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Alternative Names

Animal Crossing: Let's go to the City

Machi e Ikouyo: Doubutsu no Mori

街へいこうよ どうぶつの森


Nintendo EAD



Release Dates

11/16/08 Nintendo
11/20/08 Nintendo
12/05/08 Nintendo

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No more annoying bees

Every day in you're town, there will be 32 trees with something in them. 2 of them

are pieces of furniture. 25 are coins which altogether equal 2,500 bells.

And the last 5 are beehives. if you shake a tree and a beehive falls out, the bees will

try to sting you. But there is a really easy way to make the bees go away. First, go

to the gate and into that little hole in the front. Next, talk to the dog on the right. After he asks what he

can do for you, select "Open the gate!" . He will open this gate for you. Finally, just go shake the trees.

The beehives won't fall out!! When you're done shaking trees, talk to the dog again and ask him to close the

gate. I hope this helps!!

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4,320,000 Units
As of: December 2014

Opinion (178)

atma998 posted 27/07/2013, 03:43
Now 4.46M, wonder why this game do not sell half numbers of the portable titles?
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piggychan posted 01/09/2012, 02:52
amazing. Was hooked on the DS game many years ago.. and just got into starting this from scratch.. love it still. even tho it is basically the same game the odd additions added here and there are enjoyed by me !!
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atma998 posted 27/12/2011, 09:04
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fedfed posted 30/10/2011, 11:12
since i bought this game only last Xmas I am only playing my first Halloween celebration, so much fun... love teh furniture that Jack is giving me. Bt sadly looks like no one is still playing and want to swap city codes...
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spurgeonryan posted 01/07/2011, 05:17
I should get this game, but I just do not think that I will play it.
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spurgeonryan posted 08/06/2011, 03:39
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