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05/31/96 GT Interactive
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do u have a stupid brother or sister that hogs the comp?
well watch out wat u do 2 em casue they mite find u a cheat
my brother found this1 yes my little brother my little 9year old brother
ok enuf
now this is 4 final doom ONLY so 1st go2 TNT and go2 the level Mill (lvl18) then use the no cliping cheat (IDCLIP) and god mode (IDDQD) now go round thru the walls till u c a line of lost souls (skulls) but u mite not c them (depends on the lvl) and theres a guy in green close but to b safe make sure u have the lite anfla wateva visor (IDBEHOLDL)and keep goin thru the walls till u c a guy dressed in green and incase u havnt realised thats a familiar face beat icon of sin(doom 2) gateway of hell (plutonia) or last call (TNT) 4 details on hellspawn now turn off cliping mode wile in there and god mode and shoot him with anything (exept rockets then u wont no wats goin on) and watch him and listen 2 u
ull b sayin WTF!!!! 4 years

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