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Alternative Names

Chou-Kaseki Monster Battle: Gekitotsu Galaxy

超化石モンスターバトル ゲキトツ・ギャラクシー


Jupiter Multimedia



Release Dates

10/07/08 Disney Interactive Studios
12/11/08 Disney Interactive Studios
02/27/09 Disney Interactive Studios

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Unlockable on the top left of cargo room

After progressing past a certain part in the game, you will be able to enter card codes at the top left corner of the cargo room (blue elevator in the ship) by tapping the following areas on the screen:


Unlockable:How to unlock:
Anuberos Boomer1432JOB
Azenor Cacti (Adult Spectrobe, Corona, Custom Color 2, Custom Part)1432IOB
Bakuraiya Wolve (Secret Spectrobe, Flash)4213GBM
Defense Seed (Mineral, raises a Spectrobe's Max Def)1432CLS
Dendama Spiko (Adult Spectrobe, Aurora)4213LFP
Evolve B (Mineral, Reduces battles needed for Spectrobes to evolve to 0)2341CFS
Extra Rooms (Lab System, 4 Extra Incubator Rooms)3124MHG
HP Seed (Mineral, raises a Spectrobe's Max HP)4213AFJ
Isadora Slizo (Secret Spectrobe)3124APE
Kibetekaa Empra (Secret Spectrobe)1432DLA
Leozar Dragos (Evolved Spectrobe, Corona, Custom Part)2341AIH
Marine Wing (Cruiser Parts, Full Set)1432FQJ
Pinska (Dark Adult Spectrobe, Aurora, requires game progression)4213FMS
Plasma Blaster (strongest gun)1432BDJ
Shimainu (Child Spectrobe, Corona)2341AJG
Tamzoa (Child Spectrobe, Flash, Custom Color 2)3124KFN
Titanium/Metalium/Marble (5)3124MOG
Unlockable How to Unlock
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Total Sales
1 n/a 14,272 n/a 2,519 16,791
2 n/a 10,889 n/a 1,922 12,811
3 n/a 7,038 n/a 1,241 8,279
4 n/a 4,786 n/a 845 5,631
5 n/a 4,531 n/a 800 5,331
6 n/a 4,428 n/a 781 5,209
7 n/a 5,478 n/a 967 6,445
8 n/a 9,009 n/a 1,590 10,599
9 n/a 6,438 n/a 1,136 7,574
10 n/a 10,640 n/a 1,878 12,518

Opinion (3)

nordlead posted 20/02/2009, 05:55
Spectrobes and Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals, successful Nintendo DS™ games that were released in each of the past two years. (Those games have shipped more than 1.6 million units worldwide.)
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J.U.N.O posted 18/10/2008, 09:49
The first didnt sell that well on first week either, but sold quite good overall.
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Riachu posted 18/10/2008, 06:38
They didn't market this game very well like they did with the original. First weeks sales aren't very strong. However, it might be like the DS Sonic and Megaman games where they don't get strong first week sales but do fairly well in the long run
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