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02/16/10 Sega
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02/19/10 Sega

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Head Glitch

When playing you might have noticed, with the combat androids, you can destroy their head completely and they will still keep functioning. Now that's not too strange, considering they are just robots, but I found a weird side effect!
If you are playing as the Alien species, or Predators, you can do finishing moves. That is when you press the interact key and get a guaranteed kill. Several of the finishing moves on humanoids with both these species involves decapitating the head.
Now, if you decapitate an android via general combat AND THEN pull off a finishing move, it can have an interesting result. First it will preform the animation as if the head is still there(slicing, whacking, stabbing, ect at the place where the head should be), then, the androids head will reappear! The android should then be dead, but appear totally undamaged.

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As of: July 1st, 2018

Opinion (6)

thewastedyouth posted 27/12/2012, 10:10
the AVP2 game by Monolith is still the best one!!!! holy crap I would play that one like crazy when I was little

This one is just meh
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cars298 posted 10/11/2011, 11:07
very hard to kill
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Jlaff posted 06/04/2010, 10:09
Played the old AVP 1-2 demo to death, can't remember if I bought it though, would have been silly not to I buy so many games. This game however, really is not worth it, just tried going online a month and a half after release at 2 am and no one. Single player is mediocre. No crouch, no iron sites view when firing weapons, something I've come to expect in 2010 for whatever reason. Thank COD for that.
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SegaWorld posted 01/03/2010, 04:27
What is the sales for Pc ?
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Hephaestos posted 16/02/2010, 11:16
copy shipped today! (EU) =)
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dobby985 posted 06/02/2010, 12:44
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