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Alternative Names

Wii de Asobu Pikmin

Wiiであそぶ ピクミン


Nintendo EAD



Release Dates

03/09/09 Nintendo
12/25/08 Nintendo
02/06/09 Nintendo

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The enemy walkthrough

 I will not put bosses due to the boss walthrough that's already made. I will upload the picture of the enemies because I dought everyone knows how their names.I will also rate them by how hard thay are 1 is pure easy and 10 is way hard

Where to find: Forest navel
Least amount of pikmin needed:2
                                                            How to kill
   This foe is only dangerous if it takes a food pellet and has 1 pikmin on it and takes it to its nest.
The fastest way to kill it is to throw a pikmin on its back causeing damage. Than make it take a food pellet and  throw 2 pikmin to the food pellet and make it get it to be sucked in the onion causeing death


2.Dwarf Bulbear
Where to find:The distant spring
Least amount of pikmin needed.20( the more bull bears there are the more pikmin will need if they are in a pack)
                                                       How to kill
These guys are only tough if you don't have many pikmin. The best way to kill these guys is to
swarm it with 20 or more pikmin.Because they eat pikmin slowly it will be hard to lose all of your pikmin.But you will need 20 pikmin to kill without loseing a pikmin
<<<Bull bear

3.Dwarf Bulborb
Where to find: The forest of Hope
Least amount of pikmin needed: 15. ( these guys might scream causeing the big bulborbs to wake up)
                                                                How to kill                             
These guys are farily easy. You could actually swarm it with one pikmin and still kill it but you'll have to be careful. The real way to kill these guys is to swarm it. Because these guys only eat one pikmin about every 5 seconds. Its fairly easy.

4.Fiery Blowhog
Where to find: The forest navel
Least amount of pikmin needed. 1 red pikmin,90 blue/yellow pikmin
Rating 1 with red pikmin, 6 with anthor color
                                                                  How to kill
These guys aren't a threat to red pikmin. Though I am going to tell you how to kill it without red pikmin. First you stand in frount of it. When the monster sounds off he is about to blow fire. During that time use the D-pad to make all pikmin to the monster.The pikmin will hurt it while its blowing the fire. If done right. You should have kill him with no one on fire. If he does somehow does pull them off you you call the pikmin back as fast as you can and retreat. You than come back and do what you did their.
<<<Fiery Blowhog

5.Swooping Snitichbug
Where to find:the distant spring and the forest of hope(after day 15)
Least amount of pikmin needed: 10
Rating 1(he's not dangerous but he is annoying)
                                                        How to kill
This guy is not hard. All you have to do is go under his shadow and throw the pikmin.It'll be brought down.Than you swarm it. Even if it goes up it will most likely come back down.
<<<Swooping Snitchbug

6.Pearly ClampClamp
Where to find: The Impact site
Least ammount of pikmin needed:10
                                                              How to kill
These guys can be killed with yellow pikmin with bombs if they are on land. But you'll most likly need blue pikmin more. This guy is simple. You throw pikmin by its pearl and let the pikmin do the rest.But make sure you call them back before he closes his mouth
<<<<Pearly ClampClamp

7.Male Sheargrub
Where to find it: All places but the impact site.
Least amount of pikmin needed 1.(depends how many of tham are around)
Rating 3
                                                        How to kill
These guys don't kill many pikmin. You can kill them with one pikmin which is recommanded.But if theirs more than one like 2 or 3. You gather alot of pikmin. Wait for it to come it and use the D pad to swarm it. They can be killed instantly. If there is more than 3 than you could just serperate them to kill them like the preverous meathods. (remember all these meathods are to prevent pikmin deaths!.)
 <<<<Male shear grub

Where to find:Forest Navel and The Distant spring
Least amount of pikmin needed:1(Dependeing on how many are around.
Rating 4
                                                      How to kill
The meathods work with the male sheargrub do well.The only thing added is that you have is to throw a pikmin on it if it flies.

Where to find:The Distant spring
Least amount of pikmin needed:50
Rating 7
                                                            How to kill
These guys are very ard compare to Bulborbs. These guys Have more HP and can grab about 5 pikmin in one bite. The best way to kill is to keep throwing pikmin at it from a distance. Than you call them back when he show a sign that he is about to shake them off.

10.Spotty Bulborbs
Where to find: The forest of Hope
Least amount of pikmin neded:50
Rating 5
                                                            How to kill
These guys are easy. All you have to do is go behind its back and keep throwing pikmin at it. If too many pikmin are on the ground call tham back.Repeat process till dead.

11.Water Dumple
Where to find:The distant Spring
Least amount of pikmin needed: 50
                                                             How to kill
This guy is fairly easy. All you have swarm it with 50 pikmin.If their are more you will need 100 pikmin.If their are 3 you will need to attrat 1 or 2 pikmin away so you only face 2 or 1.
<<<<Water Dumple

Where to find:Forest navel
Least amount of pikmin needed:20-50
These guys can be killed 2 ways. You could just throw pikmin on its back and call it back when its about to land.or you could swarm it

13.Yellow Wollywog
Where to find:The distant spring
Least amount of pikmin needed:25
Rating 8
These guys take long to kill and swarming can be deadly.So its best to just throw pikmin on its back and call them back like the wollywog.

There done. Their are some that aren't there.Those are ethier harmless or have only one way to kill.

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1 44,423 n/a n/a 44,423
2 49,938 n/a n/a 49,938
3 16,177 n/a n/a 16,177
4 5,723 n/a n/a 5,723
5 3,989 n/a n/a 3,989
6 3,712 n/a n/a 3,712
7 3,061 n/a 4,605 77 7,743
8 2,817 n/a 6,541 94 9,452
9 2,166 n/a 5,767 79 8,012
10 1,582 n/a 5,088 67 6,737

Opinion (42)

Buzzi posted 22/05/2010, 02:16
You're right, casual Wii gamers care a lot of who made the game. My cousins bought Moto GP 08, which they sold after 3 weeks...and now they buy only Nintendo games. Pikmin for what I know is a good game, and being a Nintendo game helped pushing its sales. I'm sure if No More Heroes was made by Nintendo (and marketed too) it would have reahed 1m (the first one).
Message | Report
killeryoshis posted 25/04/2010, 01:32
People must look at the box and try to find a nintendo logo. To see if its worth buying because how can this sell so well. Its a port of a game that did better than any 3rd party game that the interwebs cares about. It outsold no more heros! Nintendo must have a big brand name or they did somthing right
Message | Report
jeffrey9999 posted 18/04/2010, 10:59
best nintendo franchise ever made, I got this for 10$ at sears appliance store and I owned a gamecube and never played a pikmin game until that day, since then I beat it 3times and I got the 2nd one yesterday at gamestop used for 40$ on gamecube since the 2nd one never came to america on wii and thats 10 shy of what the game cost new back when it came out in 2004 "expensive" but so far I really think it was worth it not to mention the trouble I had with my car on the way and I also had to call every gamestop I new of and then I had to get a gamecube controller and memory card at some other store............. pikmin 1&2 in my opinion are not only the best nintendo games made but I also think they should be in the top 10 games of all time not to mention my 1&2 best games I've ever played, can't wait for pikmin 3 and I hope it has some small side story to bring back the 30day timer and I hope it has a main story without it like pikmin 2 but you have to have them both because they are completly different games because of it "find them and buy them" and if you give each of them an hour or 2 then you'll add them to your permanent collection of games you'd never sell..............
Message | Report
dark_gh0st_b0y posted 19/01/2010, 04:38

good sales, same for Pikmin 2 (if you think it's not even out in America)

i guess Pikmin 3 will sell over 2m
Message | Report
BigGumby posted 10/01/2010, 06:54
yes! Great sales for a remakes, I wish Pikmin 2 would come to America on Wii. Let's get more Pikmin fans! :D
Message | Report
Green Penguin posted 23/12/2009, 04:14
400K! That is 25% of what the G.C game did. That is decent for a NPC game that has nothing to do wit Mario.
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