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Wii, PS2, PS3, X360

Release Dates

10/20/09 Activision
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10/23/09 Activision

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All Bakugan In-Game

To unlock these you must meet certain requirements
Some can only be unlocked after you beat the game and
you battle the players in the Park.

DragonoidBeat Dan with only Pyrus Bakugan
Delta DragonoidBeat Dan with non-Pyrus Bakugan
TigrerraBeat Runo with only Haos Bakugan
Blade TigrerraBeat Runo with non-Haos Bakugan
SkyressBeat Shun with only Ventus Bakugan
Storm SkyressBeat Shun with non-Ventus Bakugan
GoremBeat Julie with only Subterra Bakugan
Hammer GoremBeat Julie with non-Subterra Bakugan
PreyasBeat Marucho with only Aquos Bakugan
Preyas-Angelo-DiabloBeat Marucho with non-Aquos Bakugan
HydranoidBeat Masquerade with only Darkus Bakugan
Dual-HydranoidBeat Masquerade with non-Darkus Bakugan
VladitorBeat Marduk
Battle Ax VladitorBeat Marduk without losing a single Gate Card
FortressBeat Chan Lee
CycloidBeat Billy
SirenoidBeat Klaus
HarpusBeat Komba
TentaclearBeat Julio
Unlockable How to Unlock
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 78,651 n/a 13,880 92,531
2 n/a 25,539 n/a 4,507 30,046
3 n/a 24,080 n/a 4,249 28,329
4 n/a 31,234 n/a 5,512 36,746
5 n/a 28,674 n/a 5,060 33,734
6 n/a 36,636 n/a 6,465 43,101
7 n/a 31,092 n/a 5,487 36,579
8 n/a 49,094 n/a 8,664 57,758
9 n/a 62,124 n/a 10,963 73,087
10 n/a 59,874 n/a 10,566 70,440

Opinion (5)

atma998 posted 30/07/2011, 04:40
Now over a million! Great!
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atma998 posted 25/06/2011, 06:05
987k in America only! Will reach 1 M for sure.
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drakesfortune posted 17/03/2010, 04:31
My son loved this game for about a week. We'll see if he ever picks it back up.
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Bruno Muñoz posted 04/01/2010, 03:05
Great sales, this is the new Yu-Gi-Oh!
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Chrizum posted 12/10/2009, 03:04
According to the Preorder charts, this game will have a 100k+ opening in the US. That's much bigger than GTA Chinatown Wars.

WTF is this game?
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