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02/16/10 Kalypso
05/20/10 Russel
11/13/09 Kalypso

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Starting Off
Focus on builders, teamsters and dockworkers first. While these professions may not be very prestigious, but they are the backbone of your island's economy. Make sure you always have citizens employed in these positions as their absence will have adverse effects on your economy. Raise the salary in the corresponding building if necessary.

Once you've organized your workforce, establish a stable cash flow early on in the game. You accomplish this by building some farms, mines or logging camps. Be careful though, as your workforce is limited to the number of citizens on the island and you can end up with a banana economy. If you end up short on workers for your buildings you can construct an Immigration Office in order to attract immigrants from abroad.
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 18,616 n/a 3,285 21,901
2 n/a 11,859 n/a 2,093 13,952
3 n/a 12,652 n/a 2,233 14,885
4 n/a 13,594 n/a 2,399 15,993
5 n/a 10,877 n/a 1,919 12,796
6 n/a 8,179 n/a 1,443 9,622
7 n/a 4,309 n/a 760 5,069
8 n/a 3,105 n/a 548 3,653
9 n/a 2,241 n/a 395 2,636
10 n/a 1,510 n/a 266 1,776

Opinion (18)

Chunkysatsuma posted 27/10/2011, 10:36
Still wondering when this is classed as N/A in Europe, me and at least 50 of my live friends bought this for the 360, surely we cannot have been the only ones?
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danno_omen posted 13/04/2010, 10:27
I live in Canada,and this game was nowhere to be found,i eventually had to order it off the American tells u how well this game is being promoted.Anyways,fun game and great legs for the minimal promo it has received
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areseris posted 09/04/2010, 07:50
Good game. 360 needs more PC ports like this. More variety is always good :)
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Seece posted 05/04/2010, 08:57
Would be awesome if this could crack 250k in America!
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mrstickball posted 04/04/2010, 06:37
Add me to the list of owners of the game. Its a fantastic game.
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BulletProof posted 30/03/2010, 08:49
Just LOOK AT THEM legs.
For this kinda genre on the 360, with nearly no promoting, this is one heck of a good game and DAMN SON THOSE LEGS.
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