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11/16/08 Midway Games
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11/21/08 Midway Games

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Full List of Achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Strange Forces (10 points)
Complete Story Mode DC Universe Chapter 1

Invasion (15 points)
Complete Story Mode DC Universe Chapter 3

Unlikely Alliance (20 points)
Complete Story Mode DC Universe Chapter 5

Worlds Collide (10 points)
Complete Story Mode MK Chapter 1

Infiltration (15 points)
Complete Story Mode MK Chapter 3

Deadly Alliance (20 points)
Complete Story Mode MK Chapter 5

Worlds Remade (50 points)
Complete the MK side of Story Mode

Universe Reborn (50 points)
Complete the DC Universe side of Story Mode

The Pugilist (25 points)
Perform Klose Kombat

Free Fallin' (25 points)
Perform a Free-Fall Transition

Combo Champion (20 points)
Perform a 10-hit combo in Arcade Mode

Fatality! (10 points)
Do anyones Fatality

Heroic Brutality! (10 points)
Do anyones Heroic Brutality

Mortal Kombat Champion (25 points)
Finish Arcade Mode with an MK character

Super Hero (25 points)
Finish Arcade Mode with a DC character

DC Arcade Champion (50 points)
Complete Arcade Mode with all DC characters

MK Arcade Champion (50 points)
Complete Arcade Mode with all MK characters

The Ultimate Evil! (20 points)
Complete Both Mortal Kombat and DC Universe Stories

The Competitor (20 points)
Play 200 Versus Matches

The Finisher (100 points)
Perform all finishing moves in the game

Tarkatan Champion (5 points)
Complete Baraka's Kombo Challenge

The Caped Crusader (5 points)
Complete Batman's Kombo Challenge

Cat Burglar (5 points)
Complete Catwoman's Kombo Challenge

The Assassin (5 points)
Complete Deathstroke's Kombo Challenge

Fastest Man Alive (5 points)
Complete the Flash's Kombo Challenge

Green Lantern's Light! (5 points)
Complete Green Lantern's Kombo Challenge

Bring It On! (5 points)
Complete Jax's Kombo Challenge

Clown Prince of Crime (5 points)
Complete the Joker's Kombo Challenge

The Mercenary (5 points)
Complete Kano's Kombo Challenge

Outworld's Princess (5 points)
Complete Kitana's Kombo Challenge

Evil Genius (5 points)
Complete Lex Luthor's Kombo Challenge

Shaolin Monk (5 points)
Complete Liu Kang's Kombo Challenge

The Thunder God (5 points)
Complete Raiden's Kombo Challenge

Get Over Here! (5 points)
Complete Scorpion's Kombo Challenge

Master of Souls (5 points)

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 97,834 17,042 20,039 134,915
2 n/a 74,208 17,803 15,994 108,005
3 n/a 54,861 16,521 12,370 83,752
4 n/a 79,998 19,619 17,311 116,928
5 n/a 82,479 19,923 17,798 120,200
6 n/a 73,957 19,518 16,228 109,703
7 n/a 39,282 9,625 8,499 57,406
8 n/a 19,151 6,484 4,436 30,071
9 n/a 16,479 4,234 3,597 24,310
10 n/a 14,555 3,771 3,183 21,509

Opinion (47)

thewastedyouth posted 28/05/2012, 04:14
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Commando posted 29/01/2011, 01:26
1 Million!!! (US)
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Commando posted 19/01/2011, 06:08
wow just under 7 thousand below the million mark in US... GO MKvsDCU!
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Samara360 posted 24/01/2010, 10:05
Pretty good game, but the gore is a disgrace to Mortal Combat ( I don't own this game but played it briefly)
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Burning Typhoon posted 11/11/2009, 01:49
Tekken 6 on 360 wont do well... Think about it, everyone knew from the start that this was a PS360 game. But, there are people who believe Tekken 6 is PS3 exclusive.

Also, fighting games aren't as big as shooters, and that's what you buy a 360 for. MW2 Vs. Tekken 6 = a loss for Tekken every time on 360.

It's great this game sold so well, but, you have to think of how many people just want just one single fighter, or other factors.

Oh, and MKvDC never had to go against MW2. I hope this game says far ahead of sales Vs. Tekken so that namco learns a lesson.
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MonstaMack posted 01/10/2009, 11:03
I still can't believe this hasn't been on sale in the US. I've been waiting for a $25 or $30 price point forever.

Congrats to Midway for keeping this at a high price point and still selling pretty damn well.
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