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10/19/10 Bethesda Softworks
11/04/10 Bethesda Softworks
10/22/10 Bethesda Softworks

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Hollow Rock locations
Search the indicated locations to find all Hollow Rocks, which contain ammunition and equipment stashes:

1. Northern Passage: On the eastern rock wall, near the grave and "The Sun Is Killing Me" graffiti.2. Ruby Hill Mine: Part of the rock wall, just to the right of the door.3. Charleston Cave: Part of the rock wall, just to the right of the door, by the heart graffiti.4. Silver Peak Mine: Part of the wall, just to the right of the shack through which you enter.5. Vault 22: On the north bank, across from the "Keep Out" sign, by the entrance.6. Jacobstown: Just outside the perimeter, to the right of the main entrance, where the Super Mutants stand guard.7. Remnants Bunker: About 10 feet north of the entrance, part of the rock wall.8. Chance's Map: Adjacent to the dirt map, with "The Sun Is Killing Me" graffiti on it.9. Bloodborne Cave: Just to the right of the cave entrance.10. Cannibal Johnson’s Cave: Just to the right of the cave entrance.11. Fisherman’s Pride Shack: By the campfire, north-west of the shack.12. Camp Guardian: Next to the Camp Guardian population sign, at the base of the path up to Guardian Peak.13. Follower’s Outpost: Built into the steps of the signal box structure.14. Boulder Beach Campground: By the side of the road, north-west of the jetties, with "The Sun Is Killing Me" graffiti.15. Cazador Nest: Part of the rock wall, on the east side of the nest alcove, facing back towards the alcove.16. Tribal Village: At the start of the Ravine Path, close to the corpses and tents.17. Makeshift Great Kahn Camp: On the west side of camp, near the desert plants.18. Yangtze Memorial: At the base of the south steps, with the peace symbol graffiti.19. Goodsprings Cave: Just to the right of the cave entrance.20. Primm: Attached to a large rock, near the scattered chems and the rock perimeter, above the concrete support wall.21. Jack Rabbit Springs: South of the pools of radiation, on the shore of the Dry Lake.22. Morning Star Cavern: By the entrance to the cavern, by the bones and the explosive crate.23. Crescent Canyon West: In the canyon, on the west exit slope, adjacent to a rusting car husk.24. Crescent Canyon East: On the east exist slope, just after the rail bridge.25. Vault 11: Just to the right of the entrance.26. Black Rock Cave: Just to the north of the fallen radar dish.27. El Dorado Dry Lake: West of the Savaged Brahmin, in the sands of the Dry Lake.28. Hidden Valley: West of the eastern bunker, with the "no missile" and heart graffiti.29. Powder Ganger Camp East: Next to a Honey Mesquite Tree, around 20 to 30 feet south of the camp.30. Primm Pass: Close to the Brahmin bones, on the western end of the pass.31. Dead Wind Cavern: On the south rock wall slope, around 20 to 30 feet from the entrance.32. Hidden Supply Cave: To the left of the cave entrance, with the "no missile" graffiti.33. Walking Box Cavern: Around 20 to 30 feet east of the cavern entrance.34. Broc Flower Cave: At the foot of the entrance slope, with "The Sun Is Killing Me" graffiti.35. Abandoned BoS Bunker: With the small cluster of rocks and shale on the slope leading up to the bunker grating.36. Techatticup Mine: To the right of the entrance, with the white blocks graffiti.37. Lucky Jim Mine: Slightly beyond the shack, near the wooden cart.38. Searchlight North Gold Mine: On the flat rock bank to the south of the entrance hole.39. Searchlight East Gold Mine: Southeast of the entrance; climb on the pile of rock and shale to reach it.40. Cottonwood Cave: On the road between the two sets of crucifixion poles, with "The Sun Is Killing Me" graffiti.41. Bradley's Shack: On the west side of the entrance, by the small valley landslide.42. Fire Root Cavern: At the foot of the entrance slope, on the left.
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1 n/a 549,533 160,277 106,063 815,873
2 n/a 181,707 70,788 37,730 290,225
3 22,653 87,834 31,337 17,808 159,632
4 2,707 50,901 28,370 11,845 93,823
5 817 35,762 22,354 8,684 67,617
6 461 44,692 40,473 12,726 98,352
7 340 36,442 56,182 13,840 106,804
8 286 57,772 45,895 15,491 119,444
9 373 66,467 58,768 18,713 144,321
10 525 68,472 84,117 22,800 175,914

Opinion (53)

man-bear-pig posted 11/02/2012, 02:06
Good sales too!
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man-bear-pig posted 11/02/2012, 02:06
I enjoyed this game
Message | Report
Mr Puggsly posted 16/12/2011, 04:39
@ coolbeans - I can't even remember the story of New Vegas. It was just all over the place to the point of confusion. I just remember being glad it was over.
Message | Report
yog-sothot posted 09/12/2011, 09:00
Amazing game, true successor to the fallout series
Message | Report
yo_john117 posted 28/10/2011, 06:56
Yeah and I think the main problem I had with it is the story really didn't have a good focus like Fallout 3 did.
Message | Report
Mr Puggsly posted 22/10/2011, 07:09
That's because it wasn't as good as Fallout 3. Its not a bad game just kind of a mess.
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