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America - Front

America - Back

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フィアー2 プロジェクト オリジン


Monolith Productions



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Release Dates

02/10/09 Warner Bros. Interactive
08/27/09 CyberFront
02/13/09 Warner Bros. Interactive

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Intel - "Snake Fist"

Intel 53: "Elevator Checklist" under "Paragon Program" At the very beginning of the mission go straight to the computers in front of all the screens The Intel is in plain sight

Intel 54: "Cancellation" under "Project Origin" After hearing that Sector 4 is on lockdown you will find a room with broken windows Jump through and the Intel will be in plain sight Note: It is a dark blue room and the door tag reads "Chem Lab C-400"

Intel 55: "Supplement Notes" under "Paragon Program" Near Intel 54 drop down the ladder This Intel is on the floor Note: The ladder is also near the big security doors covered in red light

Intel 56: "Paragon Findings" under "Paragon Program" After Snake Fist mentions danger and Genevieve releasing specimens jump or walk through the door of the holding tank The Intel is on the floor

Intel 57: "Recommendations" under "Project Origin" Go downstairs from the upper level of where Colonel Vanek orders his men to shoot you This Intel is in a box covered by glass in a lab/morgue

Intel 58: "Test Results" under "Project Origin" This Intel is located in the main security center room in the Abomination jail cell room It is on the floor Note: This is after the run in with Colonel Vanek

Intel 59: "IM Transcript #4" under "Genevieve Aristide" Look in Snake Fist's office on a desk opposite of his

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 70,688 23,702 16,332 110,722
2 n/a 26,119 15,389 7,114 48,622
3 n/a 16,976 9,609 4,560 31,145
4 n/a 12,965 5,489 3,182 21,636
5 n/a 8,592 3,485 2,083 14,160
6 n/a 6,416 2,610 1,557 10,583
7 n/a 4,613 1,825 1,110 7,548
8 n/a 3,551 1,505 872 5,928
9 n/a 2,881 1,399 736 5,016
10 n/a 2,514 1,215 642 4,371

Opinion (24)

thewastedyouth posted 19/09/2012, 03:06
WHY IS THIS GAME so different from the first one, the ATMOSPHERE, SHOOTING, ENEMY AI, DUST..... HORROR AND STORY was amazing and then FEAR 2 came out and it is a freaking standard FPS with a little in your face horror. what the hell!!!! I feel cheated

the first one is one of the greatest games ever, I hope everyone plays it and not this trash(the third one is trash as well, what a DAMN SHAME. SO SAD)
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scottsdone posted 02/04/2010, 06:38
It's sad that the only people you can find online are those who want to boost. Personally I don't have a problem with boosting, it's just.. the game is good. Deserves better =/.
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hunter_alien posted 07/08/2009, 07:55
Yeah... FEAR is mostly a PC IP, so I wouldent be surprised if that version did twice as much as the 30 version
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elzumo posted 13/06/2009, 05:33
I think the majority of sales were on PC, or at least that would make sense...
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Statix posted 15/05/2009, 08:24
Whoamg, this sold a lot worse than I thought it would. And all this time I thought it got a decent amount of hype around release time.

I don't like this game very much. It's really just another linear, corridor-based arcade shooter, with a few scares and scripted moments thrown in. You know, the usual stuff.

Maybe people are getting drained out on shooters also. Killzone 2 hasn't sold as much as I expected it to either.
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jbee02 posted 14/05/2009, 04:33
what the hell this game should be selling way faster than this
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