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Alternative Names

ファイナルファンタジー・クリスタルクロニクル エコー


Square Enix



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Wii, All

Release Dates

03/24/09 Square Enix
01/29/09 Square Enix
03/27/09 Square Enix

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Secret characters (added)

I know there was a cheat by cgub for the secret characters but he left some of the new characters out... here are all the secret characters and how to get them. Perform the actions below to unlock additional characters:

Assassin (female selke)Near the Desert Ruins on the World Map / Hard or Very Hard / Only in Multiplayer (requires lots of friends on your list)
Gerald (male clavat)Near Forest on World Map / Hard or Very Hard / Need 1,000 kills.
Nun (female clavat)In Library 1 / Complete Library 3 on Hard / Talk to her and complete the quest "Monster Busters 2" then return
Penguin (female lilty)In front of Library on any difficulty / recruit in Very Hard Mode
Red mage (male selke)In front of the Library / Any difficulty / Costs 5,000 Gil
Rid Dek (male lilty)After 100 hours of gameplay, this character in front of the Adventurer's Guild.
Female yukeNear the end of the game on Normal, Yuke hides somewhere on the world map (patch of brown). Cast a spell at her location and talk to her.
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Total Sales
1 118,927 n/a n/a 118,927
2 37,516 n/a n/a 37,516
3 27,758 n/a n/a 27,758
4 15,807 n/a n/a 15,807
5 9,575 n/a n/a 9,575
6 8,400 n/a n/a 8,400
7 7,085 n/a n/a 7,085
8 6,181 n/a n/a 6,181
9 5,630 21,518 4,103 4,822 36,073
10 4,714 15,810 4,320 3,776 28,620

Opinion (8)

IxisNaugus posted 23/08/2009, 10:20
I will grab this when i get a good chance and when i finish Ring of Fates
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invetedlotus123 posted 02/04/2009, 07:46
Well, i think the opening wasn't that good because japanese version have english as option, so American FF big fans already imported the japanese version. That's what happen when don't make a worldwide realese with a system without region lock.
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Vertigo-X posted 23/03/2009, 02:56
The 24th?! I MUST HAVE IT!
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GhaudePhaede010 posted 20/03/2009, 11:39
This game is awesome. Hope to see all of you online.
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ClaudeLv250 posted 20/03/2009, 11:18

erm...maybe you misread what I said? I AM getting this game, the DS version in particular.
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Araknie87 posted 19/02/2009, 08:47
Infact i wait for this for NDS in Europe, and for Wii i wait for Crystal Bearers.

Must be great if has done this in only 2 weeks in japan, that is not a great market and this are huge numbers.

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