Lurker / Execution Attack Damage Increase
Level 31Pack / Health Increase
Level 35Spitter / Ranged Damage Increase
Level 39Puker / Melee Damage Increase
Level 43Lurker / Health Increase
Level 48Pack / Lose Stasis Faster
Level 53Spitter / Health Increase
Level 58Puker / Health Increase
Unlockable How to Unlock
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 21,283 7,855 5,144 34,282
2 n/a 13,357 3,701 2,921 19,979
3 n/a 9,369 2,771 2,093 14,233
4 n/a 6,795 4,317 2,094 13,206
5 n/a 5,649 4,607 1,996 12,252
6 n/a 3,728 2,713 1,235 7,676
7 n/a 3,801 1,671 986 6,458
8 n/a 2,325 1,180 642 4,147
9 n/a 1,463 1,381 564 3,408
10 n/a 688 1,464 469 2,621

Opinion (6)

ManciuD posted 03/06/2012, 08:51
too many facebook,free to play and casual games hurt pc gaming
where are the days when bf2,unreal t4,starcraft,quake 3,half life 2,cs,warcraft 3,wow(first one) etc dominated pc gaming?
true hardcore games
what are the most played pc games at the moment
league of legends,world of tanks,tf2,dota 2,farmrshit on facebook,other facebook shit,othe free to play shit.....
if games like this are kings on pc then its true
pc gaming is dead
atleast on consoles top played games are(mw3,fifa 12,black ops,bf3,mw2,gears 3,gt5,uncharted 3,halo reach,forza,skyrim)
ps:just saw the football manager 2012 is top played game on steam
thats cool
games like that should always remain on top

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nilli posted 27/09/2011, 10:29
Oh and checkout the gab in sales between dead space 1 and dead space 2 on pc. Just goes to show you how the pc hardcore gaming is dying fast.
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nilli posted 21/09/2011, 07:10
Absolutely horrendous sales. Piracy number shot through the roof. Hopefully EA figures it out and cancels the third one on pc.
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Salem posted 24/06/2011, 07:14
Cause nobody buys for pc anymore
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mangoman10 posted 24/04/2011, 11:45
y PC so bad sales?
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haxxiy posted 04/03/2011, 05:18
Stick a needle in your eye...
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