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America - Front

America - Back

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11/10/08 Activision
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11/14/08 Activision

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Full list of Achievements

There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 gamerscore.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Carlson's Raiders (10 gs)Complete 'Semper Fi' on any difficulty. (Solo only)
Stormed Peleliu (15 gs)Establish a beachhead on the island of Peleliu on any difficulty. (Solo only)
The Last Stand (20 gs)Survive the land and air conflict surrounding Okinawa on any difficulty. (Solo only)
Stabbed in the Heart (20 gs)Complete all missions on the Eastern Front on any difficulty setting. (Solo only)
Get Your Hands Dirty (30 gs)Complete 'Semper Fi' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
Saved Private Ryan (10 gs)Save the soldier before he burns to death. (Solo or co-op)
Bloody Peleliu (30 gs)Complete 'Little Resistance' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
Architect (30 gs)Complete 'Vendetta' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
Weapon of Mass Destruction (15 gs)Radio in a naval bombardment that kills at least 4 Japanese soldiers. (Solo or co-op)
No Safe Place (15 gs)Burn an enemy out of a tree with the flamethrower in 'Hard Landing' (Solo or co-op)
The Professional (15 gs)Shoot all of Amsel's henchmen, including their attack dog, without reloading. (Solo only)
The Sword Is Broken (30 gs)Complete 'Hard Landing' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
When It Rains, It Pours (30 gs)Complete 'Eviction' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
One Bad Gato (30 gs)Complete 'Black Cats' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
Firestarter (15 gs)Complete a mission using only the flamethrower. Melee, grenades & explosives are OK. (Solo or co-op)
Fearless (30 gs)Complete 'Relentless' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
The Sum of All Zeros (15 gs)Down 45 Japanese Zeros in 'Black Cats'. (Solo only)
Ruthless (15 gs)Kill 15 enemies while mounted on a tank in 'Ring of Steel'. (Solo or co-op)
Shot in the Dark (10 gs)Kill 10 enemies while the lights are out in the subway in 'Eviction'. (Solo or co-op)
Hell on Wheels (30 gs)Complete 'Blood and Iron' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
The Hammer Strikes (30 gs)Complete 'Their Land, Their Blood' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
Snake in the Grass (15 gs)Take out a Japanese soldier while he is lying in wait in the grass. (Solo or co-op)
Throw a Six and a Half (15 gs)On Hardened or Veteran difficulty, complete a level without dying. (Solo only)
War Hero (40 gs)Complete the game on any difficulty. (Solo only)
For the Motherland (30 gs)Complete 'Heart of the Reich' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
Gunslinger (15 gs)Assassinate General Amsel with a pistol shot. (Solo only)
Grave Robber (15... 

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Total Sales
1 n/a 756,830 336,982 188,416 1,282,228
2 n/a 330,143 166,883 85,428 582,454
3 n/a 272,411 107,908 65,639 445,958
4 n/a 198,371 98,258 51,002 347,631
5 n/a 275,873 99,961 64,956 440,790
6 n/a 343,751 104,962 77,749 526,462
7 n/a 277,291 95,305 64,449 437,045
8 n/a 125,784 49,733 30,293 205,810
9 n/a 84,457 34,707 20,554 139,718
10 n/a 67,243 28,123 16,444 111,810

Opinion (95)

man-bear-pig posted 03/01/2012, 12:55
@yo-john, yes anymore
Message | Report
yo_john117 posted 24/09/2011, 09:05
@Barozi--Not anymore :D
Message | Report
Barozi posted 17/03/2011, 06:31
aaaah this game is made by the devil (6.66m)
Message | Report
yahoocom1984 posted 30/11/2010, 09:34
Same here, the campaign for this is boring..United offensive is the best COD campaign ever
Message | Report
Mr Puggsly posted 25/11/2010, 03:32
This game really shined for the multiplayer features. The campaign wasn't particularly great.
Message | Report
toastboy44562 posted 17/11/2010, 02:36
no gears! how could you let this pass you!
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