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Rhythm Paradise

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04/05/09 Nintendo
07/31/08 Nintendo
05/01/09 Nintendo

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How to easily beat remix 8

ok, I've heard from other people that remix 8 is one of the hardest ones in the game because of it's speed. Well, here are some tips that may help you beating it:

-at the beginning and the end of the song, the game continuously switches between the ninja dog and the table tennis guys, which will make most people panic, but the trick at these points is to keep the same rhythm, because, even though it switches all the time, both the dog and the table tennis thing have exactly the same rhythm here.

-just after the first part, the drum part will come. at this part there is another little trick. the red drummer will play a simple beat, but right when it switches to you, the red drummer will play one last note. this is made quite unnoticeable so you have to hear carefully.

that's it for the hard parts of the remix. i hope it helps!!!

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As of: December 2014

Opinion (46)

Ganoncrotch posted 27/08/2012, 02:01
love rhythm games like this, actually possible to stick headphones on and play every game in this with eyes closed just going by the music and ace everything.
also unless you're a big fan of rhythm games this should give you a right proper challenge, the difficulty is set to japanese :D
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Podings posted 29/08/2011, 02:16
Half a million each in Europe and America? Yeah, we should be guaranteed the Wii sequel.
Message | Report
atma998 posted 22/07/2011, 03:29
2.91M is really good imo.
Message | Report
Salnax posted 26/04/2011, 09:30
Well, this was quite the hit. I doubt it will ever reach 3 million, but 2nd best selling music game on the DS isn't too bad.
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DxLink posted 05/10/2009, 07:29
It is obiously its success: Nintendo invested a lot of money on marketing.

Also Beyonce make commercial of this. Actually i think i have this game beacuse Beyonce is hot :S
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ZuZayLi posted 31/07/2009, 08:07
Sales of Rhythm Heaven in Europe are beginning to increase. I hope they will do some marketing and pubs with this.
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