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America - Front

America - Back

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Alternative Names

フィアー2 プロジェクト オリジン


Monolith Productions



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Release Dates

02/10/09 Warner Bros. Interactive
08/27/09 CyberFront
02/13/09 Warner Bros. Interactive

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Owners: 67
Favorite: 3
Tracked: 1
Wishlist: 1
Now Playing: 2

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Intel - "Approach"

Intel 65: "Replica Brochure 1" under "Replica Forces" After reaching a stairway that has a Replica pod that opens in front of you with no one in it look on the floor to find the Intel

Intel 66: "STS Guidelines" under "Armacham" Shortly after Intel 65 this Intel is on the floor by a yellow and black striped line where all the cargo is located on the tram

Intel 67: "Transfer Notice" under "Alma Wade": This Intel is by a control panel after crashing the tram and going all the way up the catwalks and ladders Note: It is found after the second time you see Keegan wandering

Intel 68: "Replica Brochure 2" under "Replica Forces" Immediately before you see Keegan straight ahead of you past a catwalk that goes down and back up turn to your right Drop down the ladder to find the Intel on the floor

Intel 69: "Project Roster" under "Armacham" Immediately before enter a big room where Keegan stands out in the open on a elevator-type platform go to the right of the doors You can find the Intel on the floor by a generator

Intel 70: "Replica Brochure 3" under "Replica Forces" When facing the platform control panel turn right and go down a ladder to find this Intel on the ground

Intel 71: "Replica Brochure 4" under "Replica Forces" Shortly after seeing Keegan go through the white light doors He tells you to stay away and you will find a yellow stairway Go beneath it to find the Intel Go through the doors to get it

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 70,688 23,702 16,332 110,722
2 n/a 26,119 15,389 7,114 48,622
3 n/a 16,976 9,609 4,560 31,145
4 n/a 12,965 5,489 3,182 21,636
5 n/a 8,592 3,485 2,083 14,160
6 n/a 6,416 2,610 1,557 10,583
7 n/a 4,613 1,825 1,110 7,548
8 n/a 3,551 1,505 872 5,928
9 n/a 2,881 1,399 736 5,016
10 n/a 2,514 1,215 642 4,371

Opinion (24)

thewastedyouth posted 19/09/2012, 03:06
WHY IS THIS GAME so different from the first one, the ATMOSPHERE, SHOOTING, ENEMY AI, DUST..... HORROR AND STORY was amazing and then FEAR 2 came out and it is a freaking standard FPS with a little in your face horror. what the hell!!!! I feel cheated

the first one is one of the greatest games ever, I hope everyone plays it and not this trash(the third one is trash as well, what a DAMN SHAME. SO SAD)
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scottsdone posted 02/04/2010, 06:38
It's sad that the only people you can find online are those who want to boost. Personally I don't have a problem with boosting, it's just.. the game is good. Deserves better =/.
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hunter_alien posted 07/08/2009, 07:55
Yeah... FEAR is mostly a PC IP, so I wouldent be surprised if that version did twice as much as the 30 version
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elzumo posted 13/06/2009, 05:33
I think the majority of sales were on PC, or at least that would make sense...
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Statix posted 15/05/2009, 08:24
Whoamg, this sold a lot worse than I thought it would. And all this time I thought it got a decent amount of hype around release time.

I don't like this game very much. It's really just another linear, corridor-based arcade shooter, with a few scares and scripted moments thrown in. You know, the usual stuff.

Maybe people are getting drained out on shooters also. Killzone 2 hasn't sold as much as I expected it to either.
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jbee02 posted 14/05/2009, 04:33
what the hell this game should be selling way faster than this
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